Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier Review 2021 – Cordless, Rechargeable, Effective Humidifier

Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier Review

Dryness in the air can cause a lot of issues. Not only outwardly effects but breathing can also be affected. Cold, cough, and sleep issues are prevalent in areas with dry air. Especially during the summertime, a dry climate can really affect your health conditions. From cracked lips to sore throats, itchy skin, and respiratory problems, there is a cure for all the issues dryness in the climate can cause.

This is why we bring to you Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier.

What is Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier?

Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier is a rechargeable desktop humidifier that is sure to help you out on those dry summer and winter days. It is a cordless, lightweight, and portable humidifier that you can carry from room to room to add a tinge of humidity to the environment.

Winter days can also be incredibly dry. Heaters and furnaces do not help either. They effectively reduce the amount of moisture in the air further. This increases the chances of cold, cough, dry skin, dry lips, and even allergic reactions. A humidifier can go a long way providing enough moisture to prevent any annoyance and issues.

Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier Review

Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier Features

Dry climate can also be the reason of static electricity build up inside your home. A humidifier gets rid of that too.

  1. Effective humidifier: Blast Auxiliary is one of the more efficient humidifiers in the market. After our testing, even with its size, the appliance was quick and effective to add moisture to your living space.
  2. Type-C charging: The device can be charged using a type-C cable. It can be charged either using a standard outlet, or even using a USB outlet.
  3. Cooling potential: The device also acts as a mini cooler during summer times. If you live in a hot and dry climate, this device might prove incredibly useful during those times as well.
  4. Built-in mood lighting: The device also comes with an in-built lamp, perfect as mood lighting.
  5. Adjustable fan speed: You can also adjust the fan speed according to your liking. The device comes with 3 different speeds for you to choose from.
  6. Low noise: The device also makes incredibly less noise and does not disturb your sleep while it runs at night.
  7. Compact and super portable: The device is actually quite portable and compact for a humidifier. Most humidifiers can be quite noisy, whereas Blast makes almost negligible sound.
  8. Easy to fill: The device comes with a 300ml container that you can easily fill with water. It does not take effort or time to do so and a single filling can humidify your living space for at least a few hours.
  9. Easy to use: Blast Humidifier is incredibly easy to use and works on a single push of a button. Simply fill the device the water, make sure it is charged, and let it rip. Cool, humid air in a matter of seconds.

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to fill and use
  2. Cooling potential for hot weather
  3. Effective humidifying
  4. Low noise
  5. Portable and lightweight
  6. Prevents itchy skin, sore throat, cough, cold, dry lips, snoring, and more


  1. Water capacity is not high due to compact nature of the device.

Where to buy Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier and how much is it?

You can get your very own Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier directly on their merchant website. Buying from them allows you to avail all the tons of incredible discounts and offers the company provides.

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You can get,

1 Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier for $89.99

2 Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier for $179.98

3 Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier for $202.48

4 Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier for $247.47

Final Verdict

Humidifiers can be incredibly expensive to purchase and difficult to move around due to their size. Well, Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier cracks both issues in one go. The device is highly portable, compact, and lightweight. Carrying it between rooms will be as easy as transporting a pillow. It is also super easy to use and quite inexpensive for the features it commits to. It is a rechargeable device and can effectively take care of your health during dry seasons. The cordless approach and a powerful filter technology make Blast that much better.

Olliver is an interior designer by degree, and a writer by choice. Mixing the two, he has been key in selecting the right products for testing and reviewing.

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