Aculief Review 2021 – Wearable Acupressure Tension Relief Device

Is your lifestyle causing you headaches and stress? Let’s be honest, city dwellers are often in limbo when it comes to stress and relief. For those troubled times, when that stress reaches your head and causes a bunch of issues, we bring to you a Wearable Acupressure Tension Relief Device this Aculief review.

It is a wearable device that helps you relieve headaches, tension, and even helps with migraines. Using acupressure techniques, Aculief applies pressure on the LI4 point on your hand, making it completely safe to use and absolutely drug-free.

What is Aculief?

Tension, stress, and headaches are often quite common with people who live in the city. To combat that, most of us rely on either medications or some form of exercise and yoga mixed with a healthy living standard. Though the latter is often the better way, you might not get enough time to do that eventually. For those of us, medication seems like the only way.

Well, not really. Aculief is a way out. A drug-free, wearable acupressure device that you can use for years on end, with visible benefits and zero maintenance whatsoever. It looks much like a simple clip, that you can attach to the LI4 pressure point on your hand, the portion between your thumb and your first finger.

It provides instant relief as the LI4 point, or He GU, in ancient traditional Chinese medicine relives you from headaches, general pain and even helping with bowel movements.

We brought to you our Aculief review to better understand all its features and how it can help you to release tension & stress. So, lets continue reading and know everything about this amazing product.

Features of Aculief

Aculief Features

Feel Relief In Minutes (Works Out Of The Box)! – Simply place Aculief snugly on your non-dominant hand and start feeling relief in as little as 1- 3 minutes.

Say Goodbye To Over-The-Counter Drugs. – With Aculief, there’s nothing to ingest and no harmful side effects. Just proven science that provides natural and fast pain relief.1

Lasts Forever – Once you own Aculief, you’ll enjoy headache-free days/nights for life!

Take It Anywhere! – On-the-go design makes it easy to take Aculief wherever life takes you! Easily store in your car, wallet, purse, or pocket! It’s also 100% waterproof and designed for any lifestyle – active or not

Fits Any Hand Size – Aculief was purposely designed to be a universal one size fits all and comfortable for everyone.

Multiple Colors Available – Aculief comes in a variety of colors depending on your preference and style (available during checkout!)

How Does Aculief Work?

Making use of the LI4 acupressure point, helping with headaches, fever, bowel movements and even skin care, Aculief is a wearable device that has no extended attachments and is a better alternative to medications. It may sound like a miracle device, but it uses practical research and traditional Chinese medicine as its basis.

Modern medicine might have made traditional methods irrelevant, but it does that with a variety of possible side effects and cost way more than simple yet effective methods. A clean way towards pain relief is not common, as medicines often use heftier doses to help with pain which is never a good thing. Aculief is a better alternative to medications any day, providing relief using all-natural methods without any side effects whatsoever.

Aculief uses the traditional methods of acupressure to apply pressure to the LI4 spot located between the thumb and the first finger. The LI4 (He Gu) spot is known to relieve tension and restore well-being.

How to Use Aculief?

Aculief resembles a clip that you can easily attach to that LI4 pressure point on your hand. No other attachments, nothing else needed. Studies indicate that Aculief is perfectly safe to use and effective at causing pain relief.

Aculief is easy to use and causes no significant loss of mobility or productivity while doing other daily tasks.

How to use Aculief
  1. Find the LI4 pressure point, it is the region between your thumb and your forefinger where the muscle is the softest
  2. Open Aculief and place it snug on this exact spot on your non-dominant hand
  3. Use it whenever you have a headache
  4. You can also slightly press on it to increase the pressure when your headaches are a little more intense


  1. Drug-free
  2. No side effects
  3. Easy to use
  4. Effective and functional
  5. Relief in minutes
  6. Lasts forever
  7. Universal size
  8. No added attachments or batteries


  1. Locating the LI4 pressure point is a small chore in itself
  2. If your problem is severe, Aculief can take longer to show positive effects
  3. Might cause discomfort if you use it for a long time
  4. Comes in a single color, lime green.

What is the LI4 Acupressure Point?

li4 point overview

The LI4, or He Gu, or the Large Intestine 4 pressure point, according to countless researches, stimulating it results in a dramatic decrease in headaches, migraines, helps with eyesight and bowel movements and even helps with limb and bone aches. So you can Aculief for migraines and headaches-related problems.

LI4 is the spot where the muscle is soft between your thumb and forefinger. Stimulating this exact pressure point is said to have a variety of benefits. It is even said to induce contractions in pregnant ladies; therefore, it is crucial NOT to use Aculief if you are pregnant to avoid any complications.

Acupressure and acupuncture are ancient methods to relieve pain, fatigue, and anxiety, and are constantly and thoroughly researched to understand their effects and functionalities. Proper stimulation of certain points on our bodies can effectively help with pain relief, and even sickness.

Benefits of Aculief

Aculief is a non-obtrusive, drug-free, and long-lasting device towards headache and pain relief. Designed for consumers with active lifestyles and for people who do not want to use medicines for pain relief, Aculief is your best bet if you constantly undergo intense headaches and/or migraines.

  1. Drug-free, therefore no side effects
  2. Relieves tension and stress effectively and in a matter of minutes
  3. Lasts forever
  4. No fancy attachments or batteries
  5. Universal size, one size fits all
  6. Easy to use

How long should you use Aculief for?

The positive effects of Aculief can begin anywhere from a few minutes to up to 30 minutes. Depending on the severity of your condition and upon personal preference, you can use Aculief for as long as you want. Since there are no side effects, and using Aculief does not require any work on your part, outside putting it on, you can use Aculief for as long as you want its effects to continue, or until your problems have been resolved.

Rating Aculief (4.8/5)

Since acupressure and acupuncture techniques are widely used even in our modern world, a more portable, easy to use version of the same is welcomed with a positive outlook.

Ease of use: Aculief is simply an attachable clip that you can affix to the LI4 region on your hand. Making use of it is incredibly simple. The only work you must do is locating the LI4 pressure point on your hand. Once that is done, Aculief is ready to clip on and help with stress and headaches.

Effectiveness: There have been countless researches and consumer reviews on the effectiveness of Aculief. Without a doubt, this acupressure device is incredibly useful and can effectively help in reducing headaches and help with a variety of other issues.

Method used: Acupressure and acupuncture have been thoroughly researched to figure out their effectiveness. Without a doubt, acupressure is helpful and can increase the natural energy flow of your body, helping you cope with a variety of issues. Since it is drug-free, you do not have to worry about side effects either.

Comfort: Aculief is not more than a clip that stimulates active pressure points on your body. To effectively help against headaches, clip it to your non-dominant hand to maintain your productivity, while at the same time cure that migraine that is bothering you. It is comfortable to wear and does not take any effort to wear and keep on.

Competition: The direct competition to Aculief is going to a dedicated place to get acupressure or acupuncture, which can be difficult to find, not to mention possibly expensive. You can also stimulate pressure points yourself, but I do not think you can do it for a long time. Your thumbs might hurt and the pressure you apply might not be enough. Aculief does not take any effort. Simply slip it on and watch your headaches and stress disappear.  

Aculief Price & Where to Buy

Aculief Price

Aculief User Reviews

Aculief Reviews

Final Verdict

Aculief is one of the better options if you are constantly bothered with headaches, either due to migraines, or stress. Being on medication is necessary if your physician tells you to, but otherwise, Aculief will provide enough pain relief without having to worry about any side effects.

Unbearable headaches sometimes are a part of the bustling city life of the working class. Spending a ton on prescription drugs is neither healthy nor is it particularly cheap. There are a lot of methods you can try to get rid of recurring headaches. Yoga and a healthy lifestyle being the core concepts of the same. But the working class gets overburdened and might not have enough time.

For that, Aculief is the perfect help you can ask for. Using ancient methods of acupressure, it stimulates a particular LI4 pressure point on your hand to give you relief from pain, help with headaches, and a variety of other problems.

Invest in one right now to indulge in a drug-free, zero side effect and all-natural way towards pain relief.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are there different sizes of Aculief?

No, Aculief is a one size fits all kind of device. The universal size of Aculief will fit easily on your hand without slipping out.

How does Aculief work?

Aculief is a simple device that applies pressure the LI4 acupressure point located between your thumb and forefinger. Stimulating this exact point is known to provide relief from headaches, relieves stress and tension and promotes healthy energy flow within your body.

How effective is acupressure to the LI4 point?

The LI4 pressure point, or HeGu in Chinese tradition, is located on your hand, between the thumb and the forefinger. This pressure point when stimulated is effective in relieving headaches, joint aches, help with bowel movement, eyesight, and a lot more. Countless studies have been made to better understand the workings and effectiveness of acupressure, with positive results all throughout.

Which hand should I wear Aculief on?

If you are resting, you can wear Aculief on your dominant hand. But since Aculief is made for people with an active lifestyle, you should wear it on your non-dominant hand to prevent any productivity loss during your daily tasks.

Are there any side effects to using Aculief?

Aculief is an all-natural way to help with relieving headaches and migraines. Since there are no extra meds that need to be used, Aculief is totally harmless and has zero side effects to normal folk. Continuous use might leave a mark on your skin. It will disappear if you take Aculief off for a few hours.

How long should I wear Aculief?

Depending on the severity of your headaches, you can wear Aculief for as long as you want. In most cases, where the headache is simply caused by stress, Aculief will work away and completely quell your headache in a few minutes. There are no side effects, so you can wear Aculief for longer periods too if you want.

Can I wear Aculief during daily activities?

Yes, Aculief is meant to be worn while doing your daily activities. It is made in a way that it does not hamper your ability to work. Simply clip it to your non-dominant hand to make sure it is not obtrusive to your tasks.

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