Copper Protector Review 2021 – Best Contactless Tool for Germaphobes

Copper Protector Review

A germophobe’s life is not easy. Come to think of it, COVID-19 made germaphobes of us all anyway. There are a lot of places and surfaces we touch all day each day and germs and bacteria can easily settle on your hands and clothes. How to get rid of this persistent issue?

Presenting Copper Protector.

What is Copper Protector?

Copper Protector is a no-touch door opener cum keychain that keeps you from touching surfaces thus protecting you from transferrable germs. Without the need for any contact, Copper Protector will effectively allow you to use daily objects like opening and locking doors, using ATM touchscreens, etc. 

Since copper is antimicrobial, using Copper Protector totally defends you from any germs and such that you might come in contact with. It is crucial to not only protect yourself but also your family and Copper Protector effectively allows you to put active safety into action.

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Copper Protector Features

Copper Protector not only allows you to contactlessly open and lock doors and such but also gives you the opportunity to use touchscreens in atms without having to use your bare finger. 

  1. Reduces exposure to germs: Using Copper Protector effectively reduces your exposure to germs and viruses. If it is the flu season, the best way to protect yourself is to use Copper Protector.
  2. Copper is self sanitizing: Copper is antimicrobial and prevents viruses from settling in and building up, essentially the material makes sure it does not become a haven for germs and keeps you protected at all times.
  3. High-grade copper: The product is made from 99.9% copper. Antimicrobial properties of copper allows the user to keep safe from all germs and viruses that might cause illnesses.
  4. Keychain ready: The device allows you to hang your keys on it making it all the more functional.
  5. Door ready: Easily open and close doors without any contact due to its brilliant design. 
  6. Touchscreen ready: The device also allows you to effectively use touchscreens without having to use your fingers. ATMs and such can be tricky to use without your fingers, however, with Copper Protector, you can easily use buttons and touchscreens making your life easier and safer.
  7. Durable: Copper is highly durable and so is this product. Buy once and if you do not lose it, it will last you a really long time.
  8. Best for germaphobes: If you are a germaphobe, you will 100% love this product. Guaranteed satisfaction and safety with use.

Pros and Cons


  1. Open and close doors easily
  2. Use public touch screens without worry
  3. Easy to carry
  4. Copper is antimicrobial
  5. Highly durable
  6. Can work as a keychain


  1. Writing on touchscreens with Copper Protector might prove difficult

Where to buy Copper Protector and how much is it?

You can get your very own Copper Protector directly from the merchant website. Buying from them allows you to avail all the discounts and deals the company offers its customers.

Aviano Protector What Is

You can get,

1 Copper Protector for $24.99


Buy 2 Copper Protector and Get 1 Free for $49.98

Buy 3 Copper Protector and Get 2 Free for $74.97

Buy 4 Copper Protector and Get 4 Free for $99.96

Final Verdict

COVID-19 has drastically changed our lives. A horror for germaphobes. Now, when it comes to keeping our hands clean, sanitizing them all day is not really an option. However, with something like Copper Protector, you would not have to worry about that. Keeping yourself germ free has not been this easy and efficient. It uses the antimicrobial properties of copper to effectively allow you to use daily public objects without worrying about transferable diseases.

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