EqualPlus Review 2021 – Adjustable Glasses for a Clear Viewing Experience

EqualPlus Review

Several people have to face issues on a daily basis due to weak eyesight. It could be severe or minor, but a proper clear view is simply beyond them. Vision impairment can effectively render you functionless if by chance you do not have correction glasses. On top of that, a lot of folks must carry more than one glasses since their eyesight is simply that poor.

Most of us visually challenged people are either shortsighted or farsighted, however, there are people, especially older folks who have to face both these issues and require two, even three different glasses for different situations.

For this purpose, we bring to you EqualPlus.

What is EqualPlus?

EqualPlus are multiuse, adjustable glasses that allow you to modify your vision according to the given situation. If you have terrible eyesight both at range and in proximity, with EqualPlus you do not need to carry multiple glasses with you. This single pair provides you with the functions of essentially two pairs of eyeglasses.

Incredibly lightweight and durable, EqualPlus are made to be comfortable and use innovative methods to allow for a perfect view, both at range and proximity. With dual dials on either side of the lens, EqualPlus allows for easy adjusting as well.


EqualPlus Features

If you are fed up with carrying two different glasses to curb with your poor eyesight, EqualPlus is here to help you reduce the effort and provide an effective way to improve your eyesight on the go.

  1. Multipurpose eyeglasses: A lot of people need multiple eyeglasses for different functions. EqualPlus beats this need and provides all functions with a single pair of eyeglasses. No need for multiple glasses.
  2. Precise: If you have not previously used adjustable glasses, EqualPlus is the best place to start. It provides maximum clarity and allows for a precise viewing experience.
  3. Adjustable frame: EqualPlus come with dual dials on either side of the glasses that allow the user to adjust the lens in accordance with the concurrent requirements.
  4. Adjustable lens: Adjusting the focal length of the lenses allows you to instantly switch between far view clarity to close view clarity and obviously, vice-versa.
  5. Lightweight: EqualPlus glasses are made to be incredibly lightweight. They do not cause problems like a heavy pair of glasses do. Especially, glasses with differentiable lenses can get heavy and difficult to wear for extended periods of time. However, EqualPLus allows for long wear-times without feeling any fatigue.
  6. Durable: Made with premium materials, EqualPlus glasses are exceptionally durable. Both the lens and the frame can last you a long time if you simply good care of them, like you would your normal glasses.
  7. Scratch resistant: The lenses are covered with a layer of anti-fog and scratch-free material that allows for a much durable product.
  8. Affordable: As you know, glasses can get incredibly expensive. Especially one that comes with multiple lenses and such high durability and adjustability. Well, EqualPlus is not one of those products that charge you extra for all these functional features. They are well-priced and prove to be a worthy investment.

Pros and Cons


  1. Precise
  2. Adjustable lens and frame
  3. Lightweight and durable
  4. Scratch and impact resistant
  5. Anti-fog layer
  6. Easy to use
  7. Affordable


  1. Could take some messing around with to find the precise viewing experience

Where to buy EqualPlus and how much are they?

You can easily get your very own EqualPlus directly from their merchant website. Buying from them allows you to avail all the discounts and offers made available by the manufacturer.


You can get,

1 EqualPlus for $59.99

2 EqualPlus for $89.99

3 EqualPlus for $109.99

4 EqualPlus for $129.99

Final Verdict

Carrying and switching between multiple glasses throughout the day could easily get bothersome. There are better ways you can get by, and EqualPlus allows you a better, easier path towards visual bliss. People who have terrible eyesight, both at range and up close, generally use bifocal lenses, or even varifocal lenses to make their lives easier. However, these multi-focal glasses simply cannot stand up against the adjustability and features of EqualPlus. If you are looking for an easier way to help your poor eyesight without carrying one too many glasses, EqualPlus is the way to go.

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