Crowd GPS – How to Keep Our Loved Ones Safe

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how Crowd GPS trackers can make your life easier.

Regular days are filled with so many busy activities that keeping track of wallets, keys, phones and other such stuff becomes quite a hassle. You mindlessly keep these things somewhere and then start frisking around in a panic when you can’t immediately find them. Not to mention the risk of theft. You park your bike somewhere and do not find it upon return. What are the options left? You can either ask around or finally go to the police station, only to find that they have more busy things to attend to.

This is where the Crowd GPS technology comes to aid. Many community-driven platforms like Quora and Uber already utilize the power of the crowd for the common benefit. Crowd GPS exploits the same concept. You have a whole community to “ask” around for your stuff. With the convenience of trackers that utilize this concept, you can easily find your lost items and not lose your wits looking around.


You must already be familiar with the GPS (Global Positioning System). Now all the devices like smartphones and smartwatches come with a GPS tracking system. The GPS receivers calculate their exact position based on the information received from the satellites. Not only does it help you navigate the streets but also tell you the probable traffic areas.

However, this whole process requires a lot of power. Therefore, the GPS chips cannot be used in devices like trackers which run on low power. This is where the concept of Crowd GPS comes into play.

Crowd GPS

There are various tracking devices available in the market that are Bluetooth driven. The downside though is that there is always a limit to the radius covered. In case of theft or other such incidents, you will not be able to track your items simply with the aid of Bluetooth. Even though GPS tracking is not possible in small devices like trackers, Crowd GPS technology makes a wider coverage viable.

How does it work?

The trackers now come with an app that creates a network of people using the trackers from the same brand. This creates a shared network of people. So you can even find the items without the traditional GPS tracking.

The trackers with Crowd GPS system radiate an RF (radio frequency) signal with unique IDs of the items. All the people who have these trackers will have an app on their smartphones with the shared network. If you lose your item with the tracker beyond the Bluetooth range, its signal will be picked up by other members on the app. This signal will then be sent to the central server along with the ID of that item. The central system now has the location and ID of your lost item, which keeps on updating. You can then simply use this information to locate your item.

How is it Useful?

  • Protect your loved ones from wandering away: If you have small children, elderly people, or pets in your family then it is vital to ensure that they do not wander away. The Crowd GPS system makes it possible to track your loved ones if they wander away quite often. You simply have to put the light-weight tracker on their wearables and monitor their location on your app. If they happen to wander farther away than your Bluetooth coverage then you can track their location from the central server that will receive their information from other members using the trackers of the same brand.
  • Keep your peace of mind: You do not have to get frantic every time you can’t locate your stuff, when you have the Crowd GPS technology to rely on. You can easily track your valuables and loved ones through the information received from the central server and keep yourself sane.
  • Recover your stolen items: Trackers with a Crowd GPS system give you a wider coverage than the simple Bluetooth trackers. This helps you in locating not only the stationary items but also the movables. In cases of theft, you can get to the location of your stolen items with the help of signals received by other members on the tracking app.
  • Save your time: It goes without saying that technology saves a lot of time. The crowd GPS system is no different. If you lose your items you do not have to wander around the neighborhood asking around everybody whether they had seen your lost valuables or go to the police station. You can simply go on the app and locate your stuff based on the location and ID received by other members of the tracker community. This process naturally saves a lot of time and effort.


You can feel the power of “Unity is strength”, with the Crowd GPS technology. It is increasingly gaining popularity and understandably so. The Crowd GPS technology ensures you get a wider coverage without the traditional GPS tracking system. These trackers are not only cost-efficient but also light-weight. So you can buy as many and attach them to as many devices or items as you want.

The only thing to consider is to go for the trackers that already have a wide user base. The efficiency of Crowd GPS trackers basically depends on the popularity of these trackers. It would totally defeat the purpose of this system if you go for a tracker that is not used popularly. The wider the network, the greater the efficiency.

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