BetterBack Review – Results After Using it for 21 Days

BetterBack Review – Results After Using it for 21 Days

Back pain is bothersome and can affect people from all walks of life and age groups, irrespective of what work you do. People who do heavy lifting are just as prone to backaches as people who do a lot of work sitting down.

The recurring pain can be incredibly discomforting and cause a lot of productivity loss. There are quite a lot of factors that can trigger backaches and even worsen existing ones.

Constantly taking pain medication is never advised and exercise can maybe do you some benefit, but only help slightly. A significant and permanent solution is difficult to achieve at lower prices.

This is where BetterBack comes in. A game-changer for people with backaches, BetterBack is an instant pain relief product and will even help with correcting your posture.

What is BetterBack?

Do you feel your posture is incorrect? Do you slouch often? Does your back hurt often? We know, all this can take a toll on your ability to complete daily tasks.

For that purpose, we bring to you, BetterBack.

BetterBack is a simple and portable device that can provide you with instant relief from backaches. It provides lumbar support, fixing your posture and helping with those constant, bothersome backaches. Providing the right support to your back and stabilizing your spine’s natural curvature. BetterBack helps with pain relief as well as ample support.

The underlying cause of back pain is at most times bad posture. While walking, sitting, and reading, you might tend to slouch, which can cause your back to hurt. BetterBack simply fixes your posture which helps you relieve that pain.

Features of BetterBack

BetterBack Review

BetterBack has taken the market by storm and due to valid reasons.

✅ Water Resistant Outer Layer

✅ Memory Foam

Custom Webbing

 Slip Resistant Knee Pads

 Comfort Corners

How does BetterBack work?

Most of us take plenty of medication when we come across those unbearable backaches. But BetterBack is an all-natural solution towards relieving back pain. Medications have a ton of side effects and can cause more problems than it solves. It is necessary to use natural, innovative methods to get rid of your backaches.

Exercise is a must and can greatly help, but our lifestyles hardly let us get enough time. BetterBack is a non-invasive method towards back relief. Simply put it on and continue with your daily seated tasks, without any intrusion, while getting that pain relief you were looking for.

BetterBack works on support therapy.

You can get a more costly version of it in your local hospital or chiropractor. BetterBack on the other hand provides the same kind of relief at a much smaller, one-time charge. You effectively get a similar kind of treatment from the comfort of your own home, saving you constant trips to the hospital.

It is an effective and quick solution for people with constant back pains. However, if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, we suggest you go with the consultation of your physician before using BetterBack.

BetterBack Working

BetterBack works by specifically targeting the muscles in your spine, improving posture, and helping with that bothersome ache. Slouching is common with people who constantly must be seated for work or otherwise, and slouching is the most common reason for backaches.

BetterBack is one of the best devices to improve on this, forcing your spine into its natural curvature, helping you complete your daily work without having to deal with constant backaches.

The device also comes with a removable hot/cold therapy pack to reduce inflammations and provide the necessary heat or cold to help speed up the healing process.


  1. Affordable, relative to costly medication and appointments to the hospital
  2. Corrects your posture
  3. Easy to use, straps easily and does not cause issues while worn
  4. Lightweight, Water-Resistant and Portable
  5. Can make the experience of sitting on any chair ergonomic
  6. Adjustable straps


  1. Might cause muscle stiffness when worn for the first few times
  2. Can only be worn while sitting down

How to Use BetterBack?

Wearing and making use of BetterBack is really easy. To put it on –

BetterBack Use
  1. Take a seat
  2. Wrap it around yourself
  3. Tighten the leg straps
  4. Slide the strap into the center clip
  5. Adjust according to tightness

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Why Do You Need BetterBack?

BetterBack Benefits 2

BetterBack Variants

BetterBack has a few variants to choose from. The basic BetterBack is the cheapest of the bunch, with BetterBack Luxe coming in second, providing you the additional comfort of memory foam.

You can even opt for the BetterBack therapy kit, which includes the BetterBack Luxe, with NASA memory foam and a Healing Pearl, truly making it a therapy pack. The company also sells the Posture Peanut to support your neck and back, and SuperStraps Luxe to save your neck and back from a heavy backpack.

BetterBack comes in two variable sizes, the simple one for waists 36” or less and BetterBack Plus for up to waists 55”.

Rating BetterBack (4.7/5)

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Can be used anywhere.
  3. Corrects your posture.
  4. Takes only 15 minutes to bring relief from backaches.
  5. Relatively low priced than treatment or medication.
  6. One-time purchase beats making constant appointments to the chiropractor.

How Much Does BetterBack Cost & Where to Buy?

BetterBack Price

Though BetterBack isn’t available in stores just yet, consumers can get a  single BetterBack kit for $49.99 from the official website. While this package requires the user to pay separately for shipping and handling, customers can also get a two-pack for $74.98 or a three-pack for $99.98 with free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions About BetterBack – FAQs

Does BetterBack only relieve current back pain or does it prevent it as well?

BetterBack can effectively help you with either. Since it works off posture correction and focuses on the spine, it can easily relieve you of your current back aches as well as prevent them in the future. BetterBack does this by restoring the natural curve of the spine, stabilizing the pelvis, and forcing you to maintain a decent posture. Making it a permanent fix as well.

How often should I wear BetterBack?

It is relatively safe to wear BetterBack throughout the day, given you can be seated all that time. Posture will improve in a matter of days. The recommended time to wear BetterBack is for 15 minutes, twice a day. That is enough to do the trick. Best worn before and after bedtime.

Does BetterBack have a plus-size option?

Yes, BetterBack Plus is available to purchase and is for people with waists up to 55”. It is similar to the original version, in terms of quality and efficiency, just that it has some extra cushioning and foam.

Does height matter when it comes to putting on BetterBack?

Not, at all. BetterBack straps are easily adjustable and can fit anyone regardless of their height. This one size fits all heights is the best thing to cure you of your back aches. For plus sized people, a BetterBack Plus is available, for people with waists up to 55”.

How is this different from placing a pillow behind your back for support?

It’s completely different. With BetterBack, your knees are strapped to the support so there’s a constant pulling on your back to jut forward. This keeps you balanced and upright without any effort on your part and also feels really good!

Can I wear BetterBack cross-legged?

Yes! Wearing BetterBack cross legged is easy and great for things like meditation or if you just enjoy this seated position.

What if my waist is larger than 38″?

We are working on getting more inventory of our BetterBack Plus version that fits up to a 55″ waist. Please check back in the near future to see availability.

Is there a money back guarantee and/or warranty?

Yes! BetterBack has a 30-Day, No Hassle, Money-Back Guarantee.

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