AirPhones Review 2021 – Best Budget Wireless Earphones

AirPhones Review

Earphones have been insanely common and too important a fix not to invest in a good pair. Most people use music to pass time while travelling, grabbing some lunch alone and also while working out.

Now, the most common kind of earphone is the in-ear kind, out of which AirPods have become quite the cult classic. Unfortunately, AirPods are in no way reasonable. If you are looking forward to purchasing some earphones, you must simply look into AirPhones. A pair of wireless earphones that provide you a proper, stable music experience while costing a fraction of other pricey products.

What are AirPhones?

AirPhones are fully wireless, in-ear earphones that resemble the make of AirPods but are only a fraction of the cost without compromising on quality. If you wish to invest in wireless earpods, AirPhones are essentially your best bet.

Your Hands on AirPhones

Armed with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, AirPhones do not fail to provide a quality hearing experience. One of the primary reason consumers are buying wireless earphones is because they do not tangle. Tangled wires can be quite the hassle to deal with and therefore, folks are converting to fully wireless devices, earphones included.

AirPhones are comfortable, snug, reasonable and deliver a high-quality sound. They come with a charging case that can even charge your smartphone if needed. The ear pods also feature a built-in noise cancelling feature to ensure you only get to hear your music and not any background noise. You can pair your AirPhones with either Android or an iOS device for seamless connectivity.

AirPhones Features

When it comes to features, AirPhones provide plenty of at a price range unimaginable. When we first got the opportunity to test AirPhones, we thought they might be a cheap knockoff, however, almost immediately we realized AirPhones is on par with the best, high-quality, branded products out there.

start wearing AirPhones

Its features include –

  1. Ergonomic design: With their ergonomic design, AirPhones easily stick to your ears and stay there. You can wear them during running or working out without the fear of them falling off. We tried them with different ear sizes and most people gave it a thumbs up after reviewing.
  2. Noise cancellation: AirPhones offer active noise cancellation. So, while you enjoy your music, you can be sure no sound leaks outside, neither does any background noise affect your experience.
  3. Sweatproof: AirPhones are made sweatproof and are therefore workout friendly.
  4. Latest Bluetooth: AirPhones offers the latest in Bluetooth technology and lets you seamlessly connect to your Android or iOS phone with ease. You can obviously also connect them to your tablet, computer, or laptop.
  5. Charging case: They come with a compact and handy charging case that doubles up as storage as well. You can easily take them with you while travelling without worrying about them getting lost or getting low on battery. The charging case can also charge your phone. It has around 80 hours of battery life but only when you charge AirPhones with it. If you charge your phone too, this can drop to around 40 hours.
  6. Battery life: On a full charge, your AirPhones can last around 4-5 hours of continuous music playback. Since the product is really small, the battery on it is not as strong. You might have to constantly hook it to the charging case if you are on a long flight or such.
  7. Built-in mic: The ear pods also offer a built-in microphone to make answering calls a much easier task.
  8. One button input: With a single button on the AirPhones, you can play, pause music and answer and hang up phone calls as well.
  9. High-quality: The device is made from high quality materials and is quite durable as well. They are quite compact and do not dent if they fall, we tested.
  10. Affordable: AirPhones are incredibly affordable as compared to other branded, high priced wireless earphones. They are easily one of the better options you can choose from.

Where to buy AirPhones and how much are they?

You can easily get your very own pair directly at their official merchant site. Buying from them ensures you get a legitimate product and the valuable offers that the company provides.

Benefits of AirPhones 1

You can get your hands on your very own AirPhones for,

1 AirPhones at $98.95

2 AirPhones at $158.91

3 AirPhones at $248.87

Additional offers include

Buy 2 AirPhones and get 1 free at $196.90

Buy 3 AirPhones and get 2 free at $296.85

Final Verdict

If you were looking to invest in a pair of wireless earphones, AirPhones might just be your best choice. When comparing to other products on the market that provide a similar experience, most products are heavily priced and therefore, not as reasonable as AirPhones.

Since you get similar features, build quality and such with the AirPhones as compared to other products, while being so affordable, the only true choice are actually AirPhones.

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