AirBolt Review 2021 – Best SmartLock In 2021? Really?

AirBolt review

If you are someone who travels a lot and are constantly concerned about losing your belongings, we have the best product for you, AirBolt Smart Lock.

In our AirBolt review, we will walk you through every details that needed before making a final choice. AirBolt is unlike generic locks and does not use outdated locking mechanisms. How does it lock and keep your stuff safe you ask? Well, this lock opens using your smartphone. Yes, you heard us right. A truly modern lock that you can pair with your smartphone using Bluetooth and whenever you need to clip it open, simply go to the application on your device and open it.

No need to memorize combinations, no need to carry keys and such, but AirBolt locks and open using your smartphone only. Much like how emails and software is made secure by implementing a two-factor authentication system, Air Bolt keeps your belongings safe and secure until you come.

Are you in hurry? Read our AirBolt review final verdict here.

What is AirBolt?

AirBolt is a true smart lock, It is a sturdy, advanced lock that can easily keep your things safe during your daily commute and while on vacation.

If you are thinking that AirBolt smart lock will not be more than a thick, generic lock, then your mind might be blown soon enough. AirBolt is not even near to those simplistically designed locks with an outdated locking mechanism, no. AirBolt is so much more than that.

With AirBolt smart travel lock you do not need to remember number combinations or carry around keys with yourself. AirBolt locks and unlocks using an application on your smartphone. AirBolt pairs with your mobile device using Bluetooth and only unlocks when you give the command on your smartphone negating the use of keys or memorizing combinations.

Packed full of features that provide added security, convenience and functionalities, AirBolt is a one of a kind lock that you simply must have if you are constantly concerned about losing your private and sensitive items.

AirBolt Smart Lock Features

Packed full of smart features, AirBolt bluetooth lock is the new technology on the block and it is turning heads all around. The primary features that make AirBolt such a remarkable device are –

AirBolt Features

Phone Accessibility: The main selling point of AirBolt is the fact that it can be opened only using the paired smartphone. Once you get your very own AirBolt, you can easily pair it with your smartphone using a free app on the respective app stores. As soon as it is paired, you and you only can unlock it, unless you have added permissions for others to be able to open it as well.

One Application for Multiple Locks: Gone are the days you would have to carry keys for each lock you have in place. With AirBolt you only need a single application on a single mobile device to start locking your items and keeping them safe. Pairing multiple AirBolts to a single smartphone is the way to go when you have plenty of luggage and no interest in carrying keys or memorizing or writing down combinations for each.

Proximity Alert: A proximity alarm also triggers whenever anybody else walks away with your bag. It rings whenever the paired phone and the AirBolt are too far apart.

Shared Access Between Friends and Family: One of the best features of the AirBolt is the ability to share its access between friends and family. They only need to install the application and be given permission by the owner to open the lock. We tested this by locking down and sending a package to a different part of the city and sharing the access. The test was successful, and the other person easily opened the package without any hassle.

AES 128-bit Encryption: Since Bluetooth is easily cracked by people who know how to, a security feature is added over the existing security. An AES 128-bit encryption guarantees to guard your belongings not letting anyone in without authorization.

TSA Approved: Approved by the TSA, you can be sure AirBolt went through a rigorous testing program.

Notifications Whenever Unlocked: Whenever the padlock is opened, you get an alert on your phone as well as the location where it was unlocked. If you suspect foul play, you can easily find your stuff and that AirBolt that is always there protecting your items.

Rechargeable Battery: The device runs on a rechargeable battery you must charge up once a year. It does not require a lot of power to run and therefore, a single charge can last an exceptionally long time.

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How Does AirBolt Work?

While we were doing AirBolt review we found that to start using this lock is an exceptionally easy task to accomplish. There is not much to it and anyone with simple instructions can easily make use of this marvellous product.

To use AirBolt-

how AirBolt works
  1. Pair the lock with your smartphone via Bluetooth using the free app on either of the app stores.
  2. The companion app needs some setting up before you start using the lock and the lock starts to identify your phone as the “owner”, so to speak.
  3. The app provides you full access and control over the lock and its features
  4. Once set up and paired, you can easily start giving it commands to either lock or unlock depending on the requirement.
  5. A LED light on the lock indicates whether the lock has been paired via Bluetooth or not, making establishing connections easier.


  1. Covered and braided stainless steel cable
  2. TSA approved
  3. Free application
  4. Long-lasting battery
  5. LED indicators
  6. Proximity alarms
  7. Exceptional security features
  8. Sturdy and durable


  1. Signal interference may slow down command transfer between the app and the lock
  2. Might be bulky for smaller cases

AirBolt Design Features


AirBolt is a 55mm wide and 16mm thick padlock that offers exceptional durability. To make the lock a little more compact, a die-cast zinc body was constructed, coupled with a stainless-steel cable for added durability and security. Inside are the Bluetooth adapter and a battery that can last over a year on a single charge.

Crowdsourced Location Tracking

If you are wondering what crowdsourced location tracking means, well let us explain. AirBolt does not have a GPS tracker in build, but what it does to locate your stolen case is use other AirBolt apps in proximity to your case to pinpoint its location. This is a workaround to let you find your stolen items without having to use GPS specifically.

AirBolt LED Notifications

The LED on your AirBolt tell a different story each time. The various colours, at varying rates represent different functions being performed by the device.

  1. Two Green Flashes: Device is being unlocked
  2. Steady Red Flash: Battery low
  3. Quick Yellow Flashes: Connected phone is not able to communicate with the device

Benefits of Airbolt

  1. Unlocks Using Phone: AirBolt can only be unlocked using the phone it is paired to. Negating the use of keys and combinations, this truly is a modern device that is focused on keeping your things secure.
  2. Long-Lasting Battery Life: The battery on AirBolt lasts around a year on a single charge. So, once you have fully charged the device, you need not worry about it at all.
  3. Weather Resistant: The padlock is extremely durable, and the weather has no negative effects on it. Be it rain, sleet, snow, or heavy winds, you can be sure your AirBolt is protecting your belongings with the utmost endurance.
  4. TSA Approved: You know if a padlock is TSA approved it went through a truly rigorous testing procedure.
  5. Shared Access: The ability to share access to an AirBolt means you can send a sealed box to someone you know, and they can open it with their smartphone. You would not have to send a key or a combination to them for them to unlock it.
  6. Utmost Security: The security features of the AirBolt are state of the art. It is made to be extremely secure, durable, and smart in design, and yes, AirBolt succeeds in every regard.

Rating AirBolt (4.9/5)

With our honest AirBolt review we are very confidently rated this product based on below factors:

Ease of Use

AirBolt is exceptionally easy to use and does not require more than simple instructions to start using. Pairing your phone to the lock is easy and the application is straightforward enough that will not cause any confusion.

Durability and Portability

When it comes to durability, the lock is made with high-quality materials and ensures a secure clasp. The lock is a little bulkier than generic locks and has all the reasons to be, but this means it will not be as portable as those smaller, more generic locks you might be used to. That said, it is still very compact and easy to carry.


The application is available for both Android and iOS phones; therefore, you can easily connect the lock to either, with ease and without any hassle.

Extra Security Options

The primary function of this lock is to keep your things safe. It does that perfectly, but also provides some extra features if the rest of them fail. A proximity alarm and crowdsourced location tracking ensure nobody even tries to walk away with your case without being caught.


here are not many locks that use Bluetooth to lock and unlock. There are a few yes, but none of them are even close to as good and durable as the AirBolt. An easy choice to make, invest in an AirBolt, and keep your things safe.

Final Verdict

Airbolt final review

Started as a Kickstarter now they are here. AirBolt is truly a marvelous padlock that offers not only security but the security of the best kind. Since you do not need keys or combinations to open your case, you will never lose it and have a reason to break into your own luggage.

This product is way beyond generic locks, and even combination locks and offers relatively higher security than either. If you are traveling or carry around sensitive data or items at all times, we suggest you invest in an AirBolt immediately. Hope our AirBolt review help you to make a choice now.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is AirBolt TSA approved?

Yes, it is. AirBolt went through a rigorous testing program to make sure it was safe to use and effective. TSA approved the padlock.

2. Can I access my AirBolt if I do not have my phone?

Oh yes you can. AirBolt comes with a small touchpad that allows you to lock/unlock it using a unique combination. Perfect if you are not carrying your phone with you at the moment.

3. Can I return my AirBolt if I am unsatisfied?

Yes, you can easily return your purchased AirBolt if you feel you are unsatisfied with its performance. The company offers a 30-day return policy from the date of purchase. If you are not happy with it, you can claim a full refund and return the product back to the seller.

4. Is the AirBolt app free?

Yes, the application is free and available on both major platforms, Play Store, and the iOS App Store.

5. How does AirBolt prevent my luggage from being stolen?

The proximity alarm AirBolt comes with makes sure you do not get too far from your items anyway. If you do, or someone picks up your stuff and starts walking away, the device starts beeping to let you know that the lock, with your stuff is not close to you anymore.

6. Can I use AirBolt with all phones?

Yes, any modern smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities or higher can be easily paired with AirBolt.

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