Blaux Thermometer Review 2021 – Highly Accurate No-Contact Thermometer

You want your family to be safe, do you not? Yes, exactly. We actively need to put precautions into place that allow us and our families to avoid getting sick. Especially during flu season, and as seen with the COVID-19 situation, germs and diseases can easily pass from one person to another. Be it simple seasonal flu, or a truly fatal disease, making sure you avoid preventable diseases is key for living a healthy lifestyle.

For this purpose, we bring to you Blaux Thermometer.

What is Blaux Thermometer?

Blaux Thermometer is a no-touch device that effectively measures a person’s body temperature using infrared technology. It comes with a bunch of unique features for you to take advantage of and allow your family to be completely safe and healthy.

As you know, reusing generic thermometers can easily transfer germs from one person to another. Using a no-touch thermometer can easily measure body temperature without coming in contact with the diseased person and preventing any spread of germs that might take place.

Blaux Thermometer Features

A highly accurate thermometer, it is also portable and incredibly compact. You can easily carry it wherever and whenever, allowing you to read your or your family’s temperature on the go,

  1. Highly accurate: The problem with infrared thermometers is that they can be incredibly inaccurate. Well, not Blaux. Blaux is a super trustworthy company that uses high-grade electronic components that allows you to take accurate and precise temperature measurements, down to the last decimal.
  2. Takes body temperature and even of other objects: Not only does it allow you to take body temperature, but also you get to take temperature of other objects as well. Find how hot your baby’s food is to maintain an optimum range.
  3. Easy to use: The device is incredibly easy to use. It has one button that scans the person, or the object, to effectively measure its temperature.
  4. Portable and lightweight: The device is also incredibly lightweight. One of the lighter thermometers out there. This makes it easy to store and can easily be carried in your pocket.
  5. Convenient and safe to use: Unlike traditional thermometers, Blaux is totally safe to use. Its no-contact function allows for convenient use.
  6. Adjustable settings: You also get to easily switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius for a more informative reading.
  7. Color-coded display: The display is color-coded and once you take the temperature, the device tells you how high a fever the patient is suffering from. Three colors could potentially show up, green, yellow, and red. Green implies a safe reading, yellow signifies slight fever, and red means severe temperature.
  8. Power saving: Say you forget to turn the device off. Well, to save on battery, the device automatically turns off.

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to use
  2. Convenient
  3. Color-coded display
  4. Safe to use
  5. Highly accurate
  6. Takes body temperature and of objects and food as well
  7. Adjustable settings


  1. It is not as compact as it could have been

Where to buy Blaux Thermometer and how much is it?

You can easily get your very own Blaux Thermometer directly at their merchant website. Buying from them allows you to avail all the great offers the company provides its customers.

You can get,

1 Blaux Thermometer for $69.99

2 Blaux Thermometer for $139.99

3 Blaux Thermometer for $156.99

4 Blaux Thermometer for $191.99

Final Verdict

When it comes to keeping yourself and your family safe, there is no space for compromises. You should and totally must make sure you always keep preventable diseases out of your house. Most folks do not realize, but generic thermometers can easily spread germs from one person to another. Yes, cleaning it can prevent that, but sometimes cleaning might not be as effective, and as mentioned, compromising is not an option. Blaux Thermometer is a no-touch form of the device that allows you to measure temperatures effectively and accurately without allowing diseases to spread throughout your house.

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