HoomBand Review 2021 – Perfect Wireless Nighttime Headband

HoomBand Review

Trouble sleeping? Well, you are not alone. There are a lot of folks who have tremendous issues sleeping well, if at all. They would either turn to pharmaceuticals or simply adjust to this non-focused, always-tired life. Needless to mention, it is not a healthy form of living and requires immediate fixes.

This is why we bring to you the HoomBand.

What is HoomBand?

HoomBand is a wireless handband that affixes to your head and allows you a comfortable way to listen to music while going to sleep. The device wraps around your head and looks more or less like a headband of sorts. However, consider it a headphone that just looks different.

If you have issues falling asleep and need some help with the same, HoomBand paired with a few soothing songs, or some ASMR, if you are into that, could really help you out.

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HoomBand Features

Connecting to other devices via Bluetooth, HoomBand allows users to listen to music within a comfortable form of a headband.

  1. Connectivity: HoomBand features Bluetooth 5.0 which allows it to connect to virtually any functioning device.
  2. Comfortable: The headband design allows the device to be incredibly comfortable when worn. Since you wear it during sleep hours, the device was made with comfort of design in mind.
  3. Washable: Yes, you can even wash the fabric and not lose points on elasticity, neither does the color fade.
  4. Elastic and breathable: You would not want to be all sweaty during your sleep hours. Well, HoomBand is also highly breathable to allow moisture to pass through unnoticed. Its elastic functionality also provides a sense of comfort and grip during your sleep hours.
  5. Ultra-flat earphones: The device features ultra-flat earphones which not only allows for a sleeker design, but also means less poky stuff in your head while you maintain a peaceful sleep.
  6. 3D foam: For added comfort, HoomBand features an embracive form that adjusts the position of the earphones according to your ears.

Pros and Cons


  1. Regularly updated features
  2. Elastic, breathable, and washable fabric
  3. Ultra-flat earphones
  4. 3D foam for added comfort
  5. Super comfortable to wear
  6. Universally compatible with Bluetooth devices


  1. Vigorous handling can loosen the device

Benefits of HoomBand

  • Wireless or Not: This hoomband headband is available in two categories. You can use this with or without wire to connect with your phone.
  • Available: This product is available on an e-commerce website from 2019. You can purchase it from E-commerce stores or its official website.
  • Size: It has three sizes, such as S, M, and L. S size for those whose head measurement is 22″ and bigger size will opt for M 7 L size.
  • App Store: In its app, you can get access to Hypnotic stories, Immersive documentaries, and Deep meditation, ambient sounds like nature sounds, ASMR, and many more.
  • Offline mode: Its app supports offline mode. You can listen to audios in airplane mode as it downloads them. Let get some more technical details of this product by Hoomband Reviews.
  • Bluetooth: It has the version of Bluetooth 5.0. it connects with any Bluetooth supporting device.
  • Charging time: With 2 hours of charging, you can use a wireless headband for 10 hours.
  • Audio jack: It supports mini-jack. You can contact that headband as headphones with any mini jack support device.
  • Price: The price of this innovative product on its official website is 79.9 United States dollars for the wireless headband.
  • App Supported: This headband is connected with an app. In-app, you will get hypnotic stories with guided meditation audios. You can activate them by access the card in your box.
  • Speakers: This hoomband headband has a pair of flat headphones. These headphones are ultra-thin.
  • 3D foam: Speakers are enclosed in thermoformed foam for soft comfort.
  • Breathable fabric: It is made from breathable fabric to regulate the temperature of technology and your body.

Where to buy HoomBand and how much is it?

You can easily get your very own HoomBand directly on their merchant website. Buying from them allows you to avail all the tons of discounts and offers the company provides.


You can get,

1 HoomBand for $79.90 + $5.99 shipping

2 HoomBand for $118.50

3 HoomBand for $158.00

Final Verdict

HoomBand is effective and perfect for people who have trouble sleeping. A useful nighttime accessory, HoomBand allows you to sleep to relaxing tones, or whatever may help you, without any extra effort. The device is incredibly comfortable to wear and offers brilliant quality all throughout, with sound quality, durability, comfort, battery backup, and the rest. If you wish to listen to some tunes in the gym without having to lug around hefty headphones, HoomBand can help you there as well.

Customer Reviews

Sarah P.
“I bought these for my husband for his birthday because he has terrible insomnia, but the M/L I bought can’t position the speakers over his ears – the inner strap that positions the speakers is too short. We decided that instead of returning them and getting different ones, I could use them, anyway, since I often go to sleep with my Bose QC35 II headphones on. But right away we find that the access code that’s supposed to be “provided in the band” to activate the streaming material has been lost and we can’t retrieve it from my husband’s account. So I thought I could just use them as bluetooth headphones. With the positioning all set in the headband, the only way I can get the speakers over my ears is to lower the headband low over my forehead, which isn’t very comfortable. The sound is good; the volume is controlled so that the music is almost faint – I understand that’s healthier than what I usually listen to.
If you still want to buy this product I have some suggestions:
1 – buy the wireless model and use Bluetooth to connect to your phone.
2 – before you do anything, take the inner strap out of the headband and set up the position of the speakers. Putting that strap back inside the headband is not easy to do.
3 – Position the control box near the opening of the headband to make it possible to recharge easily. This will make the front of the headband off center, but it’s easy to adjust the position of the headband on your head.”

Jason E.
“I really loved this. I’ve spelt with headphones on for my entire life because I need to listening to music or audiobooks to sleep. But obviously, headphones aren’t the most comfortable option for sleep. This headband fits really well around my head (I got the medium/large size), and the headphones align well with my ears. They have great quality sound and my partner sleeping right next to me can’t hear it, even if I have the volume high, so it’s perfect for us. I’m able to sleep 100000x more comfortably now.
Also, the app is wonderful, with some great stories to fall asleep to, just the right amount of boring and engaging to fall asleep too. As I said, I sleep to audiobooks all the time, so I have a strangely high bar for sleep stories. Overall, a really excellent product!”

Ramy T.
“I am a professional athlete and have currently been living in a bubble for a month now. My sleep has been horrible the entire time being here with all the stress. I didn’t want to take any drugs to help me sleep. So I tried out this Hoom band and I fell asleep instantly. It was the first time I wasn’t up tossing and turning until 3am every night. I just put the band on, plugged the band into my phone and launched the app, picked something to listen to and in minutes I was out. It’s so comfortable to wear. It makes it feel like you are in your own world and very soothing. Really happy with my purchase.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens when the sleep story is over with Hoomband?

If you choose to play a story or a guided meditation, the app will automatically shut down once it has finished. You can also choose to listen to a white noise loop or relaxing soundscapes. In this case, the app will stay open to block out surrounding noises for the whole night.

What does the HoomBand app contain?

The Hoom app gives you access to hypnotic stories, guided meditations and ‘white noises’ (like the sound of rain against a window) – everything you’ll find there is designed to make you fall asleep more easily. You will be able to program and personalize your evening session according to your desires. Note: the content of HoomBand app is reserved for HoomBand users. They benefit from free and regular updates.

Can my children use my Hoomband?

We recommand not to use HoomBand under 12 years of age. Just like conventional headphones, it is not advisable to expose the ears of young children to sound content for a whole night.

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