Dr. Goodrow Review – Automated Indoor Hydroponic Planter

dr. goodrow

Gardening is not an easy task. If you ask experienced folks, you will realize there is a lot that goes into growing fresh produce than just watering the pot once in a while. While growing plants in the absence of soil, also known as hydroponic planting, takes much more effort and know-how to get a substantial harvest.

We have brought something great for amateur gardeners to solve this exact problem. Presenting Dr. Goodrow.

dr goodrow

What is Dr. Goodrow?

Well, obviously it is not a doctor. Dr. Goodrow is a mechanized indoor aero garden that allows you to grow fresh produce without the need of sunlight or soil for that matter. Yes, you heard us right. You do not need any soil or any sunlight to grow fresh produce using Dr. Goodrow.

The mechanized agricultural kit allows you to set the best temperature for your plants to grow and even has WiFi to send you alerts about watering your plants on time. If this is not the future of indoor gardening, we do not know what can be. You can grow from a variety of different produce, veggies, fruits, or herbs, anything you want. It is totally free from GMO’s and pesticides and require almost no maintenance.

Dr. Goodrow

Dr. Goodrow Features

Dr. Goodrow is a reliable garden kit that offers you multiple features that allow you to grow the most amazing produce within your house.

  1. Led light panel: The kit comes with an LED light panel that adjusts accordingly as the plant grows. It is totally automatic and turns on for only 16 hours a day, where the first and final 2 hours of the light are dimmer, mimicking sunrise, and sunset. The 40W panel promotes for optimal growth.
  2. Automatic watering system: You do not even have to water it. Simply make sure the kit container is filled with water and the device automatically releases the water to the plant within certain periods of time.
  3. Nutrient measuring system: It comes with a super accurate measurement system to make sure your plants get enough nutrients.
  4. No soil or sunlight required: The device does not require any soil or sunlight to grow fresh produce. This means you can easily use this indoors, perfect for amateur gardeners.
  5. Zero maintenance: It does not require any maintenance. You only have to manage the usual water replenishing, which the device alerts you of if you might have forgotten.
  6. Hydroponic: It uses hydroponic methods to grow fresh produce. You only require the kit, water, nutrients, and your choice of seeds to grow some amazing plants.
  7. Super easy to use: Since it is totally automated, the device is incredibly easy to use and does not require a lot of work or instructions.
  8. Uses less water: Comparing hydroponic methods and traditional gardening, you can also expect to save a whole lot of water while using Dr. Goodrow.

Pros and Cons


  1. Indoor friendly
  2. Totally automated for the best quality
  3. Water and energy saving
  4. Cost effective
  5. Programmable according to the plant you are growing
  6. Super easy to use


  1. Cannot grow certain plants. (Check the manual for more details)
  2. Works on electricity; any long-term failure and your produce might ruin.
  3. Not durable; you would need to keep it away from children and pets.

Where to buy Dr. Goodrow and how much is it?

You can easily get your very own Dr. Goodrow directly on the merchant website. Buying from them allows you to avail all the incredibly discounts and offers the company provides.

Dr. Goodrow

You can get:

1 Complete Dr. Goodrow Planting Kit for $149.99

2 Complete Dr. Goodrow Planting Kits for $299.99

3 Complete Dr. Goodrow Planting Kits for $336.99

4 Complete Dr. Goodrow Planting Kits for $411.99

Final Verdict

Dr. Goodrow is not just your average planter. It is a fully automated system that works tremendously well to grow produce for you. Since it does not need any soil or sunlight and works hydroponically, you can easily grow produce within the confines of your house. It is perfect for amateur gardeners and can really help them grow some of the best produce in this early stage of their gardening journey. Most of Dr. Goodrow’s processes are automated so essentially you would have to do nothing but make sure the device has everything it needs; rest will be taken care of itself.

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