How Many Pictures Can 32GB Hold?

How Many Pictures Can 32GB Hold?

Memory cards, flash drives, hard drives, SSDs, all of these devices are meant for storage. However, their capacity can be slightly confusing when it comes to photographs. So, how to make sure you do not run out of space? Well, it’s not that difficult. A few points to understand and you will be good to go. If you were wondering how many pictures a 32GB can hold, or how many photographs can be stored in a 64 GB container, we are here to help.

A Guide to Memory Card Capacity

While buying memory cards and such for your phone or camera, it is crucial to make sure you get one with the right capacity. Memory cards come in a variety of sizes and can hold data accordingly. Most newer models have a capacity from 16GB and can range up to 1TB. If you are running low on memory, something like Photostick might help you out as well.

First comes understanding how much size a single picture can take up. Well, that depends on the quality of the picture. If your camera takes high-definition photos, you can bet a single picture can take up a whole lot of space. So, how many pictures can 32GB hold? Let us look further.

What affects the Size of a Photo?

There are a few things that affect the size of each individual image.

  1. Image resolution: A higher resolution means a bigger photo. A general 720p HD image with a resolution of 1280×720 takes up less space on your memory card than a full 1080p HD image with a resolution of 1920×1080. It is a highly significant factor increasing/decreasing the size of an image. Essentially, this is pixel dimensions. More pixels on the screen makes for a larger sized photo. In a 1280×720 image, there are 1280 horizontal pixels and 720 vertical pixels.
  2. Image format: Image formats also affect the size of your picture. For example, if you are shooting in a compressed jpg format, you could potentially save some space. However, if you are using uncompressed image formats, like raw and PNG, you might see a drastic increase in individual file size. Converting a bigger sized photo to a compressed one can allow you to save some space.
  3. Bit depth: Bit depth refers to how many ‘bits’ of information are used to store color information. A higher bit depth means more accurate colors, and a larger file size. A more vivid image obviously has a higher bit depth and better colors.

When it comes to videos, there are also a few things that affect their size. Videos can get exceptionally big in size and can effectively reduce the total usable space on your memory card. A higher resolution, better frames per second, and a lengthier video can all account to a bigger individual space of your videos.

How many Pictures can 32GB hold?

To answer the question about how many pictures can 32GB hold, let us first see how many pictures you can store per GB of memory.

Well, since image size is highly dependent on quality of the image. We can also answer in a rough estimate. Essentially in 1GB of digital storage, you could hold as many as 1000 photos to as few as 200. This totally depends on the resolution of the image, format, and bit depth that constitute the total size of an individual photograph.

A photograph taken from a competent camera or phone can easily be 1MB to 5MB. This means, you could potentially store an approximate of 292 images on a memory card of 1GB. You could check how much megapixels your camera shoots and make a decision there.

Photos you can store per GB of Space

A better camera obviously takes a better photograph which can have a larger space. Here is a chart that might help you understand how much space a single photo can be and how many you can save per GB.

MegapixelsFile Size (MB)Images Per GB

Photos you can store per 16GB of Space

Going by the chart above, you can store a whole lot of photos on just 16GB of storage. Obviously as we have already discussed, a better, high-quality photo takes more space and can effectively reduce the number of photos you can store on a single memory card.

12MP: 4,400 photos

16.6MP: 3,200 photos

24.2MP: 326 photos

Photos you can store per 32GB of Space

32GB storage is plenty if you only indulge in basic photography. If you are an avid outdoorsman that loves to capture everything, they can using a really good quality camera, 32GB is just enough and you would definitely require more of the same or a higher capacity memory card. However, there is still a lot of photos you can store on a 32GB memory.

So, how many pictures can 32GB hold?

12MP: 8,889 photos

16.6MP: 6,400 photos

24.2MP: 653 photos

Photos you can store per 64GB of Space

Well, 64GB can hold an approximate of 17,000 photographs. That is at least a year worth of photographs in a standard resolution and format. Perfect for avid photographers, a 64GB storage can hold a serious number of images.

12MP: 17,778 photos

16.6MP: 12,800 photos

24.2MP: 1,306 photos

Photos you can store per 128GB of Space

For folks who tend to use GoPros and wish to capture long videos in a high-resolution format, running at high frames per second, anything under 128GB might just not cut it. 128GB is enough for storing a huge number of photographs and allows you to save a great many high-quality videos as well.

12MP: 35,556 photos

16.6MP: 25,600 photos

24.2MP: 2,612 photos

Photos you can store per 256GB of Space

Well, now we are reaching the professional photographer threshold. On a 256GB memory card, you could effectively store 70,000 photographs in a standard format. You can even fit around a hundred high-quality videos on it as well. Obviously depending on how long they are. Essentially, a 10-minute video shot at 1080p is around 4GB. Which means you could effectively store up to 64 super high-quality videos on a 256GB memory card.

12MP: 71,111 photos

16.6MP: 51,200 photos

24.2MP: 5,224 photos

Photos you can store per 512GB of Space

A 512GB memory card can hold an approximate of 140,000 photographs. Again, depending on the format and resolution.

12MP: 142,222 photos

16.6MP: 102,400 photos

24.2MP: 10,448 photos

Photos you can store per 1TB of Space

If you want to be set for life and do not want to spend more on extra memory cards, a 1TB card is enough for your video and photo needs.

12MP: 277,778 photos

16.6MP: 200,000 photos

24.2MP: 20,408 photos

How much space would you need depending on your requirements?

Ask yourself, how much photographs do you click daily? How long your videos are? If your composition can cause a photo to bulk up. There are a few details you need to understand on your side before you buy a memory card. Before you invest in a memory card, or ask yourself how many pictures can 32GB hold, you need to keep certain things in mind.

  1. Time lapse: Videos recorded in time lapse can take up a huge amount of space on your memory.
  2. Extended trip: If you plan to go on a long trip and take plenty of photos, make sure you have enough space to store your collection.
  3. Video shooting: If your primary plan is to take amazing video shots, you also must make sure your memory card has the potential to store all these clips.

Imagine running out of space while you are out and about taking incredible pictures. Yes, seems terrible. You could also get something like InfinitiKloud that can serve as a portable backup device allowing you to save some images on the device so you can click more pictures without removing the ones you have already captured.


When it comes to storing images, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Once you have realized how your style of photography can affect its size, you will have a clearer idea about how much space they will take on your memory card. So, if you were wondering how many pictures can 32GB hold, you need to first check how many photos you plan to click and store in your memory card.

Buying memory cards is not actually a difficult task. If you are confused about which one to choose, always opt for more storage than you think you require. It is better to have free space than run out of memory.

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