Family Guard Pro Review 2021 – The Actual Best Home Security System.

Family Guard Pro Review

You know the primary issue that comes up when you are going on a long vacation and have no one to watch over your house. The same issue is with people leaving their pets home alone for the entire day. Keeping an eye on your kids is also a sort of problem when you are not home. You see the point we are trying to make. 

You could totally use something like Family Guard Pro to overcome any obstacle for you to leave the house.

What is Family Guard Pro?

Family Guard Pro is a high-definition camera that is capable of capturing quality videos allowing you to have a watchful eye inside your home at all times. It is also equipped with night vision and provides video quality to up to 1920x1080p. It provides a 360-degree view of the entire area and works with the free to use Family Guard Pro application available on your respective app store. 

Simply connect Family Guard Pro to a monitor situation to record all happenings. Or use the app for a live feed of say, your living room. The application also allows you to download the footage on your smartphone. 

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Family Guard Pro Features

An indoor security system that is built to ensure you have proper sight of everything inside your home. You could potentially use it to monitor your children or your pets when you are out and about making a living.

  1. Livestream: You get the ability to livestream whatever is happening inside your home. Be it a burglary, or simply being used to monitor your children or your pets, or you husband for that matter.
  2. Two-way audio: You also get the ability to communicate back to the setup. Potentially, you could tell your husband to stop eating cookies after you catch him red handed. 
  3. Remote pan and tilt: The 360-degree rotate allows you full view of the room the device is kept in. Not only does it rotate but also can tilt up and down.
  4. Night vision: No matter if the lights are turned off. You can still view everything as clear as the day with its night vision capabilities.
  5. Motion detection: If you are out on vacation, you definitely would need something that would keep out the burglars. Family Guard Pro also comes with a motion detection service. When turned on, it alerts you on your smartphone and sounds an alarm whenever it detects a breach.
  6. 1080p recordings: The high quality camera provides crisp and clear images of whatever the device sees.
  7. Looks great: It goes great with the decor. 

Technical Specifications of Family Guard Pro

  1. Wireless 360° Cam
  2. Viewing angle – 78°
  3. 1/2.8″ SONY CMOS sensor with IR Cut filter
  4. MTV mount
  5. 1920×1080 resolution
  6. Compatibility –  iPhone, iPad, Android
  7. Day/Night – Auto / Color / B&W

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to set up
  2. Live preview
  3. Two way audio
  4. Remotely control camera
  5. Night vision
  6. Motion detection
  7. High definition video


  1. Not very durable; make sure it is placed beyond reach to avoid it falling

Where to buy Family Guard Pro and how much is it?

You can easily find yourself a Family Guard Pro package directly on the merchant website. Buying from them allows you to avail all the plenty discounts and offers the company provides.

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You can get,

1 Family Guard Pro for $79.49

2 Family Guard Pro for $145.99

3 Family Guard Pro for $198.99

4 Family Guard Pro for $254.99

5 Family Guard Pro for $298.99

Final Verdict

When it comes to home security systems, they are either really expensive or do not provide an ounce of quality. They often lack basic requirements like a good camera, or allowing you access to the feed. Well, this is why we bring Family Guard Pro to your notice. It is an incredible device that allows you a perfect view of the inside of your home. It is an invaluable tool that can not only protect your home but also allows you to keep a check on your children or even pets. 10/10 must buy; great features.

Customer Reviews

Reid Cortez

“This camera is very compact and has such good quality, especially for its price. The footage is always clear, even where there is no movement.Motion detection works really well! One of its features that really amazes me is the remote pan and tilt. I can get a full scope view and not miss a single thing.”

Jayden Hart

“After a month of using this device, I had to come back and leave a review here, it may help someone.Pros:
The instructions manual was so detailed that setting it up took 5 minutes at most. The camera is well-built, good-looking, and small in size which is perfect! The image is crisp and clear, you can see every little detail, even at night. The night vision works perfectly. The wide-angle lens, captures everything, even the corners.”

Teddie Kaufman

“I have plenty valuable things at my own house and most of the time I couldn’t leave my house alone because of that. I missed so many of my friends birthdays and celebrations for various occasions.My friends had enough of this and decided to get me this device. They all chipped in and got one for me, and told me to try it.After using it the first time, I was so impressed by it. It completely captures the whole room.. After a week of it, I just had to get some more, so I got 5 of these.My house has never been more secure! I can go miles away and still be able to check my house thanks to the livestream feature. Highly recommended!”

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Will it work with my Android smartphone?

Yes, Family Guard Pro is totally compatible with Android phones. SImply find the Family Guard Pro App on Google Play Store. Install it and pair with your device. Simple as that.

Can it still live stream even when I’m traveling?

Yes, wherever you are in the world, if the device sitting in your home has an active internet connection, and your smartphone has one too, you can view a livestream of your living area without any issue.

Can it capture 360 footage?

Yes, it has the ability to capture a full 360-degree view of its surroundings. It can also tilt up and down over an angle of 78-degrees.

Olliver is an interior designer by degree, and a writer by choice. Mixing the two, he has been key in selecting the right products for testing and reviewing.

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