BiT Watch Review 2021 – Best Smartwatch of the Generation!

BiT Watch Review

Smartwatches are getting incredibly common these days and for good reason. Consider them as portable, wearable computers. You can perform a variety of tasks using a proper smartwatch. However, that is the trick right there, purchasing a proper smartwatch that provides you with good features, is reasonable and can last you a long time.

There are simply too many products out there. Smartwatches were once a niche product, but now they are literally on every wrist. Smartwatches now come with multiple features, the designer builds and a really hefty price tag. For this exact purpose, we bring to you a totally reasonable product with features you only see in high-end smartwatches. Here is the BiT Smartwatch, designed to be more than just a basic watch.

What is BiT Watch?

BiT Watch is the newest in functional smartwatches. It is a sporty smartwatch that provides you with features and durability to match. A new class of smartwatches, BiT’s advanced features and reasonable price tag are in direct competition with the best of smartwatches.

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Not only are you provided with an internationally acclaimed product with incredible features and design aspects, but you also end up paying literally a fraction of what you otherwise would have for a product like this. Thanks to the top-notch components it uses and an exceptionally large battery life, BiT is one of the better smartwatches we have tested till date.

BiT Watch Features

BiT is getting a lot of attention for being super feature rich and its durability. We tested both and were surprisingly pleased with the results.

Benefit using BiT Watch

Its primary features include,

  1. Dual use, Sport, and business
  2. Doubles as a basic fitness tracker
  3. Monitors steps, calories, distance travelled, heart rate and more
  4. Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  5. Instant notifications
  6. Dual time
  7. Sedentary reminder
  8. Stopwatch
  9. Find my device
  10. Remote camera
  11. Call reminder
  12. IP67 water resistant
  13. 90mAh battery, standby time – 15 days
  14. Bluetooth 4.0
  15. Multi language, including Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, and Italian

Well, now you see what we meant by this watch being super feature rich. Easily one of the best smartwatches we have tested. Invest in your very own BiT watch today.

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to use
  2. Functional
  3. Super feature rich
  4. Doubles as a good enough fitness tracker
  5. Waterproof


  1. Only comes in one size
  2. Features can potentially overwhelm users

Where to buy BiT Smartwatch and how much is it?

You can easily find BiT Smartwatch listed directly on their official merchant page. Buying directly from them ensures you get a legitimate product as well as all the benefits the company offers, including money-back guarantees, discounts and additional offers.

How Much Does BiT Watch Cost

You can get your very own,

1 BiT Watch at $98.93, retailing at $197.87

2 BiT Watch at $196.87 and get 1 totally free

3 BiT Watch at $296.80 and get 2 totally free

The company offers 50% discount if you shop with us directly on their website.

Final Verdict

There are plenty of smartwatches to choose from. In the past few years, smartwatches have left the niche market and started showing up on every wrist. However, smartwatches have not gotten any more reasonable. Better smartwatches with lots of features and durability can go for a lot of money.

This is why we bring to you the BiT Smartwatch. A one-of-a-kind, super feature rich, reasonable to purchase, durable, stylish and incredibly fun to use smartwatch. You simply have no reason to avoid such a miracle product. Invest today!

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