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Do you think data is volatile and can disappear without any notice?

Well, it technically is quite volatile and if not cared for enough, you run the risk of losing all your important files and folders. If you work with computers or data for that matter, you realize the risk of ruining or corrupting or simply losing your stuff.

Most people today, to combat this issue, use cloud space to store important files. In practice, it works brilliantly, but hackers are another part of the same issue. If you work with sensitive data of a multinational company, you cannot possibly risk losing it, that too to hackers.

For all your data storage needs, we bring to you the InfinitiKloud. It solves all data problems by storing all your important data with a simple click and lets you access it whenever you wish to. Exceptionally easy to use and understand, the device itself is one of the best we have seen in years.

We understand you do not want to lose your data and storing it on the cloud might not be a viable option to some of you. What must be done in that case? InfinitiKloud of course.

What is InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud is a USB stick that lets you backup your data quickly, reliably, and in the most secure way possible. The drive is not in any way connected to the internet therefore, totally safe to store sensitive data onto as well. A handy USB drive you can use to store all your personal data and make sure you never lose it.

If you sadly lose your phone, you might lose your personal photos and contacts if that is the only place to store it. A flash drive, or better yet, an external hard drive is a way for you to make multiple backups of your files.

But what if you wanted something better, something versatile and refined? That is why we bring to you the InfinitiKloud. Though it may look like a flash drive in a glance, software-wise it is so much more.

The most unique thing about InfinitiKloud is that it is not a generic USB drive or conventional cloud storage, it is a mix of both. The best parts of either component to create this incredible device that lets you save and backup all your important files and photos with ease.

InfinitiKloud Features

Think of this flash drive as a secure and portable cloud space inside your pocket. It offers you so much more in terms of features than a simple flash drive, it would be illogical to not invest in it if you need to backup your files.

The top features of InfinitiKloud are-

βœ… Easy to use and handle

βœ… Universally compatible with all computers

βœ… Saves only the files you wish to save

βœ… Easy search and precise find features

βœ… Automatic recognition

βœ… Safety

βœ… Longevity

βœ… A perfect storage space for important files

Technical Facts InfinitiKloud

  1. Universal compatibility: The device is compatible with all versions of windows, Android, and iOS. You can use it on any computer or mobile phone without hassle.
  2. Fast and easy backups: The software the devices comes with and exceptionally useful and can create backups quickly and quite easily.
  3. USB 3.0 support: The device is also USB 3.0 compatible, for those of you who do not know, USB 3.0 is a much faster version of a USB port and can manage much higher upload speeds. It is recognizable by its signature blue colour.
  4. No need for internet: There is also no need for internet connectivity to use the device. You can easily backup, view and even redownload files from the cloud USB without the need for an internet access.
  5. One-click backup available: You can also opt for one-click backup. We suggest you use this when you do not have many files or photos to store onto your device, or if your device is large enough to store the heaps of data.
  6. Light and portable: The dimensions are very handy, and the device can easily be stored in your pocket without any hassle.
  7. Choice in memory: You can of course choose the amount of memory you would need out of your very own InfinitiKloud. We suggest you invest according to your needs.

Who is InfinitiKloud for?

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If you are a full time student, an employee who has to work with spreadsheets and documents, or you need a place to store important tax documents or personal photographs, you can easily find a need for the InfinitiKloud. There are simply so many things you can use it for, it is mind-boggling.

We found the best use for InfinitiKloud was for personal photos and videos, important documents, and credentials. No matter what you wish to store in it, we believe you can find a good way to use this incredible storage device. In theory, this product is aimed at everybody that owns a computer, thus important files, photos, and documents. If you wish to permanently store or backup some important files, InfinitiKloud is the best thing for you.

How does InfinitiKloud work?

The device itself resembles and more or less functions as a USB drive. It can store files and data for you, basically acting as portable backup storage. The true functions of the InfinitiKloud show up when you start using the software provided with it.

As you understand, you can take either of two ways to save your data. Either use a generic flash drive or and external hard drive to store your data or start storing on the cloud. Now, cloud storage is permanent and is hardly lost, given that flash drives can get lost and such, but cloud storage is also not considered safe at all. Prying hands are deep within the internet and if your data is sensitive, you might get into all sorts of troubles.

This is where InfinitiKloud shines. The backup drive is 100% secure and the very idea it is built on is secure and easy backups. Unlike conventional storage, there are virtually zero risks of either corrupting your data or losing it to hackers and such. Not only does InfinitiKloud give you complete protection, but it also gives you complete control over the data you store and even lets you manage and sort it according to your needs.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Plenty backup options
  3. One-click backup
  4. Universally compatible
  5. Compatible with multiple files


  1. 32GB version might fill up too quickly
  2. Can get lost

InfinitiKloud Variants

You can choose your InfinitiKloud with three different storage capacities, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. This way you can never run out of space unless you were not prepared for it. If you are reading this, you must be prepared now.

The 32GB stores over 25,000 high quality pictures, while the 64GB doubles that to around 50,000 photos. Obviously the 128GB version can store over 100,000 HQ photos without breaking a sweat. Not to mention most documents are smaller than any HQ photos. So if you plan to save documents and files as the chief content on your device, understand you can store thousands of documents with ease.

Accepted File Extensions

There is a wide variety of files you can easily store onto the device.

Images – jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, apng, gif, icns, ico, svg, and wmf.

Audio and Video – mp3, wma, wav, ogg, and flac, mp4, mpeg, wmv, avi, and mov.

Documents – txt, doc, pages, docx, odt, wpd, rtf, pdf, wpd, xls, xlsx, xlr, ppt, psd, pps and pptx.

Rating InfinitiKloud (4.9/5)

Ease of Use

Since the device resembles a flash drive, it also acts like one too. The plug and play feature of a generic flash drive combined with extra security gates and software to backup files is what InfinitiKloud features. It is simple to use and refined once the software takes over.

Software Friendliness

The software the device comes with is a handy tool to start your backup journey. Surely with use, you will realize all its benefits, but in one glance, the software is quite well made and easy to use.


Well, much like a flash drive, you can easily fit the InfinitiKloud in your pocket. Make sure you do not lose it though, or that could be years of memories lost.


When it comes to competition, there are a few things you can try if you are not in the mood for InfinitiKloud. Given your primary concern is backups, we suggest you either investigate portable/external hard drives or external SSDs, or you could get a simple flash drive to store all your important documents. What sets the InfinitiKloud apart is its versatile software that lets you easily backup files that you want to be backed up. No manually searching for every file, simply one click and go.

User Reviews

InfinitiKloud User Reviews

Benefits of Using InfinitiKloud

  1. Easy one-click backup: Since the device and its conjoining software is designed to be user friendly, you do not need extensive knowledge to make use of it. It comes equipped with a simple one-click backup button that lets you store all your important files instantly. However, diving deep into its features, you realize it also lets you back up specific files as well.
  2. High-speed USB: It comes USB 3.0 ready, which means download and upload speeds on and from the device reach the higher standards with respect to current speeds.
  3. Lets you manage stored data: Detailed description and statistics can be found for each file you have saved onto the device.
  4. Supports multiple languages: The device also supports multiple languages to choose from, English, French, and German being a few.
  5. Portable: Being, or resembling a flash drive, InfinitiKloud is incredibly portable and can be stored in your pocket without any hassle.
  6. Compatibility: The device is portable with all operating systems. From Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, InfinitiKloud works on every device without fail.
  7. Safety: Unlike cloud storage, InfinitiKloud is incredibly safe to use since it does not require or receive any internet access. This makes it one of the safest ways possible to keep under wraps your private data and memories. The device itself has a password that stops it from being accessed by strangers.
  8. Longevity: We were asked, why not just buy a hard drive? Well let me tell you something off the experience, hard drives and generic flash drives die out within 5 years of use, InfinitiKloud lasts forever. Every time you need to back up memory, simply plug in your InfinitiKloud and keep a collection there. The device will easily last you over 10 years unless you lose it first.
  9. Backup files with a wide range of extensions: The device is not only compatible with multiple platforms but also with multiple extensions. Jpg, png, gif, ico, mp3, wma, flac, mov, avi, mpeg, doc, pdf and pptx are some of the accepted extensions.

Where to buy InfinitiKloud and how much is it?


The InfinitiKloud though available on a few online retail stores, we suggest you purchase the legitimate product directly from their official website. Not only do you get the guarantee of the original product, but also additional benefits if you start your shopping journey with us.

To our readers especially, we bring to you directly incredible offers you will not find anywhere else. Single InfinitiKloud retail goes for $116.65, but shopping with us grants you a $46.66 discount and you get your very own InfinitiKloud for a mere $69.99.

Not only that, buying 2 saves you over $104 with a discount of 45%. You get 2 InfinitiKloud shopping with us for $129 only. If you think that is some deal, get 3 InfinitiKlouds and save $174.96 on your purchase. 3 InfinitiKlouds for only $174.99 plus free shipping.

Do not wait, these incredible offers might not last. Buy now!

Final Verdict

If you are in the market for a device to backup your data, despite its kind and size, InfinitiKloud might be the thing for you. We have used a certain few of these products by now. Most of them are good products overall, but InfinitiKloud has been one of the few that did not have any issues with them during testing.

We suggest getting the right storage for you though. If you want to believe me, less storage is worse than having extra storage. If you are unsure, simply pick the middle ground, a 64GB InfinitiKloud is quite enough for someone looking to store only files and documents and such. Otherwise, a 128GB is a must.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do I need InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud is ideal for backing up any kind of data, be it files, documents, photos and even music and videos. If you are in the market looking for a reliable storage option, InfinitiKloud is easily one of the best out there. The device is totally risk free and there is no way you can lose your data, other than either losing the device itself or damaging it beyond repair.

Where can I buy InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud is easily available on their official merchant website. You can also find a proper instruction booklet to understand how to properly make use of the device on their website as well.

Is InfinitiKloud a cloud device?

Well yes and no. The InfinitiKloud is a combination of both, a USB and generic cloud storage. Though it offers more features than simple USBs and better security than cloud storage.

How much storage do you get with InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud has three different variants to choose from. Ranging from 32GB, going up to 64GB and the highest with 128GB, you can invest in the kind with respect to the amount of data you plan to store in it.

How many files can I store on InfinitiKloud?

It depends on the type and size of your files. The InfinitiKloud standard model can hold up to 64GB of data. That is approximately 45,000 photos.

How long does a backup take?

It depends on the size of your files and your InfinitiKloud model. The standard model can download at speeds up to 60MB/s while the upgraded model works at 100MB/s.

If I have a virus on my computer, will InfinitiKloud get infected?

No, InfinitiKloud only backs up your music, photo, video, and document files, so malicious software and viral programs can’t get in.

What happens if I make changes to a file in between backups?

InfinitiKloud will save a copy of each updated version of that file, which you can view from the My Files tab.

What if I have too many files to store on InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud will back up the first files it finds and leave the rest. You can manage which files you want backed up from the Custom tab.

Can I backup more than one computer with InfinitiKloud?

Yes, you can back up multiple devices at a time and transfer those files to as many other devices as you want.

Does InfinitiKloud work with iOs and iPhone?

InfinitiKloud does not currently work with iOS or iPhone. It will back up your PC, your MAC or any Android device.

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