FIXD Review 2021 – Does This Car Health Monitor Works?

FIXD review

You know how you feel when you see your engine light on. You start preparing for a trip to the mechanic. You start contemplating what could be wrong and how much it is going to cost. And for those in-house mechanics, who like to fix up their own cars, finding out what is wrong is not so difficult, but what if we told you it could be a lot easier.

We bring to you FIXD, a small sensor that can provide you with all the information you need on the current performance of your car, where it lacks, and what will happen if you continue to drive without fixing the apparent issues.

What is FIXD?

The FIXD package consists of a small sensor and the application that goes with it. The FIXD sensor is to be plugged in your car’s OBD 2 (On-Board Diagnostics) port and paired to the application on your phone using Bluetooth.

The sensor evaluates the performance and problems with your car and notifies you on your phone. This could save you a lot of time at the mechanic and have you understand the extent of the issues prior to even going there. This could prove to be especially helpful to in-house mechanics who tend to fix their own cars.

Though the check engine light could mean a lot of things and is generally vague at letting you in on the issues with your car, FIXD can help narrow it down. The sensor, after hooking onto the OBD 2 port will start relaying information about what is wrong with your car. This is extremely helpful in cases where you like to fix your own car, and even for mechanics to start working at the base of the problem instead of figuring it out first.

The application goes hand in hand with the device itself. After pairing it with your phone, the app readily relays information about any problem that might be plaguing your car. It notifies you about where exactly the problem lies, how severe it is, and what will happen if you do not fix it or visit a mechanic soon.

FIXD Diagnostic Sensor Features

FIXD Diagnostic Sensor review

Continuous Monitoring and Diagnostics: FIXD allows your car to be diagnosed constantly for any underlying issues and such. In case of any disparities with functionality, FIXD lets you know before even your check engine light goes on. It sends notifications automatically after detection and effectively never runs out of power since it runs on the car’s battery.

Multi-Vehicle Control: You can easily use a single FIXD app to diagnose more than a single car. It makes it possible for you to check up on the health of several cars without losing data on any of them. This means you can start diagnosing all the cars in your family or if you are a mechanic, hook it up to your customer’s cars to find out exactly what is wrong without spending hours on them trying to find the cause.

Vehicle History Report: The app can store all the information about the health and functionality of your car, which makes fixing issues later a much easier affair. The history of mishaps and diagnostic information can come in handy to identify the possible cause of a breakdown later and keep them for review.

Mileage Detection: FIXD app enables a user to determine the mileage of your vehicle with absolute precision. An algorithm that runs within the FIXD app not only informs you of the health of your car but also keeps you updated on the next service that needs to be performed.

Maintenance Reminders: FIXD also notifies you on the next upcoming maintenance run your car needs. Doing these maintenance runs on time and efficiently can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Why Use FIXD?

Why use FIXD?

When you find that dreaded engine light on, you start preparing for a visit to the mechanic for a full body check-up. Though it is the sensible thing to do, and of course you should go ahead with it, we might have a better option here.

FIXD is an alternative to that shop visit. The diagnostic sensor has the ability to perform a quick scan on your car to figure out the exact reason why your engine light might be on. The scan takes mere minutes to finish and relay the information to your phone, in which case you can start preparing to have it fix, or try and fix it yourself, given you know the inner workings of a car.

The device is accurate and tells you exactly what might need changing or fixing for your car to function at its maximum capacity.

What is the OBD-2 Port?

OBD-2 Port in cars

Underneath your dashboard, in most cars manufactured after 1996, you can find what is called the OBD-2 port. It simply enables computerized troubleshooting and allows access to the diagnostics data in a vehicle.

This report can then be sent to the user’s phone after the sensor is attached to the car and paired with their phone. This means they can either start working on the issue themselves if they have ample knowledge of how a car ticks or show them to the mechanic who can then start fixing the problem right from its roots.

The port is located under the driver side dash and has a hard to miss 16 pin port in the shape of a rectangle.

How Does FIXD Work?

FIXD effectively turns your normal car into a smart car with not much of an investment. FIXD lets you troubleshoot your car and notifies you of any upcoming problems which technically negates the use of a professional to do so.

The device itself is extremely easy to use and requires almost zero actual knowledge of the inner workings of a car. If you are a professional in the matter and plan to use the diagnostic data to fix your car yourself, FIXD will be the perfect companion to help you with it.

The application is easy to use and handle. It not only notifies you about imminent threats to the functionality of your car but also saves this data as reference points for later use. The corresponding app is available for Android and iPhones users.

You only need to plug the FIXD sensor into the OBD-2 port of your car and pair it with the app on your phone using Bluetooth, and that is all. After that moment, the sensor and the app will conjoin and work effectively to let you know about all the issues plaguing your car, plus so much more.

The sensor runs on the car’s battery, so there is no need to power it externally. The sensor and the app keep in constant contact as well, as long as you have your Bluetooth switched on, which is highly recommended when you are in the car.

How To Use FIXD?

Using FIXD is made to be straightforward. To use FIXD, simply –

FIXD plug into car

Plug FIXD Into Car Port

connect FIXD to mobile

Sync FIXD With Phone

How to use FIXD- Step 3

FIXD Does The Rest

  1. Insert FIXD into the OBD-2 port under the driver side dash
  2. Pair and sync FIXD with your phone using Bluetooth
  3. Let FIXD monitor and diagnose your car performance
  4. Check the data on your phone to get a detailed study on the performance of your car


The company developed native apps for Android and iOS. So you can download and install the app either on your smartphone or your tablet.

FIXD App screeshots

FIXD Pros and Cons

  • Affordable diagnostics
  • Saves time
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly application
  • The sensor can detect over 6,800 different problems
  • Easy to install
  • Works using car battey
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Works with most cars built 1996 and forward
  • Doesn’t work with diesel or all-electric cars.
  • Doesn’t work with cars made before 1996
  • Works only for the check engine indicator and won’t diagnose other light indicators such as ABS, TPMS, stability control, transmission cooling, or airbag.
  • Network connection problems and errors can be experienced

Why Every Driver Should Own a FIXD Sensor?

If you are a vehicle owner and wish to make sure that you do not spend excessive money on taking it to the shop for repairing and such, FIXD can be really helpful. Given your car’s manufacture date is after 1996, FIXD can easily work with your vehicle and provide you quite the useful information about the workings of it.

The device easily plugs into the OBD-II port on your car. If you do not know where the port is, simply look under the driver-side dash. A 16 pin port is present, your vehicle can even have more than one OBD-II port. Connect FIXD to either of these, pair with your phone and you are set. You will receive timely alerts about your vehicle in case there is something wrong with it.

FIXD is also incredibly helpful if you plan to go on a long car trip. Figuring out the issues with your vehicle prior to them rendering it undrivable is quite the advantage. If you wish to, you can even try and learn the basics of fixing minor issues with your car. This allows you to be ready if and when your car breaks down. Using information from FIXD, you can easily figure out where the problem is and how to fix it.

A perfect device for people who not only wish to save money, but also keep a close check on the workings of their vehicle.

FIXD Review & Rating (4.8/5)

  1. Usage: FIXD is a great handyman’s tool. It can help you with a lot of things with respect to your car and its functionality. The overall usage is straightforward and does not require a lot of knowledge about cars to make use of the device.
  2. Ease of use: Simple to use and start diagnosing your car with, FIXD is effective at learning the defects in your car and letting you know about them beforehand.
  3. Connectivity: You can easily connect FIXD to your phone using Bluetooth. Though the connection speed might sometimes act up and be slow, overall, it functions well enough. You also get the ability to connect multiple FIXD sensors attached to different cars to a single application.
  4. Accuracy: The readings FIXD shows are incredibly accurate as it feeds into the OBD-2 port. The port, the device itself, and the application work in accordance to each other to provide the user with ample and exact information about the details regarding the functioning of their car.
  5. Portability: The device is small and can even be kept in your pocket. This makes it easy to move the device between cars if you wish to use it with another one.
  6. Application design: The application the comes with the device is useful and has a very user-friendly UI. There is no hassle you go through while connecting the device to this application. Plus, it also saves previous breakdown and maintenance information about your car as reference points for later.
  7. Competition: There are a few devices like FIXD, that help you with your car maintenance. You could also opt for simply taking your car to the mechanic which might cost you a huge sum to get it checked, and even more to get the issues fixed. But simply, that is what we are trying to avoid. FIXD is a much better alternative to taking your car into the shop for diagnosing and a much better device to the alternative sensors available in the market.

FIXD User Reviews


Where To Buy FIXD and How Much Is It?

FIXD Prices

FIXD is easily available on its official website totally risk-free. Each of the devices come with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Additionally, buying with us grants you more offers and discounts. A single FIXD device will cost you $59.99 + shipping and handling.

But if you wish to purchase 2 FIXD devices, buying one will grant you a 50% off on the other FIXD device and free shipping. Additionally, buying 2 FIXDs will give you another one, absolutely free of cost, saving you over $40 on your purchase.

FIXD Competition

FIXD is easily one of the most popular diagnostics tool that people tend to use. However, there are plenty more like it in the market as well. FIXD is just one of them, but also one of the best. That explains why it is used to heavily. We at ViralTech have already tested and reviewed multiple products that provide similar features.

SmartCar Diagnostics, Automend Pro, and BlueDriver are some of the OBD-II diagnostic tools that are widely used by consumers. When it comes to us suggesting the best one, FIXD is easily top of the line. BlueDriver is also relevant, but simply cannot provide that much information as say OBDLink can.

There are tons of different devices to choose from that give you a lot of freedom when it comes to diagnosing and repairing your car. However, only a few actually can provide proper instructions on how to fix a specific fault in your car. For DIY enthusiasts, FIXD and OBDLink are the best scan tools you could invest in. Not only do they provide information about your car proactively, but they can also give you insight on how to fix them without the need for a mechanic.

Final Verdict

FIXD proves incredibly handy when it comes to diagnosing your car of any issues and such. The data FIXD reads from your car can effectively be used either by yourself, or a professional mechanic to get the proper maintenance in. The scanner onboard the FIXD is accurate and the readings efficiently relayed and stored within its corresponding application.

We highly recommend FIXD if you own a car, especially if you have issues with it breaking down a lot. The scanner is efficient in keeping you up to date on the potential maintenance threats to your car.

Not only that, but it can also help you store this data and use it as a reference point the next time you get to fixing your ride. The information provided by FIXD is reliable and accurate. With it, you can easily get to the bottom of the issue when that vague check engine light is on. In but a few minutes, you can have all the information you would need to start fixing your car without having to constantly go into the shop for diagnostics which costs huge chunks of money.

FIXD FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How is FIXD Diagnostics Device?

We did our own testing and research, plus we asked a few professional mechanics to do the same. According to them, when the check engine light is on, it could be due to a variety of issues. With FIXD they were able to find the problem without digging deep into the workings of a broken-down car. So, yes, FIXD works well enough for professionals to give it a thumbs up.

2. Where is the OBD-2 port in my car?

The OBD-2, sometimes OBD-II port, is right below the driver side dashboard on your car. It is a rectangular 16 pin plug that is hard to miss when you are looking in the right spot.

3. Do I disconnect FIXD from my car when it is not in use?

There is not really a need to disconnect FIXD from your daily use car. However, to be on the safer side, if you plan to not drive it for an extended period, you might as well disconnect FIXD to make sure it accidently does not drain your battery.

4. Does FIXD come with a warranty?

Yes, FIXD comes with a 1-year warranty and even a 30-day money back guarantee in case you do not find the product satisfying.

5. Do I have to charge FIXD?

No, you do not have to change FIXD. It runs on your car’s battery, therefore has no need for batteries, or otherwise.

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