EchoBeat Reviews 2021 – Is It Worth Buying?

EchoBeat and charging case

I believe music is something everybody should listen to spontaneously. And what do you require to listen to music undisturbed? Yes, exactly, some good earphones. In this changing world, wires have become increasingly obsolete and wireless, or Bluetooth headphones/earphones have taken over the market. Earphones have now become smaller in size, and much better in terms of sound quality. Earbuds are now all the rage since they are extremely portable and easy to use.

Today, we bring to you EchoBeat earphones. The perfect and ultra-affordable wireless earphones you simply must invest in. Their style and functionalities are much akin to a leading brand’s EarPods but without the high-end price tag.

The EchoBeat earphones are of top quality, design, and functionality but at a fraction of the price, you would find earpods at. Some of the better earphones we have tested in a long time, EchoBeat is truly a marvelous product.

What is EchoBeat?

EchoBeat earphones are wireless, Bluetooth enabled earbuds with a battery life of up to 14 hours. They come with the newer Bluetooth 4.2 technology which easily provides a range of around 200 feet.

They also feature portable charging in the dock/storage they come with. Similar in looks and feel to Apple earbuds, they are priced not even nearly as high and are compatible throughout Apple and Android phones.

Wired earphones/headphones are becoming less and less common by the day and more modern, minimalistic, wireless earphones are taking up the market and for good reason. They do not hamper movement or work and are perfect for multitasking without having to deal with stupid wires all the time. No offence to wires.

These earphones have been tested thoroughly and the sound quality they offer are of the utmost quality. The well-made earphones plug into your ear with ease and stay there without falling out.

EchoBeat Features

These earpods/earphones are some of the better ones we have tested and reviewed. At this price most products do not perform as well, but EchoBeat did leave a mark on our sound experts.

EchoBeat Features

✅ Compact and Lightweight

Supreme audio quality

Portable charging

Bluetooth 4.2

Compatible with all Android and Apple devices

14-hour battery life

Who is EchoBeat for?


Anyone and everyone who loves music or podcasts, or watches movies and series on the go, EchoBeat is perfect for them. The impressive 14-hour battery backup, plus the ability to charge using the portable dock makes these earphones incredibly accessible and easy to use. You will never be sans earphones once you invest in EchoBeat.

Professionals who need to be on call for hours on end simply must have EchoBeat. Let me explain why. If you constantly get calls all day, getting your phone to your ear, or using headphones or even wired earphones can be quite bothersome. Well, EchoBeat takes you fully hands-free and removes all the bothersome and tacky wires from the equation.

If you are a regular at a gym, or go running often, wires cause a lot of bother to you, I can bet. Well, EchoBeat will also prove to be your perfect fitness companion. Their ergonomic design makes sure they do not flop out of your ear during your exercise routines.


  1. Long Battery Life
  2. Latest Bluetooth Connectivity
  3. Easy to Use
  4. Portable Charging


  1. Might get lost if kept carelessly
  2. Few pieces left to be sold

How EchoBeat Earbuds Work?

EchoBeat Working

Much like any Bluetooth earphone, EchoBeat earbuds work similarly to any wireless headset you pick up. The first thing you might notice is their resemblance to Apple AirPods. While that is, EchoBeat is cheaper and offer similar quality and durability as their high-end counterpart.

With Bluetooth 4.2 technology, you can easily pair it with your device and start listening to your favourite tunes within seconds and from a distance of up to 200 feet from the paired device.

To make use of EchoBeats, simply-

  1. Charge them fully and take them out of the dock
  2. Fit them snug into your ear
  3. Pair with your device via Bluetooth
  4. Wait until a successful connection is established
  5. And you are good to go! Listen away.

Benefits of EchoBeat

  1. Universal Compatibility: EchoBeats run easily and without any hassle on all iOS and Android phones. We tried using them on PCs as well and the results were beyond expectations. Setting up EchoBeats with any device via Bluetooth is easy as shooting dead fish in a barrel.
  2. Perfect for calls, music, and movies: Not just for music, EchoBeat is perfect for a whole lot of things. You can use it to answer calls and even watch videos and movies on your phone or PC.
  3. Can be used anywhere: The design of the earphones makes it possible to be used anywhere you go and wish to listen to some tunes. In the gym? EchoBeat. Talking to clients? EchoBeat! There are so many uses for these earphones, its wonderful. The design makes them incredibly comfortable.
  4. Brilliant sound quality: Most importantly, EchoBeats display a well-tuned, exceptional sound quality rivalled only by the best earpods in the business.
  5. On-the-go charging: The charging/storage dock can be charged separately and then used as a portable charger for the earbuds wherever you go.
  6. Latest Bluetooth: The device offers the latest in Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth 4.2 with a range of over 200 feet.
  7. Extended battery life: A battery life of over 14-hours makes sure you do not run out of power in the middle of your favourite jam.

Rating EchoBeat (4.9/5)

Ease of Use

EchoBeats are incredibly simple to pair and start using. Much like general wireless earphones, you connect them in a similar way and use them accordingly.


EchoBeats come with Bluetooth 4.2 technology, which is also the latest in its category. It provides uninterrupted performance inside 200 feet of the paired device.


The device is highly compatible through either smartphone operating systems. You can easily connect EchoBeat to either an iOS device or an Android one. You can even connect it to your PC using the same Bluetooth method.

Ergonomics and Durability

Much like AirPods, EchoBeats fit snug into your ear and do not fall out so easily. We tested thoroughly and found out that while running they sometimes come loose. That said, they are well-fitted and pretty durable as well.

Sound Quality

When it comes to earphones, sound quality needs to be of the utmost quality, and EchoBeat delivers. The sound is crisp and clear and even gives steady competition to big names in the market.


There is a tonne of wireless earphones/headphones in the market. Choosing the best ones can be quite a hassle if you do not know what you are looking for. That said, Echo Beat is in direct competition with Apple AirPods and other wireless earphones that match a similar description. EchoBeat though not as pricey as AirPods, can still hold their own when it comes to quality and style.

Where to Buy EchoBeats and How Much Are They?

EchoBeat is easily available on their official website. We highly suggest you do all your purchasing there to make sure you get a quality product and not a cheap knock-off.

We and EchoBeats also provide some helpful discounts for you. If you shop with us using the link below, you can get up to 50% off on your purchase.

A single EchoBeat has an MRP of $197.98, but we provide you one at a reasonable price of $98.94. You can also opt for multiple EchoBeats for your family, where if you buy

2 EchoBeats – for $196.87, you get another EchoBeat free

3 EchoBeats – for $296.82 you get 2 additional EchoBeats free

4 EchoBeats – for $248.84 you get each EchoBeat for a discounted price of simply $62.21

Do not wait longer! Deals are running out and products are flying out of shelves. Shop now!

Final Verdict

EchoBeat Review

Now, when it comes to wireless earphones/headphones/earpods, the primary selling point is the audio quality and battery life, second is build quality, connectivity, and comfort and lastly the design, durability. EchoBeat has left quite the mark of everybody who tested any aspect of the earpod.

The device can be used literally anywhere, given its design, battery efficiency, and comfort, plus the audio quality is one of the best for the price it is available at. A simple, no-brainer, you can easily invest in an EchoBeat and not be disappointed in any way whatsoever.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is EchoBeat?

EchoBeat is a pair of wireless, Bluetootth earpods that look like Apple’s AirPods but are available at a fraction of the price. Our testing concluded that the sound and build quality of the EchoBeats are of the utmost quality coupled with a long-lasting battery life.

EchoBeat is a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that resemble Apple AirPods and, according to the company, provide crystal-clear audio quality and long-lasting battery life.

Can I use EchoBeat with my iPhone?

Yes, you can. EchoBeat is compatible throughout iOS and Android phones and can easily be paired to them using the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology.

How long will the battery last?

The battery lasts around 14-hours of playtime. The portable charging dock can also help if its battery drains out.

How does the portable charging work?

The storage/portable dock EchoBeats come with doubles up as a wireless charger of sorts. It is charged separately and when your earpods are out of battery, you can easily store them in the dock which also charges them on the go.

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