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TVSurf Stick Review – TV Streaming, Easy and Affordable

Streaming has become a mainstay in popular media and related entertainment. The landscape has changed and is now quite different from the reserved, almost ad ...

UV Cooler Review – Air Cooler and Purifier in One Appliance

The hot summers can bring much more than inconvenience and the deadly heat. It brings commutable viruses, illnesses, dust, and microbes. Ever wondered if you ...

VeggieMaster Review – High-Grade Vegetable Chopper

When it comes to kitchen appliances, a vegetable cutter and chopper is one of the more convenient technologies you can have. With limited time on our hands, ...

Williston Force Portable AC Review – Ultra Lightweight Portable Air Conditioner

Heat, dust, and dirt can cause a lot of issues. Ranging from mild allergies to severe reactions, it can get incredibly difficult to deal with them. Especially ...

How to Block WiFi Signals in a room – 4 Easy Fix & Improve Your Health

It could be confusing to some of you prodigal internet users as to why you would block WiFi signals, let alone how to block WiFi signals in a room. Well, ...

LiveTemp Pro Review – Contactless Thermometer for Your Home

People get sick all the time. However, this pandemic proved we knew nothing about how rapidly a flu can spread. The thing is basic thermometers may spread ...

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