BooBuddy Review 2021 – High-Quality Breast Support Band

An active lifestyle for women can prove difficult if you are not into wearing breast supports. Sports bras do the job, but a truly active lifestyle requires more support. While running or even just going up and down the stairs can cause boob bounce which is the primary cause of backaches and premature fatigue while working out.

This is why we bring to you BooBuddy.

What is BooBuddy?

BooBuddy is a comfortable band worn across the top of the breasts over your sports bra that negates boob bounce and allows you to completely focus on your training regime. No matter your breast size, BooBuddy fits all and provides much needed support for your breasts while you go on with your high intensity workout.

Its elastic features and two Velcro ends make it one of the more comfortable and adjustable sports bands in the market. It is made of high-grade 20.7% Polyester, 41.6% Nylon, and 37.7% Elastomer.

BooBuddy Features

One of the best-selling breast support bands, BooBuddy’s quality is praised all over the world by millions of happy active women.

  1. Restricted vertical and lateral movements of the breasts: Wearing this band across the top of your breasts, over your sports bra provides a lot of support and allows you to continue with your workout without any hassle. It restricts not only vertical but also lateral movements allowing for a comfortable use.
  2. Corrects and improves posture: It also sets your posture right and keeps it that way while you work out.
  3. High-grade materials: Made from high-grade materials, BooBuddy is made to be comfortable and smooth to the touch.
  4. Comfortable: Unlike other bands that can be strenuous to use, BooBuddy is exceptionally comfortable without the strangling feeling other bands can let on.
  5. Adjustable: Its adjustable strap means no matter your breast size, you can use BooBuddy without any hassle.
  6. Prevents pains and aches: It is also exceptional at preventing the fatigue and pain that can result due to boob bounce during high intensity work out sessions.

Pros and Cons


  1. Prevents fatigue and pain
  2. Super comfortable
  3. Durable
  4. Elastic nature allows it to be adjustable
  5. Corrects posture
  6. Soft and smooth


  1. Little expensive than other subpar breast support bands

Where to buy BooBuddy and how much is it?

You can get your very own BooBuddy directly on the merchant website. Buying from them allows you avail all the exciting discounts and deals the company offers.

You can get 1 BooBuddy for $24.99.

Final Verdict

Working out for women can be a little difficult especially if you are into a high intensity work out routine. Bigger breasts do not help either. BooBuddy could prove to be a totally viable purchase for women who lead an active lifestyle. The best thing about BooBuddy is you can wear it under all kinds of clothing without worrying about it causing weird and unnecessary bulges. Wear it under your office clothes and even under your PJs. BooBuddy will support you during your workout and even all throughout the day.

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