Android 360 Camera Review 2021 – A Full 360-Degree Camera Attachment for Your Android Smartphone

Android 360 Camera Review

A camera is a helpful device, there is no doubt about that. Whether you are taking selfies or capturing scenic views on your smartphone, cameras are highly functional and allow you a great level of convenience. But, what about a different kind of camera? You know the camera that captures its surroundings in 360-degree format? Yes, we have one for you.

Presenting the Android 360 Camera.

What is Android 360 Camera?

Android 360 Camera works with a F2 and a dual 210-degree fish-eye lens allowing you to capture 360-degrees of your surroundings in brilliant detail. Manufactured by HypersTech, this device turns you Android smartphone into a completely VR, or virtual reality camera.

A full-view camera, the device captures a space of 2560×1280 for a complete 360-degree image. If you are into scenic views in the outdoors, Android 360 Camera is the best device to capture incredible and breathtaking images with.

Android 360 Camera

Android 360 Camera Features

Not only capable of taking 360-degree images, this smart device also lets you make live adjustments to your pictures while you capture the most scenic shots you could ever without spending a fortune on equipment.

  1. 360-degree camera: This device provides the ability to capture incredibly scenic 360-degree shots using your smartphone.
  2. Works with Android smartphones: This device is compatible with all Android based smartphones.
  3. Designed by professionals: Designed by professionals, Android 360 Camera is made for convenience and functionality.
  4. High-quality lens: Featuring a dual 210° fish-eye lens with a F2.4 aperture, this camera is made to provide a full 360-degree experience.
  5. Modes to choose from: It comes with 2 shooting modes to choose from. Choose either photo mode or video mode to capture a true VR experience.
  6. Filters to choose from: It supports an impressive range of filters that will help your pictures stand out from the rest. Live adjustments make it easy for you to apply these filters and see which one works for you.
  7. High resolution: A high resolution of 2560×1280 makes sure your captures are not shy from incredibly high definition.
  8. Lightweight: It weighs simply 26.5gms which makes it highly portable as compared to other cameras.
  9. Choice in USB connectivity: As the user wishes, you get to choose from either a micro-USB connector or a USB type-C connector.
  10. Accessories: The device comes with a manual, a microfiber cloth for cleaning, a carrying case, a USB connecter and a C2B adaptor. Additional accessories like a table stand, laptop connector and a type-c extension can be purchased separately.

Pros and Cons


  1. Full 360-degree capture potential
  2. High resolution
  3. 30 FPS video
  4. Picture and video modes
  5. High quality lens
  6. Lightweight and portable
  7. Works with all Android smartphones


  1. Might take a little getting used to

Where to buy Android 360 Camera and how much is it?

You can get your very own Android 360 Camera directly on their merchant website. Buying from them ensures you get to avail all the deals and discounts the company offers.


You can get,

1 Android 360 Camera for $98.97

2 Android 360 Camera for $143.94

4 Android 360 Camera for $235.91


Buy 2 Android 360 Camera for $191.92 and get 1 free

Buy 3 Android 360 Camera for $284.89 and get 2 free

Final Verdict

Your phone camera is great sure but is also limited in its effects. If you are into the outdoors and wish to capture incredibly scenic photographs, a 360-degree camera might be the answer to all your problems. Instead of coughing up a ton of dollars, it is a much better option to purchase this affordable yet super effective 360-degree camera. Since it works in conjunction with all Android smartphones, using it is easy and straightforward. A viable purchase if you are looking to spice up your photography.

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