BuzzBGone Review 2021 – Does This Mosquito Trap Really Works?

Buzzbgone review

Does the buzzing of mosquitoes bother you? Well, I can be sure it does, and you can finally say goodbye to that god-awful sound. We bring to you BuzzBGone, a proper solution for getting rid of those annoying mosquitoes.

Not only the sound but mosquitoes can be especially dangerous if they are carriers. Mosquitoes spread viral infections like dengue and malaria which can be fatal as well. To prevent such extremes, we think you need to step up and get yourself the BuzzBGone mosquito zapper, a practical way towards getting relief from mosquitoes.

What is BuzzBGone?

BuzzBGone is a chargeable mosquito zapper device that lures mosquitoes in and kills them instantly using a strong UV light. It is effectively the perfect invention for people who want mosquitoes removed from their houses and surroundings.

A small device that can even fit in your palm, comes with a USB port for charging and also doubles up as a portable power bank if your other devices are running low on charge. When it is switched on, a bright UV light stays continuously on to lure mosquitoes in.

It also has powerful fans that spin at incredible speeds creating suction around the device. Whenever a mosquito, or any other insect for that matter, comes close to the device, the suction sucks them into the machine. A small cylinder collects dead insects you can get rid of later.

 The speed at which they are sucked in causes them to die instantly. Without the use of insecticides and harmful chemicals, there are a bunch of different insects BuzzBGone can take care of. 100% safe to use, safe for us at least, the device also promotes an environment-friendly approach towards getting rid of bugs.

BuzzBGone Specifications

  • The compact size of only 17 cm x 13 cm
  • Easy setup – 2 minutes
  • Easily cleanable
  • 360 degrees robust fan
  • UV light advanced technology
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • 100% chemical and toxin-free
  • Safe to use
  • USB port feature for charging
  • Up to 40 meters protection range

BuzzBGone Features

Buzz B Gone Features

BuzzBGone is really a one of a kind device that uses UV to lure and a powerful draft to get rid of annoying insects. The devices’ primary features include:

Easy to Use: The device is pretty simple to use. Simply figuring out a viable place to set it up and switch on makes all the difference in the world. You must install it at a place where insects are commonly commuting.

Easy to Clean: The device can be easily disassembled and cleaned. The dead insects collect in a cylindrical tube waiting to be fished out once full.

Effective and Functional: The systematic destruction of mosquitoes and insects by BuzzBGone is exceptional. The device lures insects in using the UV lamp, once the insect is nearby, the devices’ suction simply sucks it in are is killed instantly.

No Use of Harmful Chemicals: Since it uses purely technology to kill mosquitoes, it promotes the use of such devices instead of harmful insecticides and repellents.

Can be Installed In Any Room: The device is quite portable and compact; therefore, you can install it in any room you wish to, even outdoors for that matter.

Completely Harmless to Us: The device is completely harmless to us, obviously not to mosquitoes.

360-Degree Fan: The device comes with a sturdy 360-degree fan that is designed to suck insects into its internet mechanism.

Who Can Use BuzzBGone?

Who should use Buzzbgone

From how we see this product, this can entice everybody and anybody. I do not think there are some of you who like mosquitoes, and mostly most of us are simply annoyed by them. BuzzBGone is a device that can easily become a huge hit in the market, surpassing insecticides, and repellents as the primary feature to get rid of bugs and insects.

BuzzBGone is best used by people living in the tropical region, bogged down by a swarm of mosquitoes. In such conditions, I feel one needs something like BuzzBGone, an instant way to luring and killing mosquitoes off. Since it does not use and harmful chemicals, BuzzBGone is also considered an eco-friendly way of disposing of bugs and such.

An easy to use the device with a stable power supply can be used by anyone, at any time they want. A simple push of a button sets everything in motion and there ends your contribution to the system. Once switched on, BuzzBGone will lure and kill bugs in its own meantime.


  1. Portable
  2. Easy and safe to use
  3. Power efficient
  4. User friendly
  5. Easy maintenance
  6. Noise free


  1. Limited stock
  2. Available on the online space only

How Does BuzzBGone Work?

The device is pretty straightforward honestly. Since there are simply so many bugs we need to get rid of especially during the damp, hot months of the year, BuzzBGone is an effective and a must-have device in your home.

A USB-powered bug trapper, BuzzBGone makes your home, your home and that is all. No more attack of the bugs at night when you are sleeping. The lightweight and portable device easily lures bugs with its UV light and the spinning fan creates a draft that sucks in anything that dares comes near it.

How Can it Be Used?

How to use Buzzbgone?

While we were doing research for BuzzBGone review, we tried & found every possible way to use this smart product. There are a variety of ways you can use BuzzBGone since it is so small in size. Once charged up, you can leave it near a window or areas of stagnant water to start making use of it. If there are simply too many mosquitoes in your home that refuse to die or leave, we suggest you invest in multiple BuzzBGones so you can once and for all quell this mosquito issue. Much like moths flock to light, most insects do too and therefore BuzzBGone is the perfect luring/killing device on the market.

Benefits of BuzzBGone

  1. Ease of use: The device is super easy to start using. You only have to press a button and let the device do the rest.
  2. Safe to use: Unlike repellents that can cause severe irritations and such, BuzzBGone is a much safer device to make use of.
  3. Portable and compact: The device is incredibly small and fits easily in your palm. This portability offers more in terms of functionality and ease of usage.
  4. Effective and efficient: If you have not seen this device in action, you are in for a treat. The device is extremely effective at luring and killing bugs in a matter of seconds.
  5. Catch filter: The dead bugs do not simply fall to the ground but get captured in a cylindrical filter space that you would have to clean after regular intervals, depending on the number of bugs in your region.
  6. Easy to clean: The device is incredibly easy to dismantle and start cleaning. The catch filter is also washable so do not worry about it smelling like dead bugs.

Rating BuzzBGone (4.9/5)

Buzzbone review ratings

Ease of Use

BuzzBGone is a simple device to get used to and start using. There are only simple buttons out of which you only need concerned about a single button, the on/off switch.


The device is much smaller than we earlier thought it would be. It is so small it fits in the palm of my hand without any hassle whatsoever. You can carry it around with you if you plan to go outdoors or out into the wild.


One of the better devices that solve a huge problem. BuzzBGone is easily a miracle product here to save everyone from the evil deeds of mosquitoes.

Safety and Health

When it comes to being safe, bug repellents and insecticides are notoriously harmful to one’s health. Since this device completely runs on electricity, you can be definitively sure it is 100% safe to use.


There are a few products out there that actively deal with mosquitoes, a couple of them I remember are, the electric racket and the UV tube-light. BuzzBGone is honestly the first product that works towards killing bugs but uses a completely different method to do so.

User Reviews for BuzzBGone

BuzzBGone user review
BuzzBGone Reviews

Where to Buy BuzzBGone and How Much Is It?

While reading our BuzzBGone review, you must be wondering where you can buy it and at what price. You can order directly from the website of the manufacturers. Also, for you specially, we curate special offers and deals. On BuzzBGone you can enjoy a discount of up to 50 percent.

How much BuzzBGone costs?

The current pricing packages are as such:

  • 1 BuzzBGone at $59.95; Original price – $92.23
  • 2 BuzzBGone at $119.90; Original price – $184.46
  • 3 BuzzBGone at $134.89; Original price – $276.69
  • 4 BuzzBGone at $164.86; Original price – $368.92

Final Verdict

buzzbgone review

All that said, BuzzBGone is truly a miracle product for those of us who simply hate bugs, mosquitoes especially. The device itself is incredibly portable, easy to use, and completely noise-free. With this device, you do not have to worry about being bothered about bugs, either indoors or outdoors. Stay safe using BuzzBGone. Invest now and do not let your loved ones be marginally susceptible to malaria and dengue fever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about BuzzBGone

1. Is the Use Completely Harmless?

Buzz B-Gone can also be used in the children’s room, which qualifies it to be particularly safe to use. In addition, the operation is so easy that even children can understand it.

2. How to Use BuzzBGone?

The device is extremely basic to make use of. Right out of the box, you can start dropping mosquitoes like flies. With a single charge on your very own BuzzBGone you can enjoy a long night of sleep without worrying about mosquitoes.

3. How To Clean It?

To clean this bug zapper, remove the cylindrical storage and dump the dead bugs out in your lawn perhaps. The inside of the device you can clean with water and the filter can be cleaned under running water as well.

4. How Does BuzzBGone Attract Bugs?

BuzzBGone uses a UV light to attract bugs into its midst and spontaneously uses a suction fan to literally suck in the bug right into its belly to be thrown out later. The combination of the two proves to be incredibly useful and effective.

5. How Does Buzz B-Gone Work?

Buzz B-Gone uses UV light to attract insects and then a powerful 360 degree fan sucks the insects into the reservoir where they die.

6. Is Buzz B-Gone Safe to Use Around Children and Pets?

Buzz B-Gone kills without the use of chemicals and is thereby completely safe to use around children or pets.

7. Are Mosquitoes Really Something We Should Be Worried About?

Yes! Mosquitos have been named as one of the most deadly creatures in the world. They can carry and transmit awful diseases such as West Nile virus, Zika virus, encephalitis, and so many more.

8. Does Buzz B-Gone Use batteries?

Buzz B-Gone is powered by a USB connection. This makes this item more versatile as you can use a portable power bank for outside use or wherever you happen to be.

9. Is Buzz B-Gone Easy to Set Up and Use?

Yes! Buzz B-Gone is extremely easy to set up and use. Simply take it out of the packaging and plug in the USB cord and you’re ready to go. No experience necessary!

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