HomeNETIX Review 2021 – Convert Your Living Space into a Smart Home

HomeNETIX Review

Smart houses have become quite the rage these days. With cloud service technology you get the ability to control electronic appliances inside your home from anywhere, anytime you want. The convenience this brings is obviously marvelous, but it also provides a level of security you would not otherwise get.

If you do not wish to spend a fortune turning your home into a true smart home, you can opt for something more reasonable and equally as convenient.

Presenting HomeNETIX.

What is HomeNETIX?

HomeNETIX is an easy to use, convenient device that allows you complete control of the electronics inside your home. Its incredible functionality coupled with ease of use makes HomeNETIX an incredibly helpful product.

It is a Wi-Fi 4G device that allows you to remotely control devices like TVs, ACs, and lights without even being nearby. It allows you a totally hands-free approach and makes for a tremendously convenient device.

HomeNETIX unique

HomeNETIX Features

HomeNETIX will change how your living space functions and how you function in it. It gives you supreme control over the electronics in your house you wish to pair with HomeNETIX.

  1. Compatibility: HomeNETIX is highly compatible and can be used in conjunction with Android, Alexa, and iOS devices.
  2. Supports multiple appliances: You can pair HomeNETIX to a variety of different appliances including TV, TV box, DVD player, AC, and even the lights.
  3. Voice command capable: It can understand voice commands and you can add your own which can have your desired effect. For example, you can choose a voice command to turn on different lights for when you are going to sleep and another command when you wake up. You can change channels on your TV while you enjoy a totally hands-free approach.
  4. Customizations: Customizing which lights go on when you come home at night allows you to be stress free and return to a totally moody living space.
  5. Limiting screen times: You can even set the device to let you know when your kids have watched enough TV.
  6. Range: Once connected to your WiFi, it has a range of around 8M or 26 ft.
  7. Universal remote: Once you have activated HomeNETIX and paired it with your appliances, it essentially acts as a universal remote that can be controlled from wherever given it is connected to an active WiFi network.

Pros and Cons


  1. Highly compatible
  2. Voice commands
  3. Compatible with existing smart home devices like Alexa and Google Assistant
  4. High range
  5. Customizable
  6. Works with most appliances
  7. Provides a hands-free approach
  8. More reasonably priced than totally converting your home into a smart home


  1. Difficult to set up well

Where to buy HomeNETIX and how much is it?

You can get your very own HomeNETIX directly on their merchant website. Buying from them ensures you get the best deals and discounts the company offers.

You can get,

1 HomeNETIX for $88.82

2 HomeNETIX for $138.73

4 HomeNETIX for $218.56


Buy 2 HomeNETIX for $176.64 and get 1 free

Buy 3 HomeNETIX for $266.46 and get 2 free

Final Verdict

When it comes to smart homes, we are all in for that. The level of convenience you can achieve by totally automating your living space is something to experience yourself. However, smart homes can be expensive to create. With so many different devices that are paired to so many different appliances, the amount of money you end up spending is simply too much to bear for the public.

Well, this is why we bring to your HomeNETIX. It is a functional device that allows you to totally automate your living space without having to spend a fortune converting it. A single device allows you access to the convenience only a smart home can deliver.

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