HealthFit Pro Review 2021 – A Brand New in Fitness Trackers

HealthFit Pro Review

While looking for fitness trackers and smartwatches, most people tend to meet in the middle ground and get a smartwatch with minimum capabilities of a fitness tracker. However, now you are able to get a fitness tracker with plenty features of a smartwatch too.

Devices that are a mix of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker, while resembling a fitness tracker more in terms of features, can be incredibly expensive to purchase. We, however, have found the perfect product for you. The HealthFit Pro.

What is HealthFit Pro?

HealthFit Pro is in a new age of fitness trackers that compete directly with posh smartwatches. With plenty features, the device is also affordable. HealthFit Pro is easily one of the better fitness trackers out in the market.

The device lets you measure blood pressure, heart rate, calories burnt, steps taken and is also compatible with both Android and iOS phones. If you wish to make your life that much easier and be able to pursue your physical fitness goals, we suggest you look into HealthFit Pro and its benefits.

HealthFit Smart Watch review

HealthFit Pro Features

Bordering on smartwatch and fitness tracker, HealthFit Pro is built incredibly durable. Its other features include,

  1. Monitors vitals and physical activity: The device effectively monitors your vitals such as blood pressure and heart rate in real time. It also tracks a whole bunch of physical activities as well.
  2. Manages notifications: You also get to use it as a part smartwatch. It easily lets you manage any incoming notifications, messages, and calls.
  3. Tracks steps, calories, sleep patterns and distance covered: It tracks how many steps you took, maintains a check on calorie intake and calories burnt, sleep patterns and has an in-built GPS to check distance covered.
  4. IP67 rating: It is rated IP67 and is totally waterproof to a certain depth.
  5. Ability to switch music: You can even control your music output using the watch.
  6. Compatible with iOS and Android: It is compatible with both iOS and Android users.
  7. Lightweight and durable: The fitness tracker is incredibly lightweight and does not cause any hassle. It is also really durable, we tested.
  8. Health app: The device comes with an application you can install to your phone that provides you with alerts, gives you data on your physical condition and acts basically as a middleman between you and your fitness tracker. In case you lose your phone, it can even work as a find my phone device.

Pros and Cons


  1. Lightweight
  2. Durable
  3. Multi-featured
  4. IP67 rating
  5. Notification alerts


  1. Battery life could have been better

Where to buy HealthFit Pro and how much is it?

You can easily get your very own HealthFit Pro directly from the manufacturer’s official website. They are also known to offer incredible deals and discounts for first-time users so be on the look out for that.

You can get,

1 HealthFit Pro at $88.86, retailing at $177.70

2 HealthFit Pro at $176.70 and get 1 free

3 HealthFit Pro at $266.56 and get 2 free

Additionally, you can ask for a 3-year extended warranty for $13.98

Final Verdict

So, fitness trackers can get really expensive as you add more features to it. Heavy, feature-rich fitness trackers can fetch more than $200 on a tough day. Well, HealthFit Pro is also around a similar price range, but it offers much more than what a basic, low grade, high-feature fitness tracker can fetch. It is easily one of the more viable devices we have tested and reviewed.

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