Action Hero Review 2021 – High Quality, Affordable Action Camera

Action Hero Review

If you live an avid lifestyle, meaning you spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, trekking, cycling, and all, and are in need of a camera that allows you to take proper pictures and videos of your time in the outdoors, we have something for you. Generic cameras simply do not cut it. Yes, you can use your phone camera, but they are not specialized and can only take basic photographs and videos. 

Some folks take photography very seriously, some even do it to gain a livelihood, while some do it for the fun of it, or for social media. Most of them often ask, how can I record a 4K videos of me riding down a hill, or something like that. How to capture that without compromising on quality. Well, this is why we bring to you Action Hero. 

What is Action Hero?

Innovating digital cameras, Action Hero is primarily a video camera with 4K capabilities that allows you to capture stunning photos and videos of your time outside. Much like the GoPro but without the hefty price tag and almost all similar features if not more, Action Hero truly is an outgoers dream come true.

Action cameras can be really expensive since they are specifically designed to take videos of, well, action. Generic cameras do not make the cut since they are not designed in that sense. Something like the GoPro is reliable, however, the price tag on that is simply too much for some people. Action Hero allows you a perfect action camera with a relatively low price tag as compared to its competitors. That said, it packs a punch and is in steep competition with products twice its price as well.

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Action Hero Features

An action camera that is both feature full and affordable at the same time? Well, it seems like a dream but Action Hero does it. 

  1. 4K Ultra HDR: Action Hero comes with a super powerful 4K Ultra HDR capabilities. This means you get to record everything in high, crisp detail, in almost cinema quality. You get sharp and vibrant images and videos without really making much effort. 
  2. Built-in WiFi: Its built-in WiFi capabilities allows you to directly upload photos and videos to your social handles without having to save them on your computer first. This integration saves you time, and if you are an avid photographer with an active social media, this feature could save you a lot of effort as well.
  3. Perfect for motion capture: If you wish to capture videos of motion in perfect detail and quality, Action Hero is just the thing for you. It is easy to use and does not require that much of a steady hand to record crisp videos.
  4. Rechargeable battery: It comes with a rechargeable battery that makes it that much more travel friendly. The battery lasts a long time before giving up. If you are out and about, Action Hero will allow you to take tons of photos and videos without dying out prematurely. 
  5. Portable and lightweight: A super lightweight and portable camera, Action Hero really blows its competition out of the water when it comes to portability. 
  6. Plenty accessories: Not only that, but it also comes with multiple accessories to make your life that much easier. A microphone to allow you to record audio, a remote control to handle the camera from a distance, a selfie mount which can be used as a stand as well. All this and still affordable. That is what we are talking about.
  7. Waterproof: Most action cameras claim to be waterproof but simply break down even if a single drop lands besides them. You know what we mean. Action Hero has been thoroughly tested and yes, it is quite as waterproof as it claims to be.
  8. Affordable: Unlike other expensive products, Action hero is incredibly affordable while providing features and benefits only high-end cameras do. That much more a reason to purchase Action Hero over any other product.

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to use
  2. Super durable
  3. Portable and lightweight
  4. 4K Ultra HDR capabilities
  5. Photos and videos
  6. Super affordable
  7. Comes with multiple accessories
  8. Compatible with GoPro accessories as well
  9. Built-in WiFi
  10. Waterproof
  11. Rechargeable battery


  1. Only available online
  2. Remote control fails beyond a certain vicinity

Action Hero Specifications 

  1. LTPS 2.0” viewing screen
  2. F2.5 aperture
  3. Item weight: 16 ounces
  4. Package Dimensions: 9.5 x 4.9 x 2.3 inches
  5. Ultra wide 1700 lens
  6. Micro USB
  7. HDMI connectivity
  8. A powerful rechargeable battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery.
  9. It was built with a waterproof material. It has an IPX7 rating.
  10. Built in Wi-Fi
  11. Compatible with most all GoPro accessories. 

Where to buy Action Hero and how much is it?

You can easily purchase your very own Action Hero directly from the merchant website. They are well known to provide a ton of discounts and offers to their customers.

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You can get,

1 Action Hero for $69.99

2 Action Hero for $109.95

3 Action Hero for $129.95

4 Action Hero for $159.95

Final Verdict

Buying an action camera is no joke. It requires a lot of understanding of how they work and how to choose the right one for your requirements. Since the market is literally flooded with action cameras, the decision is that much more difficult to make. Another reason why something like GoPro has taken off due to a surge in its credibility. However good GoPro is, it is quite the expensive product and for a long time now, we have been trying to find a worthy alternative. Action Hero is one such product that does not compromise on quality just to lower its price tag. A relatively simple camera, Action Hero comes with incredibly quality features and a design that is made to be durable. 

If you were looking for an action camera, Action Hero is a totally viable option. One that you must make for your own good. 

Customer Reviews

Cynthia K. 

“Bought one of these for my trip to Hawaii. At first, I was not sure how good it would be given the low price, but I decided to take a chance. So I’m glad I did. This camera proved to be the perfect accessory for my holiday. It worked great underwater. All the shots I took were nice and clear. Highly recommended for anyone. You do not have to a pro to use it”

Scott S.

“My son loves skateboarding and so I bought the ActionHero camera for him so he could document his adventures. He absolutely loves posting videos to his YouTube channel. Maybe he will become a photographer or a movie director. If your kids are like mine, they are going to love this device. Worth every penny and then some”

Phil H.

“I enjoy posting photos and videos to my Facebook and Instagram accounts, but I find the process of getting them off my phone to be overly tedious and complicated. ActionHero makes it easy with Wi-Fi. Now I can clear up some space on my phone and leave the cool shots to my new favorite camera. Thank you Action Hero. What a lucky find.”

Ariel F.

“I actually was looking for a cheaper alternative to GoPro and after some research decided to go for this one. I must say, I am happy. The quality is great and makes it perfect for your first action camera. The best thing is that it is portable! I can carry it with me everywhere and it can be used to capture 4K videos as well as photos.”

Chelsea Y.

“So glad I decided to get this camera. I did not want to carry my DSLR all day and I did not want to spend the money on a GoPro. This camera is really easy to use. It is small and lightweight. I can just throw it in my purse and go. The pictures are extremely clear. It comes with a lot of accessories including a microphone and a remote.”

Paul T.

“I have been wanting a GoPro for a while now for bike and quad riding but could not spend the money they want for them. So I looked into action cams. Found this one for a great price and although it did not have a lot of reviews the ones it did have were good. So I pulled the trigger and purchased it. I am really glad I did too. It literally comes with everything you would ever need. All the mounts and a remote for your wrist and waterproof case”

Beth R.

“Not going to lie, I was skeptical, despite the raving reviews I found online. But, I was so pleasantly surprised at the quality of this device considering the more than reasonable cost. I purchased this for a trip to Glacier, Montana to chronicle my adventures. I was amazed. The video quality was so great. The remote works awesome. The accessories were awesome. It is probably one of my very favorite finds and purchases ever”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does it support accessories?

Yes, Action Hero comes with its own set of accessories while giving you the advantage of using GoPro accessories with it as well. It is totally compatible with them and does not require any extra fidgeting to make it work.

How good is the camera quality?

With a 4K Ultra HDR camera, you can bet Action Hero provides crisp and clear images or videos to you. Carry it wherever you want and do not worry about the quality it will provide. 

Can it survive extreme weather and environmental conditions?

Well, yes Action Hero is quite durable and even waterproof. It can definitely withstand extreme weather conditions, but dropping it hard enough would easily break the inner components. 

Can it take pictures?

Well, yes, it is a camera. It may be meant to capture motion in its utter glory, but yes, Action Hero can take incredible pictures as well. 

Logan is a technical journalist at TheViralTech. He always brings useful products here and reviews all of them then shares his experience with the products in the form of unbiased opinions.

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