Can People See if You Screenshot Their Instagram Story?

Can People See if You Screenshot Their Instagram Story

Instagram started allowing users to post photos and videos that simply vanish after 24 hours. This newly added feature called stories allow users to share daily moments with their friends and family without having to create a feed post. Launched in August of 2016, there are now more than 500 million users who use stories on a daily basis. 

There was one question on everybody’s mind however, can people see if you screenshot their Instagram story?

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Can people see if you screenshot their instagram story?

While Instagram Stories are meant to be temporary, users do have the ability to screenshot a certain picture on someone’s story, either officially or unofficially. There are obviously multiple applications that allow users to do so. Even the basic screenshot your screen feature most mobile phones have can also be used to do this. 

With so much content being shared as Instagram Stories, it is tempting to screenshot that piece of information that you fancy. However, users suggest that there should be a notification or alert to let you know if someone has screenshotted your story.

Having said that, there is one scenario where users might get a notification of screenshots other users take of their stories.

How to save Instagram Posts?

When you see that piece of content or information you want saved, you have multiple options to do exactly that.

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1. Built-in bookmarking

If you have not noticed it, Instagram offers you a built-in method to save all posts that take your fancy. Under each post, you would find a bookmark button that when clicked saves the post to your account. You can simply navigate to your profile and click “saved” to view everything you have bookmarked. This goes for posts, videos, reels, and IGTV videos. This does not work with stories and also does not notify the original poster that you have saved their post.

2. Screenshot

The other way to save any post you like is by screenshotting it. This can be done to posts and stories. Since you cannot screenshot entire videos, this method might not work for them. You can only screenshot stills due to the apparent reason. 

3. Third-party applications

You can even find third-party applications on your respective app store that allow you to save posts, be it videos, photos, stories, reels, and everything else. This method does not notify the users and is also pretty simple to use.

Does Instagram Send Notifications –

For Screenshots of Stories?

Instagram spent a few months testing out this feature where users could see who all have taken screenshots of their stories. However, that feature has since been retired with no information as to when and if it will make a return. Bottom line, currently users do not get notified if anyone has taken a screenshot of their stories. 

For Screenshots of Direct Messages (DM’s)

Direct messages can be sent to individual users or a group of people. DMs can also include sending a temporary photo that disappears once read by the user(s). According to Instagram’s Help Section, screenshotting these disappearing DMs does result in a notification being sent to the user who sent it in the first place.

However, DMs other than these temporary photos, like messages, shared posts, or anything else does not result in a notification.  

For Screenshots of User Profiles?

No, Instagram does not notify the user if you have screenshotted their profile. This is helpful when you have to save their website address, or their contact information without having to write it all down. 

If you as a user do not want your profile screenshotted, simply making your profile private can help you in that regard. Obviously people who follow you can see your profile and screenshot it, but this allows you to limit who can see your profile and who does not have the permission to.

Third-Party Applications that Claim to Notify You of Instagram Screenshots

If you saw or have been considering using third-party applications that claim to notify you if your Instagram stories or posts are being screenshotted, well, do not do that. They are either extremely outdated or simply a scam and would not provide you any benefit. On top of that, they can even be malwares and designed to steal your private information, so beware. 


When it comes to security, Instagram tries its best to give users enough to help them retain their private information. The platform is used for both business and personal reasons, and you as a user might or might not want other users saving your private memories. 

If you wish to be as private as possible, make sure you make your profile private and allow only your friends and family to follow you. This way even if someone is screenshotting your posts, you know they will not do any harm to your identity.

For businesses and influencers who thrive when their posts are public, you might simply have to live with the fact that anyone can screenshot their information. You can also restrict the amount of personal data you post so that it does not infringe on your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you tell if someone screenshotted your Instagram story?

No, currently you will not be able to. Instagram tested this feature a while back, but it has since been revoked and users are now unable to tell if anyone has taken a screenshot of their stories.

Will Instagram notify me if someone takes a screenshot of a DM?

Not messages or shared posts, but Instagram does notify users when they send those disappearing photo messages.

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