How to Enable Screen Share on Discord Server – In Just 4 Easy Steps

Discord is one of the best full-featured voice and text chat platform with a metric ton of plugins and other features you could take advantage of. One of those features is a foolproof method to live share your screen. A lot of people looking out for this feature ask, how to enable screen share on discord server?

Discord allows you and up to nine other people on your server to use its in live video calling feature while simultaneously sharing screens.  

The application makes screen sharing incredibly easy and useful, which is also completely free of any charges. If you wish to share your screen or stream video games to a few of your friends, Discord is essentially the best application there is.

Installing and Setting up Discord for Screen Sharing

Downloading and installing Discord is quite straightforward and does not take a lot of effort. Once you have that sorted, make sure you have a microphone installed and ready to go. If you wish to get on a video call with friends, a desk camera is necessary. You could effectively use your phone as a temporary camera for your computer as well. Google “how to use phone as webcam” for more details.

To get started, make sure your mic is on and your video hardware has the potential to share your screen across Discord. Hook up your camera if you need it, and you will be all set to share your screen. Also, Discord’s screen sharing facilities are now not only limited to a computer but also works on mobile as well.

Once you have setup things the right way, you can easily test them by going into discord settings. Click on Voice and Video to bring up a selection screen that allows you to adjust the levels and see if everything is working just fine.

There are a few things you need to make sure of to allow your Discord to function just like you want it to. Make sure your graphics card has enough capacity to play games and stream at the same time, if you plan to do so. Make sure of a stable internet connection. If you are on WiFi, make sure your computer gets consistent signals. You could look into RangeXTD review for a quick fix if your Wifi is not up to the mark.

Once you have these points setup and your peripherals are all working correctly, you will be good to go. Here is how to enable screen share on discord server.

How to enable screen share on discord server?

Let us get into the step-by-step instructions on how to enable screen share on Discord server. Once you have setup everything correctly, you can use the “Go Live” feature to start screen sharing or streaming video games to your friends.

1. Setting up a Discord server

As soon as you have all the hardware and peripherals ready for lift off, you would need to setup a Discord server. Create your account on Discord and log in using the desktop application. Once you have been validated, Discord allows you to create and customize your very first Discord server.

2. Add friends to your Discord

Once you have the server set up, you need to add existing Discord users and invite them to your server. Find your friends on Discord or simply send them an invitation to join your server directly. To find server invite link, click on the server icon and press invite. You will be given a limited-period link which you can forward to your friends. Once your friends have joined the server, you are all set to sharing your screen.

3. Setup a voice channel

You would need to setup a voice channel on your newly made Discord channel. Simply add a channel and name it accordingly and ask your friends to join. Once done, you will be able to chat with your friends in real time. Now, you can go ahead and share your screen.

4. Go live (Start Screen Sharing)

Once you have setup everything and understood how to enable screen share on Discord server, Use the Go Live feature on the bottom left corner of your screen to start sharing your screen. On the pop-up window, select an individual application window to share, or your entire screen. Press Go Live when you are ready to stream/share your screen.

Well, that is all you need to know about how to enable screen share on discord server.

If you wish to join and watch someone else’s Go Live stream, make sure you get the permission to watch and join their voice channel. As soon as you do their shared screen will be displayed on the right side of your screen where you can adjust its size and volume. If you are on mobile, you can view streams you are invited to, however, you cannot start sharing your own screen on the mobile version of Discord.

Adjusting and Testing Video Settings

Making sure your Discord screen sharing works smoothly can be made easier by going into video settings and tinkering with a few settings.

To adjust and test your video settings,

  1. Navigate to the settings page and click on the “gear” icon beside your username.
  2. This redirects you to “Application Settings”.
  3. Select “Voice and Video” on the left panel.
  4. Go to “Video Settings” and select the video camera you use.
  5. On the right side, click on the “Test Video” to give screen sharing a trial run and make sure everything is working well.

You can also adjust the stream settings once you have started to share your screen. Reducing quality and FPS settings can help reduce lag and pressure on your hardware. If you are working on a slower system, it is advised to use lower settings for a better experience.

Discord Screen Share Features

Once you have started to share your screen, there are several features you can take advantage of to totally customize the session according to your requirements.

  1. Expand Down Arrow: On the far-left side of the screen you will notice an icon pointing downwards. Click on it and Discord will expand your video screen to the maximum height you have set for windows on your Discord settings.
  2. Swapping from video to screen share: The icons on the bottom of the screen allow you the option to swap between video calling and enabling screen share. You can switch between the two at any time between the session and have the ability to choose when window is being shared to your channel.
  3. Mute toggle: Obviously, you get to mute and unmute yourself using this button that looks like a microphone.
  4. Full screen: Click on the full-screen icon to fully expand the screen. Press ESC key to go back to normal.

Go Live – Permissions (Screen Share Permissions)

If you are a server owner or administrator, you can edit permissions on the server and allow, or disallow certain members joining or contributing to your stream. Post understanding how to enable screen share on Discord server, you can start with adding permissions and plugins on your channel to further customize the experience.


  1. Customize the permissions on the channel level by right-clicking on your voice channel.
  2. Select “edit channel” and “permissions” under it.
  3. You can now add a Role for a member by pressing the “+” symbol and selecting the right person for the job.
  4. Scroll down as far as you can and hit “Go Live” to start sharing your screen with some permissions and regulations on-board.


And that is it! This is how you can enable screen share on Discord server. Once you setup things the right way, you will realize how easy sharing your screen or streaming on Discord really is. The one thing you would need, especially to stream a game, is to get a competent graphics card that allows you to play while simultaneously stream on Discord.

How to view screen share on discord mobile?

If you are on a mobile device and wish to view someone’s stream or screen sharing, you only need to download the application from your respective app store and login to your Discord ID. Once you open it and get the invite to join a channel, simply join the channel and you will be able to view the screen share or stream.

Discord screen share no audio?

While sharing your screen, if you want to share audio as well, make sure you have a working microphone with you. If the no audio issue persists, simply go to settings and select “Voice and Video”. Under voice settings, check if the input tab lists your microphone and is using it. Check input volumes and increase if necessary. Finally, check if the input is listed as “push to talk” or “open mic”. Make changes accordingly.

Is Discord screen sharing safe?

Yes, like most applications that allow you to screen share, Discord is also highly safe to use and complete with end to end encryptions to keep you and your privacy in safe hands. You can check above to learn how to enable screen share on Discord server.

Can you screen record with Discord?

With all the many features on Discord, unfortunately, screen record is not part of that. If you wish to record your screen, you might have to look for another software that allow you to do so.

Can you screen share with Discord mobile?

Yes, yes you can now! Earlier, screen sharing feature was only available on computers, however, in a very latest patch, Discord mobile application now also has the capacity to screen share.

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