Caresole Insole Review 2021 – Do These Insoles Really Help?

Caresole review

If you have hurt your foot before, you know how difficult simply walking can be even a long time after. In most cases than not, when you hurt your heel, it is possible the ligament plantar fascia. The largest ligament in your body, it is also quite susceptible to injury.

In case you do injure it, oftentimes you are suggested to wear certain insoles to help regain flexibility and movement in your foot. Repetitive strain injury to the ligament and the sole of your foot can cause a wealth of problems and these “insoles” are perfect to bring back action to your feet.

We searched and reviewed multiple insoles to see which one is the best at its job. Not long after our search began, we found one of the better insoles to treat plantar fasciitis. Caresole Insoles are not just basic insoles that help you regain movement but treat the condition in a much more refined manner.

What are Caresole Insoles?

One of the best insoles available in the market to treat plantar fasciitis, Caresole Insoles provide much-needed support and help regain movement and flexibility to this otherwise quite common problem, especially in athletes.

Constant pain near the heel is oftentimes plantar fasciitis. Repetitive injury to this ligament can be quite a hassle to deal with in a later stage and causes a lot of pain as well. To combat this, our choice in insoles is Caresole Insole. It is designed to bring comfort while helping you recover from your injury. The silicone gel inside makes it possible for your feet to recover and help against pain relief.

The design aspect of the insole also makes it possible to fit perfectly according to your shoes. Once your feet are aligned with the insole, you will instantly be able to feel your pain relieve. Shock absorption is also a huge factor for us to choose Caresole over other insoles in the market. It relieves pain instantly and lets your feet recover much quicker than other products that claim to do the same.

Features of Caresole

Caresole Insoles are a favorite here at TheViralTech. We had a friend suffering from plantar fasciitis try out a few insoles we had brought in for review. According to their experience, Caresole Insoles was the product that brought them maximum relief and helps better their condition in almost no time.


Here are the top features of Caresole Insoles –

Lightweight: Insoles are required to be ultra-lightweight but sturdy enough to hold your foot in place. Caresole brilliantly provides both. They are easily worn, and you will not even feel their weight. This helps you walk more, better, and helps fix your condition even faster. Heavy insoles only cause further problems than fixing them.

Designed to fit: The silicone gel inside the insole makes for a brilliant shock absorber and makes sure the insoles fit perfectly to your shoe/feet. Comfort is key when it comes to treatment and Caresole provides exactly that by letting the insole mold to your feet, much like memory foam.

Ventilation: If you plan to fix your condition, walking with insoles is recommended by most doctors. The problem lies when badly made insoles start causing problems like retention of moisture inside. This causes discomfort and you simply will not be able to wear them for a long duration. Itchiness, allergies, and such are common issues with tight, non-ventilated insoles.

Air cushions: Caresole Insoles are incredibly comfortable, unlike generic ones that are harsh on your feet and cause more pain than they help against. Caresole is soft on your feet and allows you to walk longer.

Adaptable: Caresole Insoles are also adaptable. If you need to fit them according to the size of your feet, you can cut them as per your requirements. Markings on the insole are present for you to cut the insole in accordance with your feet.

Durable: Durability is key when it comes to products that treat a condition. Since you have to wear these and walk with them, they simply have to be durable or they will not cut the bill. Thankfully, Caresole Insoles are incredibly durable and will last you an exceedingly long time.

How to use Caresole Insoles?

Insoles are meant to be easily used. They do not require a lot of work or instructions to make use of. Caresole Insoles are even more user friendly and allows for quite the easy usage. To use Caresole Insoles, simply,

  1. Caresole Insoles come in a single size which can then be adjusted according to your needs.
  2. Once you have the insoles with you, bring your most used shoe forward, the one you are planning to use with these insoles.
  3. Slip the insole inside and see if it needs any adjusting.
  4. If there is need for adjusting, carefully cut the insoles along the pre-marked lines for an accurate fit.
  5. Make sure you do it slowly and carefully. You do not want to end up with smaller than required insoles.
  6. Once you have stuffed the insoles inside your shoe, wear them to see if they are well-fitted and comfortable.
  7. Once you are satisfied with the fit, wear your shoe like you normally would and carry on with your daily tasks.
  8. You can even shift your insole to different shoes without much effort as well.
  9. Washing Caresole Insoles is also much easier than washing other generic insoles.

How do Caresole Insoles work?

Insoles are placed inside your shoes for a variety of reasons. They can be used for added comfort, warmth, and even for a better fit. Caresole Insoles are some of the best insoles in the market. They are adjustable and allow for an incredibly comfortable wearing experience.

The primary purpose of insoles is to allow your shoes to be much more comfortable. They can easily fill out the empty space which makes the shoe much more form fitting and easy to move around in. Caresole Insoles are designed with comfort in mind and provides an effective treatment for a variety of ailments in your feet you could be suffering from. These insoles work really well in providing comfort against injuries and even plantar fasciitis.

What Makes Caresole Insole So Special?

Caresole Insoles are designed with comfort and the best treatment in mind. Made from premium-grade materials, it provides you ample support and a pain-free experience while walking or running.

caresole making
  1. Biomechanically designed with latest technologies
  2. Unique silicone gel inserts
  3. Lightweight and breathable materials to maximize comfort
  4. Plenty room for heel movement
  5. Firm support
  6. Ideal heel to toe drop
  7. Fits all sizes, even adjustable


  1. Helps relieve a bunch of different aches related to the feet, sole, and heel
  2. Comfortable treatment
  3. Silicone gel makes it adaptable
  4. Lightweight and durable
  5. Perfect support during foot treatment
  6. Ability to wear them with any kind of shoe or slipper
  7. One size fits all and also adjustable to your own size


  1. A perfect fit inside the shoe is necessary for comfort

What Caresole Insoles Help With

Caresole Insoles do not just help with plantar fasciitis but also helps with a variety of different issues.

  1. Fix postural abnormalities
  2. Provide adequate arch support
  3. Absorb shock and increase flexibility
  4. Treat and alleviate the pain from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, Morton’s Neuroma and Achilles Tendonitis.
  5. Help musculoskeletal formation
  6. Lessen lower back pain
  7. Fix wrong foot alignment and incorrect walking and running posture

Benefits of Caresole Insole

Usually, insoles are quite expensive and can be a hassle to wear and move around in. Since it is considered a treatment, folks generally go with it and do not give it a second thought. But here we are with one of the best insoles the market has to offer.

  1. Flexible Foot: Not only do good insoles help with plantar fasciitis but also increase flexibility in your feet. The first thing you actually lose after any kind of foot injury is its flexibility. You do not even have to have this condition, if you want your feet to be a little more flexible and sturdier, Caresole Insoles can help with that too.
  2. Comfort: Comfort is key when treatment is underway. If the treatment is not comfortable, you might not feel positive effects at all. The thing with Caresole is that they are made specifically to provide comfortable treatment, something that helps you recover as quickly as possible.
  3. Relief from existing foot conditions: Aches in the feet, stiffness, recurring sprains can all be treated effectively using Caresole Insole. One of the better products in the market, Caresole brings to you a wealth of features and lets you bring existing feet issues to a halt.
  4. Prevent the condition from worsening: We suggest as soon you start having problems with your feet, it can be sprain aches, plantar fasciitis, or anything to do with flexibility and functioning, you simply must start using the Caresole Insole. It is a multipurpose treatment and lets you fix up a lot of different feet issues.

Rating Caresole Insole (4.8/5)


When it comes to usage, Caresole Insoles provide a lot of different features. You can wear them for treatment as well as much needed support during sports activities and running. Make sure they fit snug inside your shoe, otherwise they might cause a lot of discomforts.

Ease of Use

They are quite easy to use and make use of. Slipping it into the shoe can be a little tricky since you need to make sure it sits perfectly in it. The insole is also adjustable and can be cut according to the size of your foot.


Caresole Insoles provide a bunch of different treatments for a bunch of different issues. You can treat anything from plantar fasciitis, what it is actually made to treat, but also lower back pain, posture correction, heel aches, arch aches, and simply so much more. This is truly a versatile insole.

Design and Durability

Lightweight insoles are not as common as you think. Usually, they can be bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable. Caresole Insole is made to be comfortable and to make sure you get the best treatment insoles can provide. The product is made from premium grade materials and lasts an awfully long time.


There are a tonne of different insoles available in the market that claim to provide treatment for a single condition, plantar fasciitis. Caresole Insole on the other hand gives you the ability to treat this condition as well as treat a bunch more while it is on its job. One of the best insoles in the market, we suggest you invest in it as soon as possible if you suffer from constant foot aches.

Caresole User Reviews

Caresole User Reviews

Where to Buy Caresole Insoles and How Much Are They?

Caresole Insoles are readily available on their official website and they only thing that might stop you from getting one for yourself would be limited availability. Folks are buying Caresole by the bunch and stocks are quite limited.

For our readers though, we try to provide amazing deals and offers too. If you shop with us, we will grant you offers that you simply will not shy away from.

Caresole Price

A pair of Caresole Insoles retail at $29.99, however buying with us grants you special offers.

So, if you get 2 Caresole insoles at a price of $59.99, you get 1 absolutely free of cost. This means you save over $29 on your purchase.

Or, you can opt for 3 Caresole Insoles at a price of $83.99 and get 2 insoles free of cost, saving you over $65.

Now that is a deal if I have ever seen one. Do not wait any longer. Shop now!

Final Verdict

There are plenty of insoles in the market and some of them are considered a proper treatment for a variety of foot conditions. Now these are mostly claims, and the product tends to be simply useless and causes more problems than it solves.

Thankfully, we found a product that just keeps on giving. Caresole Insoles are simply the best insoles in the market. We have thoroughly tested them and concluded that this insole beats all others out of the water. If you suffer from constant sprains and foot conditions, we can bet Caresole Insole will help you immensely.

Using them on a regular basis will even help your posture and help alleviate lower back aches if you suffer from them. Additionally, if you do not like the product, their exchange policy grants you a full refund within days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Caresole Insole

How to use Caresole Insole?

Using these insoles are particularly easy. It is a one size fits all and therefore can be used directly out of the packaging. You can even cut along the marks provided if you wish to align the insole with your feet. To start using them, you only have to make sure they fit perfectly inside your shoe above the sole where your feet slide in.

Is silicone gel really proven out to be beneficial for the feet?

The silicone gel in the insole not only provides comfort but also lets your feet adapt to the insole and even helps with posture and heel stiffness.

I have Achilles tendonitis; can I use them on a regular basis?

Yes, you can. Caresole Insole actually lets you treat many more conditions besides plantar fasciitis. These also include Achilles Tendonitis. So without a second thought, get these insoles and start your treatment today.

Are these insoles light in weight?

What makes Caresole Insoles so good in the first place is the incredibly lightweight they boast. The lightness makes them even more comfortable and lets you walk or run for longer periods without feeling any discomfort.

Are these insoles available in different sizes for men and women?

Yes, they are. These insoles are available in different sizes. For men, sizes 41 through 46 are available, and for women, size 35 through 40 are available.

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