iMemories Review 2022 – Is iMemories safe?

Do you have a lot of memories from back in the day gathering dust and getting destroyed by mites? Photos and those old VHS tapes of your past birthdays and vacations are precious memories that should be cherished for as long as possible.

iMemories is a service that can provide you a working fix and let you convert all those old photos into tangible digital formats you can view whenever you please.

What Is iMemories?

A lot of us store precious memories from when we were little in the form of photographs, VHS tapes and other bygone formats. It is great to pull them out occasionally and have a look at them.

Sadly, these physical formats are not meant to last, unless you take particularly good care of them. Even then some of these photos and videos might give in to the test of time, and then, they are lost forever.

iMemories is one of the better services that lets you take all your dilapidated, falling apart physical memories and conveniently turns them into a digital format. Since you can save, copy and backup digital formats with ease, you end up never losing your memories ever again.

All those wedding, birthday, vacation photos and even old movies in form of VHS tapes you have lying around as physical media contains a whole bunch of good memories for you.

With the assistance of iMemories, you can now effortlessly convert them into a more advanced, digital format and effectively preserve them forever, also sharing digital media is much easier.

As a client, you can simply send them your old collection of photos, recordings or negatives and have them digitized. These digital copies can be shared, viewed, and copied easily, effectively saving all your memories from being lost to the test of time.

Is iMemories safe?

With so much of your photos and videos lying around as physical media gather dust, take up space, and are effectively breaking down, it only seems a good idea to start preserving them. If you take care of your memories, well and good, but you need another line of defense to keep your memories safe.

That is where iMemories comes in. Their service takes all your dilapidated, and old-school media and turns them digital, making them easier to save, share, and view at your own pleasure.

You can opt to have your memories transferred into a DVD, a Blu-ray disc, a flash drive, or even to the iMemories cloud. Turning retro footage and photographs to digital is no easy task, and iMemories is one of the leading companies to do that with precision while enhancing quality and clarity.

What Formats Will iMemories Digitize?

iMemories can practically digitize any old-school type of film or photograph with ease. Effectively, iMemories can help transform –8mm, Super 8 and Hi8

iMemories Formats
Formats iMemories Can Digitize
Photo Prints

How Does iMemories Work?

The iMemories service is straightforward. There is a simple method to have your physical media converted to digital, which gains you the ability to save, view, share, and re-watch your old memories with ease. To digitize your memories simply –

How Does Imemories Work
  1. Find the media you need digitized
  2. Contact iMemories and let them know about the details, and they will notify you about the amount you would have to pay to have all that digitized
  3. To begin the process, iMemories will send you the “Sheltered Ship Kit”, a secure way to send them the physical media you need digitized
  4. Add whatever you need to be digitized to the box and send it to iMemories.
  5. Once they process the media, they will resend all the firsts back to you; the physical media you sent them
  6. You can then download the digitized versions from their application or website
  7. Also, you can have the digitized media loaded onto a DVD, a Blu-Ray, or a USB and have it sent to you, with additional charges, obviously.


  1. Easy process to digitize physical media
  2. A variety of compatible formats
  3. Your choice as to how you receive the digitized media
  4. Low response periods
  5. Restoration to the best of their abilities


  1. Might lose out on original content if the physical media is damaged
  2. Services may be expensive for some

Services iMemories Provides

iMemories gives you a few options to choose from when it comes to digitizing your physical media. iMemories provides –

  1. Disc Transfer: If you own a whole lot of physical media you like to have digitized, a disc transfer could work for you. Your old photos and movies are possibly consuming a lot of your shelf space, gathering dust, and breaking down each day. iMemories will help you save all this into either a simple DVD or a Blu-Ray, for easier viewing, storage, and sharing.
  2. USB Transfer: In case you want to save even more space or have a lot more data than a basic DVD can save, iMemories give you the option to save all your stuff onto a USB, or flash drive. Effectively a better way to store and share your memories, USB’s are more common nowadays than DVDs and Blu-Rays.
  3. Cloud Transfer: If you want all your memories stored on the internet forever, iMemories lets you without any hassle. You can either get the cloud storage for a conveyed capacity, meaning pay for the space you need or get a yearly subscription and store as much as you want.
  4. iMemories Application: The iMemories application is available to download on various application stores and can be used on either your smartphones or your computers. The application gives you the advantage of tracking your recent orders to iMemories, acts as the middleman between you and the iMemories cloud and lets you share, create slideshows, and much more without much hassle at all.

How To download iMemories Photos & Videos?

Once you have sent iMemories the physical media you need to be digitized, they will get to work processing and enhancing them to the best of their abilities. Once done, you will be notified, and you can easily download the digitized content from their website. To do that –

  1. Visit the iMemories website and login with your account details; provided to you once you begin your iMemories journey.
  2. Find the photos or videos you want to download and click on the button on the page that says “download”.
  3. Repeat the process for any or all the photos and videos you need to save.

Benefits of iMemories

  • Save Memories: All your dilapidated photos and breaking down videotapes from when you were young will be saved and able to be viewed at your own behest.
  • Free up Space: All that shelf space those dusty old photos were taking up will be freed and all the content conveniently uploaded to a DVD, USB, or the Cloud.
  • Ability to view your memories on any device: Since all your memories will be turned digital, you can easily view them whenever and wherever you want, you only need either a smartphone or a computer to do so.
  • Restoration: iMemories not only digitizes your photos, but also enhances the ones covered in dust and falling apart to the best of their abilities.
  • Preservation: Since most of our old memories are in the form of physical photographs and videotapes, they might be gathering dust, falling apart, and even on the verge of being destroyed. iMemories converts these dilapidated memories to digital media you can view, share and backup easily and for as long as you want.
  • Originals are returned: After digitization, iMemories also returns all the originals back to you.
  • Easy Sharing: Digital media is much easier to share. You do not lose the originals, yet people you share them with can still view your memories.

What Can You Send To iMemories?

imemories facility outside

iMemories is proficient at digitizing a ton of different formats. You can send anything from old negatives to VHS tapes to the company and they will have them digitized as well as enhanced to the best of their abilities.

iMemoreis can easily help you with any video format utilized during and after the 1980s.

Mark Rukavina, Founder

From old photographs, Betamax cassettes, negatives, and 16mm and 8mm films, iMemories will help you with digitizing, saving, and preserving a whole bunch of old videotapes and photos from back in the day.

Rating iMemories (4.7/5)

  1. Convenience: Getting all your falling apart memories fixed up and digitized is incredibly useful on the long run. You get the ability to share, backup and view these memories wherever, whenever you want.
  2. Ease of use: There is not much intervention on your part when it comes to preserving your memories. Simply contact iMemories, let them know about what you want digitized, and that is all. Rest of the work iMemories will do by themselves.
  3. Commitment to safety: When it comes to your memories, your concern for safety is justifiable. iMemories makes sure they keep your things safe and return them to you as soon as the process is completed.
  4. Response time: As soon as you contact iMemories, they get back to you in a day or less. Once you send them the physical media, according to consumers, they received the final product in under 4 weeks or less.
  5. Competition: Companies that offer digitization of physical media are available around the world. Some of the more prominent ones include ScanCafe and ScanMyPhotos. They are reliable sources, but iMemories offers much more in regards to preservation. They also let you decide on how you want the media, have a ton of formats they can work with, and have a much faster response time. Making them an ideal choice for digitizing old photos and videotapes.

How Much Does iMemories Cost & Where to Buy From?

The total cost of digitizing depends on the amount of physical media you send to iMemories. As you contact the company, and they inquire about the media you need to change, you will be notified about the total charges first-hand. You can then decide if you want to go ahead with the transaction or not.

Essentially, if you send in videotapes or VHS tapes to be digitized, they charge $19.99 for each that you submit. For movie tapes, iMemories charges you $19.99 per 50ft. of film. While every photo you need digitized, you will be charged $0.79 per photo.

To have them loaded on to a DVD, Blu-Ray, or a USB, there are additional charges that are added onto the final bill.

  1. DVD – $9.99
  2. Blu-Ray – $14.99
  3. USB – $19.99
  4. Cloud Storage – $5.99 per month, or $49.99 per year

We also have special offers especially for you. Click on the link below to get offers like –

  1. Videotapes – $12.99 per tape
  2. Movie films – $12.99 per 50ft
  3. Photos – $0.49 per photo

Final Verdict

When it comes to our memories, we tend to be quite affectionate and protective of the same. I know I keep my old photos, and videotapes from when I was a kid, incredibly safe. I go the extra mile, but sometimes you see a photo in the pile ripping up or getting foggy against the test of time. No matter how much you try, they will not last.

For this purpose, we bring to you iMemories. Their service lets you turn all your physical photos and videotapes into tangible and easily shareable digital formats. They not only just convert them, but also enhance to the best of their abilities.

Once done, you can easily share them amongst your friends and family without running the risk of ruining them. They even return the original physical copies back to you once their processing is done.

iMemories provides great assistance at justifiable rates and lets you recollect all your falling apart memories in a very convenient way and lets you view and share then whenever, wherever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions About iMemories – FAQs

What will iMemories not convert?

iMemories can convert a whole range of formats into modern digital formats that you can view on any device you want to. Essentially all your personal photos and videotapes can be converted by iMemories. But you cannot send in copyright content, such as movies and music to iMemories. Sometimes even tapes and photos taken by professional photographers of your own events, like weddings and birthdays might fall into copyright content. Simply check with the photographer, or videographer if you wish to have that converted.

What film formats does iMemories accept?

iMemories can easily convert 8mm, 16mm, Super 8 and all black and white films.

How can I download videos and photos from iMemories?

To download photos and videos, simply visit the iMemories website and sign in with your account. Find the photos and videos you want to download and find the button on the page that lets you do that. Simple.

How much do I have to pay to have a 3-hour VHS tape converted?

When it comes to VHS tapes, there is no difference in pricing. Your VHS tape might be 10 minute or a 100-minute-long, iMemories will charge you the same price regardless.

How much storage does the iMemories cloud have?

Unlike other websites, iMemories cloud storage is unlimited if you are a consumer of their services. For a low price of $5.99 per month, or $49.99 per year, you get unlimited storage for all your converted photos and videos.

What devices are the iMemories apps compatible with?

The iMemories apps are currently available on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Macs, PCs, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and select Smart TVs.

If my videotape or movie film is broken, will you fix it?

Yes. Vintage videotapes or movie films are often broken when they arrive. iMemories will professionally repair (or “splice”) your broken videotapes and movie films – without any loss of the footage. iMemories does not charge extra for this service.

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