How to block radio waves in your house?

How to block radio waves in your house

We are surrounded by gadgets 24/7. Is it a good thing or bad? We do not know yet. While the risks of radiations emitted from the gadgets are at an all-time high, you will often meet people who dismiss the dangers of the radiations from these gadgets.

We are the guinea pig generation that will face the probable long-term effects of the radio waves. The sudden rise in wireless technology has not made it possible for enough research to happen. While the debate continues, some studies have shown that the radiation from the gadgets is harmful to the extent of causing cancers. According to WHO, 1-3% of the population already suffers from EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity).

That being said, we are left with two options. We can either hang around and wait for the doomsday or start taking precautions. While cutting off from the wireless technology is neither convenient nor prudent, we can at least start taking simple measures to protect ourselves and especially the children from the probable negative effects of the radio waves.

How do radio waves work?

How do radio waves work

To get into the nitty-gritty of precautionary measures, first, let’s get into the understanding of how radio waves work. Radio waves that are mostly used in communication technology are a small part of that EMF contribution. Although of quite a low frequency, radio waves are raising concerns all over the world.

In order for your gadgets to work through these radio waves, two devices are in the play. One is the transmitter and the other is the receiver. The transmitter radiates the radio waves and the devices like smartphones and televisions receive those waves.

Because the travel is through the air, the radio signals can even be blocked. For instance, if there is no network in your phone, this means that the radio signals are being blocked or interfered with.

How to block radio waves?

How to block radio waves

1. Use RF blocking paints on the walls

Even though the concrete material of the walls is efficient in blocking out the radio waves, some strong radiation from the nearby towers can be pretty dangerous. In this case, the RF blocking paints are an efficient way to ensure the harmful radiation is out of your homes.

If you have children in the house or there is a network tower nearby, it is probably the safest option to ensure your house is radiation free. The paint can be applied to both the external and internal walls. You can even apply it on your ceilings and floors before the tiles or hardwood is laid out.

2. Use EMF shielding films on the Windows

If you have a baby in the house or your home is near any telecommunication tower, then there are high chances of radio waves making into your house through the windows. And imagine the non-stop entry of the radio waves, even at nights. Thus it is necessary that apart from ensuring your walls from the harmful radio waves, you make your windows secure as well. The EMF blocking films are super easy to apply and are available with multiple options. You can either go for the transparent ones or buy a shaded one.

3. Use anti-radiation blankets for the babies

Babies are sensitive beings and it is very important to protect them from the harmful effects of radiation. One of the best ways of minimizing their exposure to the radio waves is to use anti-radiation blankets.  This creates a safe environment for the baby and protects them against the EMFs radiated from the appliances in your house.

4. Use EMF shields on the gadgets

You can get simple EMF patch shields for wireless gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and laptops to minimize the radiation from the source itself. Every household has lots of appliances and gadgets and people are susceptible to the radiations emitted by these gadgets more than ever. While understandably you cannot remove the convenience of gadgets from your life, you can at least cut out their radiation a little.

5. Use RF blocking wallpapers

Another effective option for RF blocking paint is the RF blocking wallpaper. Just apply the smooth side on the walls of your home and paint the other side with any regular paint. This is a fairly new concept, so you might have difficulty finding it in the market. But this is quite an effective way to block out the radiation from gadgets and other appliances in the neighborhood. It is also paintable, so if you do not like the look of the wallpaper you can apply paint to it.

6. Use RF blocking canopies

With so many gadgets making their way into our bedrooms, our sleep cycle has not only been disturbed by the noise of notifications but also we run the risk of exposure to harmful radiations throughout our sleeping time. The RF blocking canopies protect us from exposure while we sleep.

The material is a cloth of net that has RF shielding and allows plenty of air circulation. Also make sure to keep all the gadgets including your smartphones, tablet, etc. outside the sleeping canopy. Otherwise, you will only be trapping the radiation within the canopy.


Listening to music, watching television, and surfing through social media feeds on the smartphone has become a routine for many people. And if this sounds like you too, it is not advisable to be careless about that. While no one is asking you to ditch your precious gadgets and understandably so, you can at least protect your house from the constant electromagnetic field flowing around.

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