12 Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android [Free & Paid]

12 Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android [Free & Paid]

When it comes to spy apps for Android, there are plenty to choose from. However, there are also plenty of them out there that do not provide a service potent enough for you to make use of. 

Fear not! We are here to list down some of the best hidden spy apps for Android with a full list of their features and abilities. 

It is a useful application, especially if you have children to make sure you know of their whereabouts any time you want. If the application itself is undetectable, you can be sure you are being a step ahead of your kids.

Here are the best hidden spy apps for Android that every parent should know about.

Top 13 Hidden Spy Apps for Android [Undetectable]

1. The WiSpy

WiSpy is an undetectable spy app for Android that offers multiple features, including plenty of spying features. The app is free to use, but also has a paid version with more benefits and features than the free version. Even the paid version of this app is quite affordable. The app itself is highly flexible and can be used to monitor contacts, call recordings, and even call logs. Text messages and GPS tracking are also available with the WiSpy App. 

The app is incredibly easy to use and does not require a mastermind to make use of it. Its long list of features makes it one of the best in the market.

TheWiSpy spy app for android

WiSpy Primary Features

  1. Read text messages and voice messages
  2. Track call history and check call logs 
  3. Location history
  4. Remotely take control of device
  5. Monitor installed applications
  6. Listen to audio using spy microphone

What can WiSpy Do?

  • Track Call History: With call Tracker, view every little detail of incoming and outgoing call logs.
  • Hack Phone Contacts: See who contacts your teens. Find out suspicious contacts list from phone book logs.
  • Spy Text Messages: Explore what are your kids and employees up to by reading their SMS chats.
  • GPS Location Tracking: Actively track your kid’s current geographical location. Monitor location history.
  • Surround Recording: Spy microphone remotely and Listen to surround conversation.
  • Monitor Saved Photos: Check out photos, videos, and other multimedia files.
  • Remote Access to Target Phone: Remotely track your kid’s digital activities without physical access to the phone.
  • App Monitoring: Monitor installed apps names, details and track app activities.
  • Wi-Fi Logs: Monitor Wi-Fi logs concerning the date, time, and address stamps.
  • Photo Capturing Spy: Remotely capture photos and snaps of your target device front/back camera.
  • Monitor Calendar Dates: Discover your teens calendar activities, planned events and schedules.
  • 24/7 Instant Alerts: Receive notification and updates on digital activities of your target phone.
  • Memos Reminder: Check the date & time stamps of notes, memos, and reminders instantly.
  • Video Recording: Watch all the videos saved in your target Android device.
  • Voice Message Recording: Record and listen to the voice notes, music on target device.

WiSpy Prices

Free Trial: $0/month
Promotional Version: $10/month
Starter Version: $9.99 / 15days
Basic Version: $29.99/month 
Pro Version: $39.99/month 

Pros and Cons

2. XnSpy

Another easy-to-use application for spying purposes, XnSpy is one of the most functional ones in the market. Using XnSpy, you can remotely track and monitor the target Android device. On top of luxury features only seen in expensive tracker apps, XnSpy is quite affordable as well. 

xnspy spy app for android

XnSpy Features

  1. Call Recording
  2. SMS and IMs Spying
  3. Call Logs Monitoring
  4. GPS Tracker
  5. Social Media Spying
  6. App Blocking

What can XnSpy do?

  • Hone calls & contacts: XnSpy is the easiest to use and the safest mobile application that allows you to monitor phone calls and contacts on target device, be it a phone or a tablet. The application allows you total access to target phone’s call log so you can see who has your child been talking to.
  • SMS & IM chats: You can even read messages, SMS, iMessages and even chats on other applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and even Skype. Shared multimedia can also be tracked using XnSpy.
  • GPS location: If you want to keep tabs on where your child, or employee are moving, XnSpy allows you to remotely check that too. Even location history is available to you with XnSpy’s powerful mobile monitoring feature.
  • Emails & online activities: When it comes to emails and online activities, you can correctly track those too using XnSpy and check which sites did they visit.
  • Record phone calls & surroundings: With its active recording feature, not only do you get to hear their phone calls, but you can also listen to their surroundings whenever you want.
  • Multimedia files & appointments: You can even keep a close eye on the multimedia stored on the target device, and even the appointments they have saved and scheduled.
  • 24/7 Instant alerts: You can set alert on specific words being used on target device’s messages, online searches, phonebook, and even locations. This will allow you to actively protect your child from online and real world abuse.
  • Remotely control a cell phone: You can also easily remotely connect to the target device, taking control and giving the device certain commands and even adjust some features.
  • XnSpy analytics: Using the in-built analytical system, you can view their top 5 callers, top 10 websites visited, and even a punch card for the number of calls made on a certain hour and day of a week.
  • WI-FI network logs: You even receive logs of WiFi networks connected to the device, with the date, time and address stamp on it.
  • Keylogger: You even get the ability to monitor keystrokes from messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Viber.
  • WhatsApp without root: You do not even have to root the device to monitor the WhatsApp chats and such.

XNSpy Prices

Basic Edition: $29.99/month
Premium Edition: 

Pros and Cons


  • Wide set of basic and advanced features
  • Compatible with most OS versions
  • Low annual subscription model


  • Customer support is not available 24/7
  • Only compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Expensive monthly subscription

3. FamiSafe Android Monitoring App

One of the more advantageous applications for Android is FamiSafe. If your goal is to stay undetectable, FamiSafe is your best bet and one of the most reliable parental control apps. It offers the latest in parental control and the ability to actively track your children’s activities. You get to make a more technologically secure gadget for your kid. 

hidden spy apps for android

FamiSafe Features

  1. Web Filter
  2. Screen Time
  3. App Blocker
  4. Smart Schedule
  5. Activity Report
  6. Browser History
  7. Explicit Content Detection
  8. YouTube Content Detection

What can FamiSafe do?

  • Activity report: You get the ability to track daily activities on the target device. Know which apps were installed, which ones were deleted, and how much time they spent on each.
  • App usage and blocker: You also get to check app usage, how much time were spent, and you can even limit app time or completely block certain apps from being used.
  • Web content: You can even view deleted history, add exceptions to certain websites, or completely block some from use.
  • Parental alerts: Instant alerts on suspicious activity or texts. Has the ability to detect questionable or disturbing content online, or on social media. You can even raise red flags against certain posts or keywords you do not want your child to be viewing.
  • Screen Time: Limit their screen time by setting smart schedules or block their access to their phone in certain locations.
  • Locator: Like all competent spy applications, FamiSafe obviously allows you to view target device’s location in real time. You can add geofences and get alerts when your child moves out of these pre-determined zones.

FamiSafe Prices

Monthly Version: $9.99/month
Annual Version: $4.99 /month Billed annually at $59.99
Quarterly Version: $6.66/month Billed quarterly at $19.99

Pros and Cons


  • Multi-device Support
  • Secure & Trustworthy
  • Flexible Subscription
  • Effective Customer Support
  • Machine Learning Models
  • Cyberbullying Prevention


  • Limited features
  • Screen time feature can be a little glitchy

4. FlexiSpy Mobile Spyware

One of the most robust applications on this list, the FlexiSpy application, is also available on desktop computers. Allow yourself to use its advanced features like keylogger and camera recording. For its price, FlexiSpy is easily one of the best in the market.


FlexiSpy Features

  1. Phone Call recording / interception (Rooted)
  2. Environment recording
  3. Hangout Call Recording
  4. LINE Call Recording
  5. Skype Call Recording
  6. Viber Call Recording
  7. WhatsApp Call Recording
  8. RemCam
  9. RemVid

What can FlexiSpy do?

  • Monitor installed applications: You get to easily check and see what applications were installed, uninstalled, and used most frequently.
  • Record phone calls: You can also record phone calls incoming and outgoing from the target device.
  • Monitor social media: The application easily allows you to monitor target device’s social media platforms and check if they are being used as devised.
  • Track device: Like most other spy apps, FlexiSpy also allows you to effectively track device location without much hassle.
  • Track digital communications: No matter phone calls or messaging applications, with FlexiSpy, you can easily track who the target device is talking to and about what.
  • Manage internet usage: You can set a limit on internet usage, or set limitations and parental controls on the use of certain websites.
  • Listen to surroundings: Besides recording target device’s phone calls, you can even listen to what is going on in their surroundings any time you want. Basically the app takes control of the microphone and switches it on to spy on the on goings.
  • Security alerts and reports: Once you have set boundaries to the use of certain apps, or websites, you effectively get security alerts and reports in case they were breached.

FlexiSpy Prices

Lite Version: $29.95/month
Premium Version: $68/month
Extreme Version: $199/3-months

Pros and Cons


  • Top tier feature lists
  • Great technical support available 24/7
  • Free demo available


  • Jailbreak required for iOS versions and
  • Advanced Android features require rooting
  • No website blocking feature
  • No mobile number blocking available

5. MobiStealth Phone Monitor

If you want a fully functional application to monitor your kids’ activities on PC, Mac, iOS, or Android, MobiStealth was made for you. Except for its extensive compatibility with multiple platforms, the application also runs in stealth mode, taking up almost no resources and allowing you to track all the activities on the device. A desktop tracking feature is also bundled with it and can be used for employee monitoring just as well as keeping track of your kid.

mobistealth spy app for android

MobiStealth Features

  1. Call Recording
  2. Listen To Phone Surroundings
  3. Gmail Logging
  4. SMS Logging
  5. Keylogger
  6. Facebook Messenger Chat Logging
  7. Snapchat Logging
  8. WhatsApp Chat Logging
  9. Skype Chat Logging (Rooted)
  10. Viber Chat Logging Picture Logging

What can MobiStealth do?

  • SMS and call monitoring: You can easily monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages and calls using this incredible application.
  • Location tracking: You can easily monitor location of target device even if the GPS is non-active.
  • Monitor chat messengers: From Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp, you can easily track the dealings and conversations of the target phone with ease. Even Skype and Snapchat conversations can be viewed.
  • Keylogging: This application works incredibly well at tracking most of the target phone’s activities by logging the keystrokes made.
  • Record surroundings: No matter if they are on call or not, you can easily listen to their surroundings to make sure they are not getting themselves in trouble.
  • Call recording: All incoming and outgoing calls can be easily recorded as well.
  • Email logging: It can even give you access to the Gmail activity of the target phone.
  • Monitor pictures and gallery: You have total ability to monitor all the pictures and videos on the target phone’s gallery.
  • Web browsing: That and also you can check up on which websites target phone visits, and even monitor deleted browsing history.

MobiStealth Prices

Pro Version: $59.99/month
Pro-X Version: $69.99/month

Pros and Cons


  • Keylogging feature
  • Offers money-back guarantee within 15 days if the experience is unsatisfactory
  • Totally undetectable
  • Multiple and top of the line features


  • Quite expensive
  • Some features require jailbreaking or rooting

6. mSpy Mobile Monitoring App

The mSpy works as both a spyware application and an admin tool that allows you to administer active parental control on a device. It is designed to monitor and track activities and offers multiple features to stop your child from viewing questionable content. It is perfect for parents who want to keep an eye on how their children use their devices.

mSpy Features

  1. Application Blocking
  2. Installed Applications
  3. Keylogger
  4. Monitor calls
  5. Incoming Calls Restriction
  6. Photos Contacts, Notes
  7. Blocking Websites
  8. Browsing History
  9. Keyword Alerts

What can mSpy do?

  • View call logs: You got the ability to view all the incoming and outgoing calls with contact information, timestamps and the call duration.
  • Monitor text messages: Read all incoming and outgoing messages even if they were deleted from the device.
  • GPS tracking: Like most good spy apps, mSpy gives you the ability to track the target phone in real time, with location history.
  • Web history: You can monitor what websites they visit, how often, even monitor deleted history if you want, including all searches done in incognito mode as well.
  • Online messengers: Not just text messages, but you also get the ability to monitor messaging applications like WhatsApp and the Facebook Messenger.
  • Monitor social media: Monitoring social media is made super easy with mSpy. It is a hassle-less system that provides you with actual detail.
  • Other data: You can even monitor data that includes installed applications, calendar activity, emails, and so much more.

mSpy Prices

Basic Version: $29.99/month
Premium Version: $69.99/month

Pros and Cons


  • Compatibility with jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones.
  • Decent pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Detailed online dashboard
  • Stable with high-quality tracking application with advanced features
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support
  • Monitors a wide range of data


  • Singular license; one for each device only.
  • Recovering data, once wiped, is not possible

7. CocoSpy Android Spyware

CocoSpy is a superb example of how to design an undetectable application to spy on devices. It is only compatible with Android, but provides multiple functional attributes that can be immensely helpful in monitoring your child’s activities. The application takes up a negligible amount of space and is light on the processor. Coupled with a user-friendly interface and proper tracking and spying benefits, CocoSpy is easily one of the best hidden spy apps for Android. 

cocospy spy app for android

CocoSpy Features

  1. Text Messages
  2. Contacts
  3. Calendar Activities
  5. Videos Preview
  6. Keylogger

What can CocoSpy do?

  • Call tracker: A state of the art call tracker that allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls on the target device.
  • SMS tracking: CocoSpy also gives you the possibility to track messages, incoming and outgoing both.
  • Location tracking: Again, like so many good spy apps, CocoSpy also allows you to monitor target device location in real time.
  • Geofencing: You can set geofences, so in the case the target location leaves the pre-determined vicinity, you will be alerted of the same. Perfect to make sure your children are not skipping school without you knowing, or even in case of an unfortunate incident.
  • Track messengers: You get the ability to track most of the messenger applications people use these days. These include WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Snapchat, and more.
  • Monitor social media: Social media platforms like Instagram and such can also be effectively monitored using the CocoSpy application.
  • Stealth mode: Using a state of the art stealth technology, you can easily hide the application and spy on the target device without the user knowing about it.
  • History tracker: You can even view which pages they visited, even if they were removed from their search history.

CocoSpy Prices

Basic Version: $39.99/month
Premium Version: $49.99/month
Family Version: $69.99/month


  • Packed with several features
  • 24/7 available assistance
  • Easy sign-up process


  • Pretty expensive
  • Requires root for tracking some apps like Messenger and Snapchat.
  • No free trial
  • No call recording feature
  • No screenshot feature

8. SpyEra Mobile Spy App

SpyEra is one of the most functional hidden spy apps for Android. Its flexible features and almost no effect on battery drain make it super useful if your end goal is child monitoring or tracking.

It is packed to the brim with features including call monitoring, audio spying, monitoring social media, and so much more. It is not as cheap as the other apps on this list, but it is well worth the money. 


SpyEra Features

  1. Call Listening
  2. Call Recording
  3. Surroundings Listening
  4. App Screenshots
  5. Social IMs Tracking
  6. Keylogger included for free!

What can SpyEra do?

  • Call recording: You get to monitor phone calls, call history, and even get the ability to record live phone calls. Listen in, and be able to record it.
  • Listening to the surroundings: You also get the ability to listen in to their surroundings. They do not have to have their microphone on, or on call to use this feature. Basically you can remotely enable their microphone and listen it to whatever is happening around them.
  • Remote camera: Much like remotely accessing the microphone, you can even remotely access the camera to record the goings-on or to take pictures.
  • Keylogger: The application records the entire keystroke history and lets you see exactly what target device was up to.
  • Screenshots: You can easily take screenshots remotely while they surf their phone.
  • Call notification alert: You can set alerts when someone you have flagged, or an unknown number calls on the target device.
  • View all incoming and outgoing messages on applications: You can read text messages as well as monitor messenger apps the target phone might be using. The list is huge, FB Messenger, Viber, Snapchat, and the rest.
  • Address book: You have instant access to every contact on their address book.
  • Network connections: You can even track the network connections that the device is using, or has used in the past.
  • Browsing activity: Monitor everything they view and visit on the internet.
  • Email spy: You can even spy on the mails the target device is receiving and sending.
  • Gallery: You also have instant access to all their photos, videos, wallpapers, and everything stored on the device.
  • Geofencing: If you want to receive alerts when target device leaves a particular location, you can do that too.
  • Remote activation and deactivation: You can easily activate and deactivate the spy application on the target device whenever you wish to.
  • Compatible: SpyEra not only works on mobile devices, but also on desktops and laptops running Windows OS.

SpyEra Prices

iPhone or Android: $89/month
iPhone or Android tablet: $69/month
Windows or Mac: $49/month
All in One Version: $479/month

Pros and Cons


  • 24/7 Multi-Language Support
  • 10 days money back guarantee
  • Track SMS, Social Apps, Location, etc
  • Quick Installation and Invisible Mode
  • Highly packed with features
  • Available for Windows, Android and iOS


  • Needs jailbreak or rooting of the device

9. HighsterMobile Phone Spyware

If you simply want a good spyware application with most of the essential features, HighsterMobile is the way to go. It provides you with multiple features while costing a very small sum of money.

It does not work on subscription, and buying it once means you will have it for use whenever you want. It comes with great features like camera recording, photo capturing, audio capturing, etc. 


HighsterMobile Features

  1. Monitor Calls
  2. Incoming Calls Restriction
  3. Spy Text Messages
  4. SMS & MMS
  5. Messaging Apps
  6. Hangouts, Instagram, Messages,
  7. Facebook Messenger spy

What can HighsterMobile do?

  • SMS Text Messages: Every text message is logged even if the phone’s logs are deleted.
  • GPS Location: GPS positions are uploaded in periodic, regular intervals on a Google Map.
  • Live Control Panel: This Live Control Panel makes it possible for the users to dynamically access all details relating to the target phone.
  • iMessages: Most of the tracking applications can only monitor regular text messages, but not the iMessages.
  • Photo & Video Log: All photos & videos taken and recieved by the phone are recorded & are viewable.
  • Call Logs: Each incoming and outgoing number is logged along with duration and time.
  • Browser History: Great for parents trying to figure out what websites are being accessed by their children from their phones.
  • Social Networking Logs: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype…and more.
  • Stealth Camera: While using our advanced application, you just need to initiate the camera to click images and take pictures of the surroundings.
  • More Features: View Emails, WhatsApp, SnapChat, and Instagram messages. Full Contact list, Calendar Activities, Installed Apps and complete Device Information.

HighsterMobile Prices

Basic Version: $29.99/one-time payment
Pro Version: $69.99/one-time payment

Pros and Cons


  • No rooting required. Easy to install and use.
  • Easy to follow installation instructions
  • One-time payment; no additional costs


  • No free trial or demo version
  • No live technical support 

10. Clevguard

A phone monitoring application and service that enables you to track your child’s activities remotely without much hassle at all. With Clevguard, you can easily access the target phone’s files and call logs from anywhere.

It can even be used to set up geo-fences and allows you to get alerts once you child enters or exits the predefined boundaries. One of the more affordable applications on this phone, its unique abilities make it a truly viable option.


Clevguard Features

  1. Allows you to track GPS and Wi-Fi location.
  2. You can capture screenshots remotely.
  3. Offers real time data sync by either 3G/4G network or by Wi-Fi.
  4. You can record phone calls.
  5. Provides support of multiple languages.
  6. Support 24/7 via email and chat.

What can Clevguard do?

  • Remote tracking: You can remotely track the activity of your staff and loved ones easily and from anywhere.
  • Messaging history: You can do everything from reading a chat history and viewing an app’s interface to monitoring shared multimedia and checking app activity records.
  • Monitor social media: You get to easily monitor all the social media apps on the target phone. There are a ton of platforms compatible with the application. Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Facebook, Tinder, Telegram, and so on.
  • Keep track wherever they go: You can take advantage of the inbuilt GPS or Wi-Fi location tracking technology to track the real-time locations. You can also set up a geo-fence and get alerts when your child enters or exits the virtual boundary. You can track GPS location, view location history, and even use the Wi-Fi location tracking feature.
  • Set up Geofence: You can set a vicinity for the target device, so in case they leave this pre-determined zone, you will get an alert for the same.
  • Access phone files and data from anywhere: Get access to contacts, call logs, texts, photos, videos, browser history and more. It’s basically a record of everything on the desired device. When necessary, you even have the opportunity to export and save this data for future use. From call logs, to contacts, and application activities, you can track anything from anywhere.
  • Keylogger: The application also allows you to keep a record of all the keystrokes that were made on the target device.
  • Record phone calls: You also get to record incoming and outgoing phone calls in case you feel something is amiss.
  • Screenshot: You also get to screenshot whenever you wish to without the target device’s user figuring out.

Clevguard Prices

1-Month Plan for $29.95/Mo
3-Month Plan for $49.95 at $16.65/Mo
1-Year Plan for $99.84 at $8.32/Mo

Pros and Cons


  • Quick installation, completed within 3-5 minutes.
  • Stealth monitoring
  • No root or jailbreak required
  • Multi-Language support
  • Up to 30 features
  • Support Android 11 and iOS 14 and the newest versions.


  • No remote control features in iOS version, like call recording and photo taking.
  • Lack of a free trial.
  • You can only monitor one device at a time.

11. uMobix

If you were looking for a monitoring application with a wide range of features that give you the ability to track SMS, track GPS location, check web history, social media, etc., everything remotely, uMobix is the thing for you. It gives you total access to the target device in real-time without any issues at all.

uMobix Features

  1. Live control panel
  2. Phone calls tracking
  3. Text messages monitoring
  4. An advanced GPS-tracker
  5. Browser history tracking
  6. Access to the photo gallery

What can uMobix do?

  • Call history: An essential tool for parents who want to keep tabs on their kid’s social interactions. Track incoming, outgoing, missed, and even deleted phone calls with all the details.
  • Text messages: Cell phone monitoring won’t give you the whole picture unless there is a feature that lets you read text messages. You can now easily read and see what messages are being received and sent on the target phone.
  • Social apps: You can even monitor what your kids look at on social media. It can be a difficult place to navigate for a child and making sure they are not getting themselves in trouble is important. Get access to WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, TikTok, Snapchat, Skype, and Line.
  • Keylogger: uMobix captures and records all user keyboard activity, whether its on web browsers, messaging, or apps. You can get full insight into all keystrokes initiated.
  • Browser history: uMobix captures and records all user activity on the internet.
  • GPS location: You can easily get accurate and real-time location on the target device along with the history of places they have visited.

uMobix Prices

Basic version: $29.99
Full version: $59.99
Full version 3 months: $99.99
Full version 1 year: $179.88

Pros and Cons


  • Out-and-out monitoring with timely logs
  • Stealth spying
  • Monitor every social and messaging app
  • Detailed reports on location, calls, and texts


  • Limited features
  • Quite expensive for the majority
  • Lacks optimizations on iOS
  • Complex installation
  • One subscription is limited to only one device

12. Spyic

One of the best hidden spy apps for Android users without any doubt in mind, Spyic boasts a clean design with multiple active features that allow you a whole lot of benefits. If you were looking to keep your children safe and protected and require a solution towards actively monitoring their mobile phones, Spyic is the way to go.

track messenger activities with spyic

Spyic Features

  1. Application Blocking
  2. Installed Applications
  3. Keylogger
  4. Monitor calls
  5. Incoming Calls Restriction
  6. Photos Contacts, Notes
  7. Blocking Websites
  8. Browsing History
  9. Keyword Alerts

What can Spyic do?

  • Call tracker: You easily get to track all the incoming and outgoing calls from the target device.
  • Track SMS: All text messages, incoming and outgoing can be easily tracked and monitored.
  • Track location: You can even effectively track the location of the target device in real-time. Not only that, but you also can view a detailed history of where all the device has been.
  • Geofence: You can set predetermined zones that once the device leaves, you get an instant alert letting you know that the geofence has been crossed.
  • Track messaging applications: Not just basic text messaging, but Spyic can easily track and monitor all the messages being sent and received on messaging apps like FB messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Spy on social media: You also get to monitor their social media. From what they view, how much time is being spent on social media, which platforms they use and the data for that particular website or platform.
  • Track web history: Easily track the internet history and monitor what websites were visited. You even get the ability to see the deleted browsing history as well.
  • Download media files: Spyic also allows you to view all the downloaded files on the device. You essentially have unrestricted access to their gallery whenever you want.
  • Review installed apps: You get to see all the apps installed on the target device. If you’re a parent, you can use this ability to block access to inappropriate apps, such as games or social media.

Spyic Prices

Basic version: $39.99/mo
Premium version: $49.99/mo
Family version: $69.99/mo

Pros and Cons


  • Monitor a great variety of social media platforms, including instant messengers and dating apps. 
  • Check all SIM card details and get notified when it is replaced.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Doesn’t require your target device to be jailbroken. 
  • Advanced features
  • Variety of subscription licenses
  • Easy to use


  • Limited functionality for a jailbreak solution.
  • High subscription prices.
  • No live customer support
  • Takes over 48 hours to get issue resolved

How to Choose Best Spy Apps for Android?

Well, the rest depends on you. Understand what you need from your spyware app and how much would you like to monitor your child’s activities on their technological devices. If you simply want to keep an eye on their whereabouts, a basic application that does not cost over $20 could be something you can work with. However, if you will be needing the full package, some of the best hidden spy apps for Android are listed here. You can easily choose from the feature-packed application that suits your fancy.

Protecting your family is an important task and one you must commit to at all costs. If you were looking for something that can help you monitor your kids engagements for their own safety, these listed apps are sure to interest you. If you wish to go deeper, you can even get a home security system.

Final Verdict

There are many spyware applications to choose from and a lot of them you can get for free as well. However, if you are looking for reliability, the paid versions are more regularly updated and provide a more active approach towards monitoring. Not to mention the amount of features you get paying a pretty penny. But it can all be worth it if the safety of our family is on the line. You can easily choose any one from our list of the most top rated hidden spy apps for Android above. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Spy Applications

Can you delete a spy application from your phone?

Yes, you can. As a parent, if you have set a spy application on your child’s phone, you can totally access it and disable or delete it from a device. However, if your phone has a spy application, you would need a password to access it. Also, a lot of the spy applications are actually hidden, or in stealth mode, which makes it really hard to detect their presence.

What can a spy application do?

For parents and staffers, spy applications can be really beneficial. It can be used on their official phones which allows you to monitor their behavior and everything thing they do. From location tracking, to call tracking, and even geofencing, there is a lot you can do with a spy application.

Which is the best spy application for Android?

That depends on what you require. We have listed some of the best ones above for you to choose from. However, it totally depends on your requirements. More feature packed applications are more expensive, whereas if you simply want a simple application with minimal features, you can find one that matches your need.

Can Android spy apps be detected?

Most spy apps for Android have in-built mechanisms that do allow them to be undetected. While installing the application, you are often allowed to choose to hide the application from the app menu in order to make sure the target user does not know about the spy app.

Can I remotely install spyware on Android phone?

No, you cannot. You need the phone physically with you to install the application on the phone. You cannot, and should not, use spyware on people you do not know. If you are a concerned parent, you can easily take your child’s phone, install the app on it, hide it, and remotely activate its features once installed from anywhere you are.

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