Ecoball Review 2020 – A Much Better Alternative to Regular Detergents

Ecoball Review

Washing clothes is truly a chore. Not to mention the expensive detergents and fabric softeners you end up using. Washing clothes really should not prove to be this difficult and expensive. The worst part is washing clothes without the right detergent can permanently ruin them.

Essentially, you would have to purchase a different detergent for different kinds of clothes. For example, warm clothes need fabric softeners during washing. Without that, they can lint and even tear.

To make your washing life a little easier, we bring to you the Ecoball.

What is Ecoball?

Ecoball, or Eco Wash Ball is a totally viable alternative to generic detergents and softeners. It uses ionic cleaning to penetrate deep into the fibres of the laundry and effectively clean them without fading or damaging them. You need only the Ecoball and do not require fabric softeners and such to get the desired results.

Taking the place of expensive and short-lasting detergents, Ecoball effectively allows you to save money on the long run, as well as get much cleaner clothes on each wash.

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Ecoball Features

Ecoball does not contain any detergent. They work on an ionic cleaning method that is much safer and effective than basic cleaning methods using detergents and such.

  1. No chemicals or detergents: Ecoball does not use any sort of harmful and strong chemical that can damage soft clothes. Detergents do not fare well when it comes to warm winter clothes. Ecoball substitutes fabric softeners as well and can be used to wash warm, woollen clothes as well.
  2. Ionic cleaning: It uses ionic cleaning that effectively rips stains and filth from your clothes within no time. This method is a better alternative than detergent washing since ionic cleaning does not damage or fade clothes in any way, sort, or form.
  3. Eliminates pathogens as well: Ecoball is also good at removing any germs or pathogens that have found their way on your clothes. This can effectively prevent skin allergies and irritation.
  4. Non-damaging: Ecoball ensures it does not damage your clothes during the process of cleaning them. Colour fading is also an issue during detergent washing and Ecoball prevents that as well.
  5. Prevents static electricity: No more dryer sheets, Ecoball also prevents any build-up of static electricity during the clean up process.
  6. Lasts multiple uses: Unlike easily exhausted detergent, Ecoball can last you a long time depending on how much laundry you tend to clean on a weekly basis. Nevertheless, Ecoball will last you way longer than your generic box of washing detergent.

Pros and Cons


  1. Ionic cleaning is more effective and efficient as compared to detergent cleaning
  2. Eliminates pathogens as well
  3. Totally non-damaging
  4. Long lasting
  5. No harmful chemicals needed


  1. Do not lose it

Where to buy Ecoball and how much is it?

You can easily purchase your very own Ecoball directly on their merchant website. It is a good idea to purchase a few at a time so that you are stocked for a few months. Plus, buying from the website allows you to avail a ton of different offers and discount the company offers.


You can get,

1 Ecoball for $36.26

2 Ecoball for $60.52

3 Ecoball for $84.71

5 Ecoball for $133.18

10 Ecoball for $237.28

Final Verdict

Ecoball is an eco-friendly, highly efficient way to clean your laundry. A low-mess, non-damaging, and sanitizing cleaning solution over the generic detergent cleaning that we have gotten used to. Ecoball is easily the better option since neither it damages your clothes, nor does it last only a few runs. Ecoball will keep your washing habits totally easy and effective on your clothes.

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