Door Defense Review 2021 – Protect Your Home with this Heavy Duty Lock

Door Defense Review

When it comes to safety, you can never invest too much. You and your family must feel safe at all times inside your home. There are times where we simply cannot take home safety for granted. Several incidents related to burglaries and home invasions come up on a daily basis. It is quite chilling, but you need to have necessary measures and precautions set in place to avoid any kind of incidents that can put you or your family in immediate danger.

CCTV cameras, home protection kits, and home security systems are all viable options, but cameras and alarms especially can be tampered with. For times of need, you need to have something stable in place. For that purpose, we bring to you Door Defense.  

What is Door Defense?

Door Defense is a portable, durable, heavy duty lock that you can use to protect yourself or your family in times of need. It can be used on any kind of door you come across. You can use it in your office, at your home, and it even works with hotel doors.

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Door Defense is perfect for emergencies and can be completely trusted to provide safety if a threat is nearby. It installs in under a minute and is perfect for emergencies. Once under threat, you can quickly rip it out and attach it to any door you wish to.

Why do I need Door Defense?

Burglars, intruders, people with malicious intent are plenty and out to grab the perfect opportunity to steal from homes and harm any individual that comes in their way. There is a dire need to protect yourself from any outside danger that may be trying to get in. This is where Door Defense comes into action. The device is compatible with all kinds and types of doors and can even hold a flimsy door long enough so you can come up with a plan to supress the assailant or to escape.

The device can guard a door for long enough and since it works on every door, you can totally bunker yourself in if you think there is a treat around. Not only does it protect your homes, but your belongings, yourself, and your family too.

Features of Door Defense

Door Defense boasts a number of features and ways it can stop intruders from getting in.

  1. Wall mounting rack
  2. Lightweight for easy placement
  3. Extremely durable
  4. Made from heavy duty steel
  5. Perfect for doors up to 36 inches in size
  6. Affordable as compared to heavy duty locks
  7. No maintenance required
  8. Free standing device, can be as easily removed as it was placed
  9. Super effective defence system

Pros and Cons


  1. Complete protection and added security
  2. Tough, heavy duty and extremely durable
  3. Affordable security system
  4. Easily placed and removed from doors


  1. Can take a little practice to start using

Where to buy Door Defense and how much is it?

You can easily find and purchase Door Defense on their official website. The pros of buying directly from the merchant site are plenty. You get a legitimate product without any flaws, and you can also avail a tonne of different offers and discounts.

If you shop with us, you can receive additional benefits like,

Buy 2 for $78.99 and get one totally free

You can otherwise purchase,

1 Door Defense Temporary Lock for $42.99 + S/H

2 Door Defense Temporary Locks for $78.99 + free shipping

3 Door Defense Temporary Locks for $107.99 + free shipping

4 Door Defense Temporary Locks for $137.99 + free shipping

5 Door Defense Temporary Locks for $161.99 + free shipping

Final Verdict

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When it comes to protecting your loved ones, yourself, and your home, you can never be too safe. Especially if you live in a crime ridden region, Door Defense will come of use and protect you effectively multiple times. One of the better, more affordable ways to home security, Door Defense is truly one of the most durable and heavy duty locks we have reviewed. Purchase your safety lock today.

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