Hidden Spy Apps for Android – 13 Best Undetectable Spy Apps for Android

Hidden Spy Apps for Android

When it comes to spy apps for Android, there are plenty to choose from. However, there are also plenty of them out there that do not provide a service potent enough for you to make use of. 

Fear not! We are here to list down some of the best hidden spy apps for Android with a full list of their features and abilities. 

It is a useful application, especially if you have children to make sure you know of their whereabouts any time you want. If the application itself is undetectable, you can be sure you are being a step ahead of your kids.

Here are the best hidden spy apps for Android that every parent should know about.

Hidden spy apps for android

Hidden Spy Apps for Android – 13 Best Spy Apps for Android

1. The WiSpy

WiSpy is an undetectable spy app for Android that offers multiple features including plenty of spying features. The app is free to use, but also has a paid version with much more benefits and features than the free version. Even the paid version of this app is quite affordable. The app itself is highly flexible and can be used to monitor contacts, call recordings, and even call logs. Text messages and GPS tracking is also made available with the WiSpy App. 

The app is incredibly easy to use and does not require a mastermind to make use of it. Its long list of features makes it one of the best in the market.


WiSpy Features

  1. Read text messages and voice messages
  2. Track call history and check call logs 
  3. Location history
  4. Remotely take control of device
  5. Monitor installed applications
  6. Listen to audio using spy microphone

WiSpy Prices

Free Trial: $0/month
Promotional Version: $10/month
Starter Version: $9.99/ 15days
Basic Version: $29.99/month 
Pro Version: $39.99/month 

2. XnSpy

Another easy to use application for spying purposes, XnSpy is one of the most functional ones in the market. Using XnSpy, you can remotely track and monitor the target Android device. On top of luxury features only seen in expensive tracker apps, XnSpy is quite affordable as well. 


XnSpy Features

  1. Call Recording
  2. SMS and IMs Spying
  3. Call Logs Monitoring
  4. GPS Tracker
  5. Social Media Spying
  6. App Blocking

XNSpy Prices

Basic Edition: $29.99/month
Premium Edition:

3. FamiSafe Android Monitoring App

One of the more advantageous applications for Android if your goal is to stay undetectable, FamiSafe is your best bet. It offers the latest in parental control and the ability to actively track your children’s activities. You even get to make a more technologically secure gadget for your kid. 


FamiSafe Features

  1. Web Filter
  2. Screen Time
  3. App Blocker
  4. Smart Schedule
  5. Activity Report
  6. Browser History
  7. Explicit Content Detection
  8. YouTube Content Detection

FamiSafe Prices

Monthly Version: $9.99/month
Annual Version: $4.99 /month Billed annually at $59.99
Quarterly Version: $6.66/month Billed quarterly at $19.99

4. FlexiSpy Mobile Spyware

One of the most robust applications on this list, FlexiSpy application is also available on desktop computers. Allow yourself to use its advanced features like keylogger and camera recording. For its price, FlexiSpy is easily one of the best in the market.


FlexiSpy Features

  1. Phone Call recording / interception (Rooted)
  2. Environment recording
  3. Hangout Call Recording
  4. LINE Call Recording
  5. Skype Call Recording
  6. Viber Call Recording
  7. WhatsApp Call Recording
  8. RemCam
  9. RemVid

FlexiSpy Prices

Lite Version: $29.95/month
Premium Version: $68/month
Extreme Version: $199/3-months

5. MobiStealth Phone Monitor

If you want a fully functional application to monitor your kids activities on PC, Mac, iOS, or Android, MobiStealth was made for you. Except for its extensive compatibility with multiple platforms, the application also runs on stealth mode, taking up almost no resources and allowing you to track all the activities on the device. A desktop tracking feature is also bundled with it and can be used for employee monitoring just as well as keeping track of your kid.


MobiStealth Features

  1. Call Recording
  2. Listen To Phone Surroundings
  3. Gmail Logging
  4. SMS Logging
  5. Keylogger
  6. Facebook Messenger Chat Logging
  7. Snapchat Logging
  8. WhatsApp Chat Logging
  9. Skype Chat Logging (Rooted)
  10. Viber Chat Logging Picture Logging

MobiStealth Prices

Pro Version: $59.99/month
Pro-X Version: $69.99/month

6. mSpy Mobile Monitoring App

The mSpy works as both a spyware application and allows you to administer active parental control on a device. It is designed to monitor and track activities and offers multiple features to stop your child from viewing questionable content. It is perfect for parents who want to keep an eye on how their child uses their device.


mSpy Features

  1. Application Blocking
  2. Installed Applications
  3. Keylogger
  4. Monitor calls
  5. Incoming Calls Restriction
  6. Photos Contacts, Notes
  7. Blocking Websites
  8. Browsing History
  9. Keyword Alerts

mSpy Prices

Basic Version: $29.99/month
Premium Version: $69.99/month

7. CocoSpy Android Spyware

CocoSpy is a superb example of how to design an undetectable application to spy on devices. It is only compatible with Android, but provides multiple, functional attributes that can immensely help in monitoring your child’s activities. The application takes up a negligible amount of space and is also light on the processor. Coupled with a user friendly interface and proper tracking and spying benefits, CocoSpy is easily one of the best hidden spy apps for Android. 


CocoSpy Features

  1. Text Messages
  2. Contacts
  3. Calendar Activities
  5. Videos Preview
  6. Keylogger

CocoSpy Prices

Basic Version: $39.99/month
Premium Version: $49.99/month
Family Version: $69.99/month

8. SpyEra Mobile Spy App

SpyEra is of the most functional hidden spy apps for Android. Its flexible features and almost no effect on battery drain makes it super useful if your end goal is child monitoring or tracking, It is packed to the brim with features including call monitoring, audio spying, monitoring social media, and so much more. It is not as cheap as the other apps on this list, but it is well worth the money. 


SpyEra Features

  1. Call Listening
  2. Call Recording
  3. Surroundings Listening
  4. App Screenshots
  5. Social IMs Tracking
  6. Keylogger included for free!

SpyEra Prices

iPhone or Android: $89/month
iPhone or Android tablet: $69/month
Windows or Mac: $49/month
All in One Version: $479/month

9. AppMia Mobile Monitoring App

Allowing you a free trial to begin with, AppMia is a basic spyware application that gets incredibly complex and helpful once you get the premium version. The trail comes with the expected bells and whistles, however, its true potential lies in its premium version. A one-time yearly subscription is not even that big of a deal when you understand the abilities of this application. Highly compatible through multiple devices, AppMia could easily be one of the best hidden spy apps for Android. 


AppMia Features 

  1. SMS and IMs Spying
  2. Call Logs Monitoring
  3. GPS Tracker
  4. Location History
  5. Voice Memos
  6. Social Media Spying
  7. Incoming Call blocking
  8. App Blocking

AppMia Prices

Free Trial: $0
Premium Version: $194.99/year

10. HighsterMobile Phone Spyware

If you simply want a good spyware application with most of the essential features, HighsterMobile is the way to go. It provides you with multiple features while costing a very easy sum of money. It does not work on subscription and buying it once means you will have it for use whenever you want. It comes with great features like camera recording, photo capturing, and audio capture, etc. 


HighsterMobile Features

  1. Monitor Calls
  2. Incoming Calls Restriction
  3. Spy Text Messages
  4. SMS & MMS
  5. Messaging Apps
  6. Hangouts, Instagram, Messages,
  7. Facebook Messenger spy

HighsterMobile Prices

Basic Version: $29.99/one-time payment
Pro Version: $69.99/one-time payment

11. Clevguard

A phone monitoring application and service that enables you to track your child’s activities remotely without much hassle at all. You get to easily access the target phone’s files and call logs from anywhere with Clevguard. It can even be used to set up geo-fences and allows you to get alerts once you child enters or exits the predefined boundaries. One of the more affordable applications on this phone, its unique abilities make it a truly viable option.


Clevguard Features

  1. Allows you to track GPS and Wi-Fi location.
  2. You can capture screenshots remotely.
  3. Offers real time data sync by either 3G/4G network or by Wi-Fi.
  4. You can record phone calls.
  5. Provides support of multiple languages.
  6. Support 24/7 via email and chat.

Clevguard Prices

1-Month Plan for $29.95 / Mo
3-Month Plan for $49.95 @ $16.65 / Mo
1-Year Plan for $99.84 at $8.32 / Mo

12. uMobix

If you were looking for a monitoring application with wide features that give you the ability to track SMS, track GPS location, check web history, social media, etc, everything remotely, uMobix is the thing for you. It gives you total access to the target device in real-time without any issues at all.

Capture 1

uMobix Features

  1. Live control panel
  2. Phone calls tracking
  3. Text messages monitoring
  4. An advanced GPS-tracker
  5. Browser history tracking
  6. Access to the photo gallery

uMobix Prices

Basic version: $29.99
Full version: $59.99
Full version 3 months: $99.99
Full version 1 year: $179.88

13. Spyic

One of the best hidden spy apps for Android users without any doubt in mind, Spyic boasts a clean design with multiple active features that allow you a whole lot of benefits. If you were looking to keep your children safe and protected and require a solution towards actively monitoring their mobile phones, Spyic is the way to go.

track messanger activities with spyic

Spyic Features

  1. Application Blocking
  2. Installed Applications
  3. Keylogger
  4. Monitor calls
  5. Incoming Calls Restriction
  6. Photos Contacts, Notes
  7. Blocking Websites
  8. Browsing History
  9. Keyword Alerts

Spyic Prices

Basic version: $39.99/mo
Premium version: $49.99/mo
Family version: $69.99/mo

How to choose from the Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android?

Well, the rest depends on you. Understand what you need from your spyware app and how much would you like to monitor your child’s activities on their technological devices. If you simply want to keep an eye on their whereabouts, a basic application that does not cost over $20 could be something you can work with. However, if you will be needing the full package, some of the best hidden spy apps for Android are listed here. You can easily choose from the feature-packed application that suits your fancy.

Protecting your family is an important task and one you must commit to at all costs. If you were looking for something that can help you monitor your kids engagements for their own safety, these listed apps are sure to interest you. If you wish to go deeper, you can even get a home security system. You can even opt for some medicinal remedies and boosters.

Final Verdict

There are many spyware applications to choose from and a lot of them you can get for free as well. However, if you are looking for reliability, the paid versions are more regularly updated and provide a more active approach towards monitoring. Not to mention the amount of features you get paying a pretty penny. But it can all be worth it if the safety of our family is on the line. You can easily choose any one from our list of the most top rated hidden spy apps for Android above. 

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