KoreTrak Reviews – Best Fitness Tracker in 2022 Under $50

KoreTrak reviews

In today’s busy world, keeping track of time and your own physical fitness is something we all aspire to achieve. Fortunately, smartwatches with features that cater to both are already in the market. Unfortunately, a good smartwatch is not kindly priced. For that matter, we bring to you the KoreTrak review, a fitness + smartwatch presented by the KoreHealth Fitness Company. They believe in the philosophy of access to all.

When it comes to health and fitness technology, most people are ready to spend big. But what if we tell you, you do not really have to. Even when it comes to smartwatches, people love purchasing the one with all the bells and whistles. But there are not many devices that provide you with the applications of both in a single product.

Well, that is what KoreTrak is all about. A perfect amalgamation of a smartwatch that lets you manage your fitness on the go as well, and only at a fraction of the price of either.

What is KoreTrak?

KoreTrak is a fitness tracker that lets you effectively manage notifications and lets you connect with peers with relative ease. It comes with biometrics enabled, intuitive features, a touchpad, and an incredibly unique style never seen before in smartwatches.

Not only do you get the ability to manage notifications, messages, and other applications, but it also actively monitors your physical fitness and internal system. A high-tech wristband designed to bring the functionalities of smartwatches and fitness trackers seamlessly into a single device.

Advanced biometric technology analyses your bodily functions and supplies real-time data like health, heart rate, blood pressure and even oxygen levels. You also have built-in fitness apps designed to help you exercise according to your needs and build. Calorie intake and steps tracking also ensures you get plenty of exercise as well as food into your system to maintain its integrity.

All that fitness talk and the other primary function of the device has not even been discussed. The smartphone part of the device lets you connect to your Apple or Android phones. Once paired, you can get message alerts, reminder notifications, and even lets you find your phone if you have somehow misplaced it.

KoreTrak Features

With the capabilities of both a smartwatch and a fitness band, KoreTrak provides to you a multitude of features and applications. The most basic of these are the fitness monitoring and notification management. KoreTrak comes with-

KoreTrak Product

✅ Full-colour LCD screen with touch operation

✅ Combination of a smartwatch and a fitness band

✅ G-sensor, or accelerometer, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring and blood pressure monitoring

✅ Manage notifications and messages

✅ Tracks sleep cycles, calorie intake and steps taken

✅ Tracks inactivity

✅ Up to 7 days of data storage

✅ Direct USBB charging

 IP67 waterproof

 Find your phone functionality

KoreTrak Specifications

  1. Display: Full-color LCD display with touch button operation.
  2. Sensors: Heart rate sensors, G-sensors, and blood oxygen monitoring.
  3. Memory: Up to 7 days of data storage.
  4. Battery: Direct USB charging.
  5. Waterproof Rating: IP67 rated for extreme waterproof abilities.

What Can KoreTrak Smart Watch Do?

KoreTrak stands out due to its ability to be used simultaneously as a smartwatch and a fitness band. With features of both kinds of devices into one, with KoreTrak you are offered-

KoreTrak Uses
  1. Health and Fitness Tracking: With KoreTrak Smartwatch you can easily measure health metrics. From heart rate to blood pressure, there are plenty of things KoreTrak can calculate. Even sleep cycles, calorie intake, steps taken, and inactivity alerts are offered to those willing to invest in their very own KoreTrak smart band.
  2. Notifications Alerts: Connecting to your cellular device makes it easy to view notifications, calls, and messages on the watch itself. The LCD display is enough to make sense out of and the touch screen is useful for managing open applications.
  3. IP76 Rating: The device is rated IP67 which means it is waterproof up to 1m underwater for a limited amount of time. Therefore, you can easily wear it while showering, swimming, or in heavy rain without being worried about ruining it.

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How Does KoreTrak Work?

Koretrak Working

KoreTrak comes equipped with a bunch of sensors that work in tandem with each other to provide you with a list of different health metrics you can then use create a fitness module for yourself. These metrics are essential to monitor your health and create a goal for you to chase.

The fitness side aside, the smartwatch portion of KoreTrak works incredibly well after you pair it with your smartphone. Once paired, you start receiving notifications, alerts and can even navigate and use certain apps directly on the watch.

How to Use KoreTrak Smart Watch?

Making use of the smartwatch is quite easy and straightforward. Simple connecting and pairing it to your smartwatch can open a wealth of options for you to use and choose from.

To start using KoreTrak-

  1. Install its application from your respective app store
  2. Start the app and pair the watch and your phone using Bluetooth
  3. Once connected, you can start receiving updates and alerts directly on the watch screen
  4. You can even read texts, emails, set calendars, book meetings and so much more


  1. Multiple functionality
  2. Easy to use
  3. Stylish and durable
  4. Fitness band and smartwatch in one device
  5. Scratch, dust, and water-resistant glass screen


  1. Is not as cost-effective; but definitely affordable

What makes KoreTrak Better than Other smartwatches?

KoreTrak Comp

When it comes to smartwatches and fitness bands, you only get one of the other in a single product. Not many brands feature both in a single product at a price so low and perfectly reasonable.

KoreTrak is a better option if you wanted to invest in both, a smartwatch, and a fitness band. This best of both worlds’ device is certainly not one of a kind, but devices like these, sell for hundreds of dollars, while KoreTrak is incredibly well priced. This alone can make it worthwhile to purchase this device, but there are plenty other reasons too.

KoreTrak’s effectiveness and efficiency at measuring different health metrics while simultaneously keeping us connected to the outside world makes it a viable purchase. The device itself is versatile and flexible in more ways than one.

Benefits of KoreTrak

  1. Can track a bunch of different health-related metrics, from blood pressure to sleep tracking and analysis
  2. Personalized alerts for inactivity to stay on fitness goals you can easily set for yourself using the device
  3. Tracking health the right way can provide a healthier lifestyle
  4. Tracking sleep patterns can ensure restful nights and alert, productive days
  5. Necessary health insights in a matter of seconds
  6. Alerts on missed calls, messages, and other notifications
  7. Works incredibly as a hybrid between a smartwatch and a fitness band.

Rating KoreTrak (4.9/5)

Ease of Use

As smartwatches go, KoreTrak is relatively easy to understand. The minimalistic UI and easy connectivity make it easy to pair and start using right out of the box.


The design aspect of KoreTrak is highly appreciated by folks who have used it. We tested it too, and you can easily pair KoreTrak with formal or casual clothes. Even taking it to the gym it looks incredibly stylish.


The device offers a tonne of different functions, from notification management to the fitness and health management aspect of the watch. It is offered at a reasonable price and that alone makes all the difference. Usually, smartwatches packed so tight with features can cost almost double of what the KoreTrak does.


Talking about durability, the KoreTrak is notoriously tough. During our testing, the wrist band felt like the most durable aspect of the watch, but the screen wore out after continuous use.


There are a few direct competitors to the KoreTrak. As in devices that offer similar functionality. That said, KoreTrak is easily one of the best looking and functioning fitness trackers out there. Period.

User Reviews

Where to Buy KoreTrak and How Much is it?

KoreTrak is easily available on their official website. KoreHealth is the company that produces this device to bring about a positive impact on user’s lives in terms of health and fitness. We suggest you buy directly from them to avoid any forgery.

Using the link provided below, you can be taken directly to their purchase site and even unlock certain deals and offers we have made ready for our users.

Shopping with us, you can get offers while buying multiple KoreTrak’s.

If you wish to purchase the device, the smartwatch is priced as such:

1 KoreTrak at $49.95 + Shipping

2 KoreTrak’s at $99.90 + Shipping, and

3 KoreTrak’s at a low $112.39 + Shipping

Final Verdict

When it comes to choosing the right smartwatch, the options available can be confusing and sometimes according to the brand, the price changes drastically. Our suggestion is to compare features and then make an informed purchase.

In the case of KoreTrak, our intensive testing suggests that it is one of the better smartwatches we have tried out. The number of features that it comes with and how seamlessly they are combined, at the price point it is offered at, makes KoreTrak a true viable choice if you are looking to invest in a smartwatch/fitness band.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does KoreTrak do?

KoreTrak is a smartwatch/fitness band that functions seamlessly as a mixture of the two. The sensors on board make sure your health is tracked and monitored actively and by pairing it with your smartphone, you unlock many more features. It lets you manage notifications and messages with ease.

Is KoreTrak waterproof or water-resistant?

Yes, it is. KoreTrak comes IP67 rated and it can be safely immersed under 1m of water without losing out on functionality. Anything beyond 1m or longer than a minute at max can seriously harm its workings.

How to connect KoreTrak to a mobile phone?

You can easily connect KoreTrak to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Once paired, you unlock a wealth of features and even get the option of finding your phone using the watch if you misplaced it somehow.

What smartphones are compatible with KoreTrak?

KoreTrak can easily be paired to either of the two smartphone giants, Apple, or Android. Using Bluetooth connectivity, you can start getting the benefits of the smartwatch aspect of KoreTrak.

Is KoreTrak a smartwatch or a fitness tracker?

Both! KoreTrak combines the style and convenience of a smartwatch with the biometric features of a fitness wristband.

How do I control KoreTrak?

KoreTrak has a touch pad with intuitive one-touch controls that makes it easy to navigate through apps.

Can I go swimming with my KoreTrak?

KoreTrak is IP67 waterproof, meaning it can be submerged in 1 meter of water up to 30 minutes. We do not recommend diving or prolonged swimming with KoreTrak.

Can I use KoreTrak if I don’t have my phone on me?

Yes, KoreTrak can store data for up to 7 days on its own. It will automatically synchronize with your phone the next time it comes within Bluetooth range.

Are there different color options for the KoreTrak wristband?

Yes, select the wristband customization kit at checkout for a selection of other styles and colors.

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