EcoHeat Review – Heat Your Room In Less Than 10 Mins

You might be forgetting with all this heat that winters are just round the corner and a good heat source is what will need, sooner or later. We love winter here and staying warm is the one thing we actively strive for.

Each year, the cold creeps up during the late months and leave us shivering and unwell. To combat this, we bring to you EcoHeat review – an exceptionally smart device.

A portable heater with an adjustable thermostat means you can be super comfortable in your cozy room reading a book or watching a movie sipping on some warm tea. A tad bit too visual and exciting, isn’t it? Well, let’s get into it and see what EcoHeat is all about.


What is EcoHeat?

EcoHeat is a portable, plug-and-play heater that boasts an adjustable thermostat and an oscillating fan, EcoHeat uses ceramic heating elements to warm up a room with relative ease.

Just as we compare air conditioners based on the speed and efficiency at which they can cool down a room, with heaters, we need to figure out how good it is at keeping a room warm at the same time being energy and cost-effective.

EcoHeat is cylindrical in design and the adjustable thermostat can be used to set desired temperatures and maintain according to need. The heater also boasts 3 different heating speeds and the oscillating fan ensures heat is spread evenly around a maximum of 98 degrees. The portable heating device is made from a quality, high-grade ceramic coupled with smart and stylish design choices. The power of ceramic heating elements with the support of internal fans makes sure the heating is even and highly cost-effective.

EcoHeat Features

EcoHeat Features

✅ Heat-Absorbing Ceramic: The heating module in EcoHeat is made from ceramic which is excellent at absorbing heat and dissipating gained energy evenly and steadily. Conductive ceramic has become increasingly popular as heating elements in heaters due to the efficiency.

✅ Oscillating Fan: All this while the heater comes with oscillating fans that can make heat reach distant corners of the room without much hassle at all. You can even set the direction to make sure you get plenty of heating on a cold winter’s day.

✅ LED Control Panel: The LED control panel on top of the heater is incredibly helpful and lets you effectively set the thermostat, fix the oscillation of the unit, and modify the heat intensity of the heater.

✅ Safety Protection: There are certain elements in place that ensure total safety during use.

✅ Adjustable Heat Levels: You can switch up your heater to either a low heat 600Watt or a high heat 1220 watt.

✅ Heats Up Large Areas: The proximity of this heater is quite large and the ceramic elements make sure heat is spread evenly across the room.

✅ Portable: EcoHeat is actually a mini heater, therefore highly portable.

Energy Saving: EcoHeat uses certain elements in place to make sure the least amount of electricity is used.

How Does EcoHeat Work?

ecoheat review

EcoHeat’s primary selling point is the ceramic heating element working in tandem with the oscillating fans that help with even heating. The adjustable heating levels and fan speeds only add to the customizability of the appliance.

EcoHeat is a mini, portable heating device that can reach high temperatures within a matter of seconds. Making use of the device is super easy due to the simple LED function buttons on the top of the appliance.

Ecoheat Functions

Once you plug in the heater, set your desired temperature and the ceramic heating elements start to heat up in a matter of seconds. The hot air being produced is pushed out by the oscillating fans to achieve a large area heating experience. The fan speed is also adjustable according to your own needs. Sucking in cold air from one side, passing it through the heating element, and blowing it out using the fans, that is how EcoHeat works.

EcoHeat is comprised of three key components, the heating element, the fan, and the control panel. These three features when working in tandem with each other provide an excellent heating experience. All this coupled with the apparent portability of the device as well as the energy efficiency it is known for makes EcoHeatS one of the better mini heaters in the market.



  1. Safe and easy to use
  2. Flexible functions
  3. Portable and compact
  4. Saves energy
  5. Multiple safety checks in place


  1. Can only be bought online

EcoHeat Safety Features

Ecoheat Safety

When using electrical appliances, especially ones related to heating, you simply must inquire about the safety checks in place. You simply have to make sure it is safe to use.

EcoHeat is made from V-0 grade, flame-resistant material, and is also ETL certified. An auto shut-off feature makes sure it is also protected against overheating, and the tip-over protection ensures the appliance does not stay on if it mistakenly falls over.

With these advanced safety measures in place, you can be sure EcoHeat is 100% safe to use.

What Makes EcoHeat Unique?

Ecoheat Air Flow

Since we started testing products, EcoHeat is one of the most energy-friendly appliances we have seen. The smart-looking heater warms up quicker too and provides a very even flow of heat around the room. Basic heaters tend to fail in these regards.

The portable heater is quite compact and can be placed anywhere and moved around houses with relative ease. There are also quite some safety checks in place to make sure using the appliance is a safe affair. The oscillating fans also produce a smooth angle at which it heats the room, creating a cozy and warm feeling throughout.

Is it Safer than Other Portable Heaters?

There are a tonne of different heaters in the market today. Since they are portable in nature, their safety check should be even more rigorous.

EcoHeat is definitely safer than other portable heaters in the market. Its use of ceramic heating elements and the quality materials it is made from assures its users a totally safe experience. It also does not affect the moisture content in the air if you are easily allergic to that kind of stuff.

Benefits of EcoHeat

  1. Maintained and controlled heat using ceramic heating elements: The thermostat can be used to control the heating from the appliance.
  2. Self-regulatory nature of the heater: The heat from the appliance is automatically regulated if you somehow forget to regulate it yourself.
  3. Adjustable/flexible heating and fan levels: It comes with an adjustable fan and heating potentials.
  4. Wide-angle heating: The oscillating fans coupled with the circular design of the heater makes sure heat is distributed along with a wide-angle.
  5. Safe and easy to use: The appliance is incredibly easy and totally safe to use.
  6. Portable and compact: Being a mini heater, EcoHeat is super portable, lightweight, and compact in size. It can easily be placed anywhere and moved around with ease.
  7. Does not dry or humidify the air inside a room: It does not affect the air inside the room, and simply heats the surroundings according to the settings.
  8. Rapid heating due to ceramic heating elements: The ceramic heating elements are quick to heat up and it starts spreading almost instantaneously.

Where to Get EcoHeat and How Much It Costs?

EcoHeat is only available online and best purchased from its official website. Buying from there is suggested and ensures a legitimate product.

EcoHeat costs about $90.

Rating EcoHeat (4.9/5)

Ease of Use

EcoHeat is incredibly easy to use. The simple LED panel on top of the appliance has all the buttons with ample instructions needed to make use of Eco Heat.


There is a tonne of different safety procedures in place to make sure using EcoHeat is a totally safe affair.

Functionality and Features

With the ceramic elements, the oscillating fans, and the LED panel working in tandem with each other, EcoHeat comes out on top when it comes to the effective functionality of a portable heater/appliance.


Well, it is a portable heater so easily ported around rooms without hassle. Its size is compact, therefore it can be installed almost anywhere and carried to different rooms easily.


When it comes to the competition, Eco Heat beats any and all portable heaters by a landslide. There are so many features that Eco Heat offers, from flexible functions and customizable controls. Not only that, but EcoHeat also has a multitude of safety features in place to make sure your experience with it is only pleasurable.

Final Verdict

In an awfully long time have we received a portable heater that we actually still make use of in a few of our homes. EcoHeat is one of a kind portable heater that comes with multiple functionalities and the flexibility of an incredibly high-end product. But no, EcoHeat is affordable and even highly energy efficient. On top of the customizability of the heating experience, the safety procedures in place are sure to impress, if not that, then the design of the appliance is top-notch and its quality unquestioned. A truly viable option to beat the winter cold.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I control the output temperature in EcoHeat?

Yes, you can easily adjust the temperature to which the ceramic plates will heat to. You can even adjust the fan speed.

How portable is it?

The appliance is highly portable and compact in size and design. You can easily carry it between rooms once ample heating is achieved.

Is it safe to leave it on at night?

We would not suggest leaving it on at night. But if you somehow forgot to close it down, there are procedures in place that can shut off the appliance automatically.

Is it Better than other Heaters?

Yes, in a way EcoHeat is much better than its competition in portable heaters. There is a flexibility while using EcoHeat that you do not see with other, similar appliances. At this price point, EcoHeat is easily the best portable heater out there.

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