BackXPack Review 2021 – Top Rated Anti-Theft Backpack

BackXPack Review

Have you heard about anti-theft backpacks? Well, they are incredibly convenient and provide a lot many features than just being anti-theft. They provide ample storage and are made incredibly durable. Perfect for outdoor trekking, basic travelling purposes, and ready to be carried to work, anti-theft backpacks are effective and well-designed. Well, most of them are well-designed.

Which is why we bring to you BackXPack.

What is BackXPack?

The latest in anti-theft backpacks, BackXPack is essentially the best one available providing multiple features and high durability. BackXPack is perfect to keep your belongings safe while providing the utmost convenience to your travelling needs.

There are a lot of anti-theft backpacks out there, and even when they are well made and feature full, you can easily spot an issue with the bag. It could be a highly marked up price, or low durability, low protection, tacky colors, and weak style points. Well, this is exactly why we bring BackXPack to your attention.

everyday gray

BackXPack Features

A highly convenient backpack that allows you to take advantage of its multiple features, BackXPack is one of the best ones you can hope to purchase for yourself.

  1. Comfortable: The backpack is made to be incredibly comfortable no matter if you are a single shoulder or a double shoulder user. Its design features allow the back to conform to your back and allow for a super comfortable experience.
  2. Anti-theft: BackXPack uses a number lock to make sure it is totally anti-theft. The primary compartment can be easily sealed and easily opened once you need to retrieve its contents.
  3. Ergonomic and adjustable design: With an incredibly ergonomic design, BackXPack makes for a convenient backpack. It can be adjusted easily using the straps as well.
  4. Multiple compartments: The bag comes with three compartments, where the biggest one can be locked using a number lock system.
  5. Wallet repellent: BackXPack is also highly water repellent and does not allow water to penetrate ruining your belongings.
  6. Portable charging: It also acts as a portable charger for your laptop and your phone. Simply connect your phone or laptop to the internal cable and connect an external USB to the bag’s power supply.
  7. Lightweight and durable: The bag itself is super lightweight and can be easily carried from one place to another. You can safely store any heavy item in it without worrying about the straps breaking. We tested, so you can be free of any worries regarding the same.
  8. Five colors to choose from: There are 5 different colors to choose from. You can opt for Everyday Gray, Fashion Red, Mountain Blue, Young Violet, and Traveler Black.

Pros and Cons


  1. Lightweight and durable
  2. Easy to carry
  3. Plenty of space
  4. Anti-theft backpack
  5. Water repellent
  6. Charging port


  1. Might feel a little bulky for shorter people

Where to buy BackXPack and how much is it?

You can get your very own BackXPack directly on their merchant website. Buying from them ensures you get to avail all the exciting discounts and deals the company offers.

backXpackSmart Features Overview

You can get,

1 BackXPack for $88.99

2 BackXPack for $138.99

4 BackXPack for $218.97


Buy 2 BackXPack for $176.98 and get 1 free

Buy 3 BackXPack for $266.97 and get 2 free

Final Verdict

When it comes to anti-theft backpacks, you literally have a huge number of options available. The problem is buying the right one that would work well for you and provide you with ample features. Depending on personal preference, you could opt for something like BackXPack. It is a relatively cheaper alternative to overly expensive backpacks. While it also provides you with multiple good features, BackXPack is also exceptionally durable and water resistant. If you are an avid outdoorsman, BackXPack might prove to be a truly relevant investment.

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