HealthWatch Review 2021 – A Super Functional, Trendy Fitness Tracker

HealthWatch Review

Fitness trackers are quite the useful devices, especially for city folk who do not get a whole bunch of physical activity. If you are a sport junkie, chances are you already have a fitness tracker. They are incredible devices that can track a number of things and help you monitor your health and progress.

Now, there are a lot of different fitness trackers in the market. Budget trackers that track a few things that are useful if you are a regular to a gym. There are trackers that focus on particular activities as well. For example, a tracker can even note your lap time while running which you can use as reference.

This is why we bring to you the quintessential in fitness trackers, a device that breaks all bounds and provides a tonne of features. The HealthWatch.

What is HealthWatch?

HealthWatch is a fitness tracker made from premium components that can provide you all you need to know to progress towards your fitness goals. Unlike other basic fitness trackers, HealthWatch prefers to be multifunctional without having to be bank breaking to purchase.

The watch lets you monitor heart rate, blood pressure in real-time, daily vitals, steps taken, calorie intake, sleep cycles and so much more.

It can be considered as a mix between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker with abilities more leaned towards fitness trackers. It is incredibly stylish can be worn on any occasion whatsoever.

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Features of HealthWatch

A one-of-a-kind fitness tracker, HealthWatch is being applauded on being so versatile and multifunctional.

  1. Quality components: Since fitness trackers are all about sensors and whatnot, it is necessary for a fitness tracker to have a quality set of components. HealthWatch provides.
  2. Durable: The watch is also much more durable than most of its kind. Surprisingly durable.
  3. Heart rate monitor: It features a heart rate monitor to check for any irregularities on the go.
  4. Blood pressure monitor: You also get to monitor your blood pressure in case you might be feeling a little off.
  5. Sleep monitor: Sleep monitoring is good to make sure you are getting plenty sleep throughout the night.
  6. Multisport mode: If you play a particular sport, this watch can help you monitor your progress pretty easily. Running, cycling, swimming, playing basketball, football, and badminton are all compatible with the tracker.
  7. Notification alert: Since it works also as a smartwatch, you can get easy notification alerts for calls and messages from your paired phone.
  8. Compatibility: It works seamlessly with both Android and iOS.
  9. Measures distance: It has an in-built GPS that accurately measures distance.
HealthWatch Function

Pros and Cons


  1. Trendy
  2. Durable
  3. Multifunctional
  4. Supports certain sports as well
  5. Notification alert
  6. Quality build


  1. Battery is not as exciting. Since it is part smartwatch, it takes a lot of power to run.

Where to buy HealthWatch and how much is it?

HealthWatch is easily found at their official merchant website. Buying from them, if you are a first-time user, can land you amazing deals and discounts they have in store for you. The payment gateway is also secure to get your purchase going.

You can get,

1 HealthWatch at $88.99

2 HealthWatch at $138.98

4 HealthWatch at $218.96

Additional offers include,

Buy 2 HealthWatch at $176.96, and get 1 free

Buy 3 HealthWatch at $266.95, and get 2 free

Final Verdict

When it comes to fitness trackers, we get a lot of products to review. By now, we are proficient enough to tell which fitness tracker cannot possibly make the cut. However, this time with the HealthWatch, we were genuinely stunned. This device is easily one of the better fitness trackers out there. The functions it provides are plenty, coupled with such stylish looks, HealthWatch is easily a must-have for fitness nuts.

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