CoolAir Review 2021 – Does It Really Works or Waste?

CoolAir Review

The summer heat is unbearable and to beat it you need a quality air conditioner. The problem lies in the solution. Air conditioners are notoriously expensive and can be extremely power hungry, increasing the overall price to match a small fortune. The simple solution is to invest in something effective, but not as expensive. Speaking about effectiveness, mini coolers are considered the underdogs of the bunch and never given much importance or respect.

What if we told you we have something that will change the mini cooler industry drastically? We bring to you CoolAir review, a compact air cooler that takes 10 minutes to chill down a room consuming way less energy than a basic air conditioner.

This compact, money saving appliance is truly one of a kind and whether it is portability or effectiveness or its energy saving capabilities, CoolAir blows its competition out of the water.

Not only that but CoolAir also strives to leave a pleasant smell around the room it is being used in. Its high portability means you can easily transfer the appliance between rooms and begin cooling there. Lets start our CoolAir review to give you every details which we tested.

What is CoolAir?

CoolAir is a compact, lightweight, power-efficient air cooler that can be placed in any corner of the room with the ability to cool down a room in under 10 minutes. CoolAir is unlike any other of its kind and when compared to other mini coolers, you realize how incredibly efficient and worthy CoolAir really is. It strives to be energy efficient, also proving to be cost-effective while putting all efforts in being helpful at cooling the room, i.e. its primary function.

Possibly the best alternate to traditional air conditioners, CoolAir is actually much easier to use than generic air coolers. Where with basic coolers you need to be vigilant about the water level, CoolAir simply shuts off once the water reaches a certain level, thus making sure neither extra energy is spent, nor inefficient cooling is performed. Filling its tub with water is also pretty simple and straightforward. It takes around 300ml of water to start working.

Designed to be portable, it is incredibly lightweight and so compact that it can literally fit in any corner of your room without causing a ruckus amongst the furniture. Besides its size and abilities, it is also much more efficient than other air coolers in every way imaginable. Not only it cools the air, but also works towards purifying the air and even humidifying it. Gone are the days where you pay top dollar to beat the heat. The new wave of air coolers are here! Starting with CoolAir.

CoolAir Technical Specification

CoolAir Specification
Dimension174 × 170 × 170mm
Speed20 Speed Settings
Water Tank Capacity750 ml
Power SupplyA USB port for easy power supply.
LED lighting8 different LED moonlight setting.
Fan3-Speed Controlled Fan

CoolAir Cooler Features

CoolAir Features

CoolAir works incredibly well to cool the air inside a room, to purify it and humidify it according to your needs. Top features of CoolAir include-

3 variants in fan speed.

USB port for easy power supply.

Water capacity of 300 ml and can stay up to 8 hours while running

8 different LED mood light settings

Compact and lightweight

Portable by design and easily carried around

Lifetime Warranty

Energy Effective


Also works as a humidifier and an air purifier

How Does CoolAir Work?

How Does CoolAir Work?

Most of the evaporative coolers in the market are large appliances that look like portable AC units instead of mini coolers. These appliances are neither energy-efficient nor cost-effective. CoolAir on the other hand is a compact appliance ideally placed on top of a desk or the corner of a room.

The buttons on the top panel are easy to understand and make use of. You can easily adjust the speed and temperature from said buttons with ease. You also get the ability to change the colour of the reservoir to match your décor perhaps.

This evaporating cooler boasts a 750ml water tank. While reviewing CoolAir we found that its little difficult to remove at first, but once used to it, it is child’s play. The water in this tank is absorbed inside the cartridge, spreading over the surface of the cooling system. As the fan behind it blows hot air over the water, it evaporates, cooling the air and adding moisture to it. This process can last up to 3-5 hours and can provide cooling until then. After that, the water tank needs to be refilled.

Once the cartridge has absorbed ample water, the appliance starts operating at maximum capacity. The cooling depends on a variety of factors though, including ambient temperature, humidity, and even the temperature of the water in the tank (use ice for an actual cooling experience). Coolers are best used in hot, dry climates. We suggest keeping close to the appliance to feel its effects. If you are too far away, you might not feel its maximum benefits. The 3-speed fan setting helps to change the speed according to the temperature outside.

CoolAir not only cools but also filters and humidifies. The filter inside the cooler is efficient at trapping pollutants and allergens with relative ease and provides you with fresh clean air.

CoolAir Pros & Cons

  • Multi-coloured LED mood light
  • 3 in 1 appliance; Air cooler, purifier, and humidifier
  • USB port for easy power supply
  • Highly portable
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Not as good at cooling as traditional air conditioners
  • Takes a while for cooling to take effect

How to Use CoolAir?

CoolAir mini cooler is exceptionally easy to make use of and maintain. There is not much to it and starting it up requires only simple instructions.

Steps to use CoolAir

To use CoolAir, simply-

  1. Open the top flap/door on the appliance
  2. Add water or ice; can be filled around 750ml in total
  3. Connect the appliance to a power supply
  4. Switch on to start cooling
  5. The appliance will shut off automatically once the water runs out so that no extra electricity is used up

Air Purification, Humidification and Mood Lights

CoolAir Top Features

CoolAir not only cools a room down to acceptable temperatures, but it also comes with exciting features generally not present in generic air coolers.

Apart from cooling, CoolAir is efficient at air purification and humidifying. An evaporative filter fitted inside the cooler helps to trap airborne pollutants and allergens to make sure the air you breathe is fresh and clean. Humidification is required when your room is dry which can cause a variety of issues and even severe allergies. The 8 different mood light settings to choose from make sure you do not stumble around to find the appliance. The brilliant colors are also quite soothing and can help you sleep at night.

Who is CoolAir For?

Who should use CoolAir?

Essentially, coolers are best used in hot and dry regions. Regions where you need an appliance to maintain certain temperatures as well as redistribute some humidity and moisture to the air.

If you live in certain areas, Cool Air is possible the best appliance you can hope for. When talking about its other features, we come to realize, if you suffer from respiratory issues, allergic reactions due to heat, dust, and dryness, or are simply tired of the heat, CoolAir is certainly the best product for you, undoubtedly.

The cooler works in tandem with the air filtration system and humidifier, cooling, purifying, and humidifying the air around you to maintain desired temperatures. The appliance also leave a fragrant aroma when used, so that is also a plus. Not to mention how energy efficient CoolAir is and how much money you can save in operating costs.

Benefits of CoolAir

  1. High Cooling Potential: With a full tank, CoolAir can provide continuous cooling of around 8 hours. You can always keep adding more water to keep increasing this threshold.
  2. USB Powered to Provide Convenience: A USB power cable makes it easy to use and supply power with.
  3. A Multi-Purpose Appliance: Cool Air is not only a mini cooler but also an air purifier and a humidifier. It keeps your surrounding air clean, cool, and fresh.
  4. Large built-in Water Tank: Its built-in water tank has a capacity of 750ml, enough for the appliance to run for over 8 hours without rest.
  5. Compact and Lightweight: CoolAir is a mini cooler and compared to other mini coolers, Cool Air provides way more in a similar-sized appliance. It is also quite lightweight and can be lifted around with relative ease.
  6. Portable and Durable: Since its compact size, Cool Air can be easily moved between rooms and is also incredibly durable. I feel during our testing once but had no issues with functionality whatsoever.
  7. Mood Light Setting: The 8 different mood lights make sure you get a peaceful sleep at night, and at the same have no difficulty looking for the appliance.
  8. Adjustable Speeds: You can also manually control the speed of the fan to reach the temperature of choice.
  9. Energy Efficient: The appliance is incredibly energy efficient and also has an automatic shut off feature once the water level is low.

How to Maintain CoolAir?

Maintaining CoolAir is not a difficult task. There is not much to keep note of, but keep in mind-

  1. Refill the tank before and during use
  2. The evaporative filter needs cleaning regularly

Rating CoolAir (4.8/5)

Ease of Use

CoolAir is one of the easiest mini coolers to use in the market. No fancy gimmick, but a simple, intuitive design coupled with quality materials.


CoolAir simply provides too much. We asked for a good mini cooler and CoolAir delivered, and they delivered more. This appliance is also an incredible air purifier as well as a humidifier, perfect for the hot and dry climate. The 8 different mood lights also create a peaceful ambiance at night.


This appliance is notoriously energy efficient. While other coolers simply keep running, CoolAir shuts off automatically once the water is low enough, saving energy by the bunch.


The mini cooler is only 17cm x 17m x 17cm, making it hilariously portable and easily carried between rooms and even kept inside your car.


There is a tonne of mini coolers in the market. Some of them priced as high as basic air conditioners. But are they worth it at the price? After reviewing CoolAir, I do not think I would suggest anyone any other appliance but Cool Air. It is simply one of the best mini coolers we have had the good fortune to test for ourselves.

User Reviews for CoolAir

CoolAir user reviews

Where to Buy CoolAir and How Much Is It?

CoolAir can easily be purchased from its official website. Buying right there ensures you get the best product with the best parts possible and not a cheap rip-off.

Only for our readers, we bring special deals and discounts for you to avail of. Well, for Cool Air, you can get a tonne of great offers to choose from.

Shopping with us, you get offers like-

CoolAir price
  • 1 CoolAir at $88.85
  • 2 CoolAir at $138.78; $69.39 each
  • 4 CoolAir at $218.64; $54.66 each

Special offers include-

  • 2 CoolAir at $176.72 and get 1 free
  • 3 CoolAir at $256.57 and get 2 free

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is CoolAir worth buying?

100% yes, it is worth buying. CoolAir is one of the best mini coolers we have reviewed at ViralTech and we are immensely pleased with the outcome. CoolAir is perfect for people living in a hot and dry climate.

2. Are air coolers good enough?

Depending on where you live. Air coolers are definitely not as good, or effective as traditional air conditioners, but air coolers also cost a fraction ACs do and still work well enough towards keeping a room cool. If you live in a hot and humid climate, an air conditioner is the way to go. If you live in a hot and dry region, an air cooler is a better investment.

3. What is the biggest advantage of CoolAir?

CoolAir is exceptionally energy efficient. The amount of money you will save as operating costs is mind boggling.

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9.1Expert Score
Work Anywhere!

When it comes to portable, mini air coolers, CoolAir is now our all-time favourite product. The cooler market is anyway highly saturated and finding a good appliance at the right price is quite the chore.
Well, we have done it for you. CoolAir is possibly the most energy efficient, sleek looking cooler we have laid eyes upon. The reduction in electricity bills will send you into a satisfaction frenzy. The compact cooler is also easily moved between rooms and you can even keep it on your desk or in a corner without it taking too much space.
We suggest anyone living in a hot and dry climate to immediately invest in their very own CoolAir and see the benefits first-hand.

Easy to Use
  • Multi-coloured LED mood light
  • 3 in 1 appliance
  • Air cooler, purifier, and humidifier
  • USB port for easy power supply
  • Highly portable
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Not as good at cooling as traditional air conditioners
  • Takes a while for cooling to take effect


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