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Bondic Review 2021 – Best Liquid UV Plastic Welder

An adhesive and filler are always been the savior for restoring all broken stuff. But have heard about Liquid UV Plastic Welder? No worries,  after reading ...

TV Fix Caster Review 2021 – Does This Device Really Work or Just a Scam?

Streaming these days is all the rage and for good reason. Entertainment stays at your fingertips and with the busy lifestyle we follow it is only but ...

Laptop Security and Privacy, Practical Advice

If you are using a laptop as your primary tool, it is very likely that all your life and activities will be saved on the device. From vacation photos and ...

Facebook Cloud Gaming Focuses on Free-To-Play Mobile Games

Facebook is the latest tech giant to follow the likes of Microsoft, Google and Amazon in game streaming. But Facebook's effort differs from the competition ...

How to Use Gesture Controls on the Updated YouTube App

The YouTube app for Android and iOS is getting a major update for video controls. New features include the ability for gesture controls, redesigned menus, ...

Apple Working to Create an Alternative to Google Search

According to a Financial Times Report, Apple would quietly step up efforts to develop its own iPhone search technology, just as regulators review the ...

It is Finally Possible to Silence WhatsApp Conversations, Forever!

Each chat service should provide, at a minimum, three things: a way to mute conversations (so that our chatty friends never bother us again), a way to leave ...

How to Test a Used Mac before Buying it?

Buying a used Mac can be an excellent strategy to save money, while you receive a machine that is still valid and efficient. Obviously, before you take your ...

How to turn on a Television without a Remote Control?

Have you broken the remote control and you don't know how to turn on the TV? Here you will find useful tips so you don't have to change your TV. The remote ...

How the TikTok algorithm works

In just two years, TikTok has grown into one of the most popular apps and established itself as the social network of short funny skits and videos, ...

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