LiveWave Antenna Review 2021 – Free New Channels at your Fingertips

LiveWave Antenna Review

Cable TV is good, yes, but limited. You cannot get a lot out of your cable. HD channels are even harder to view on cable. It must be time to move on to something better. Streaming has become unbearably common these days due to its convenience and immediate viewing capabilities. However, there is something else in the market. Something that could really help you get the most out of your cable TV, given you do not wish to move from that.

Presenting LiveWave Antenna.

What is LiveWave Antenna?

LiveWave Antenna is a plug-and-play device that allows you to view local channels, news and also plenty HD channels totally free of cost. This PnP antenna converts your standard cable into a super antenna with a wider range and much more channels to choose from than your basic cable.

Designed with military technology, LiveWave Antenna provides reliable reception without compromising on picture quality. This simple device allows you to bring a lot more channels, especially local ones, to your viewing screen absolutely free of any subscription-based model.

livewave antenna

LiveWave Antenna Features

It provides you with HD levels of image and sound, making sure your viewing experience goes above and beyond what your standard cable can provide.

  1. Over 100 channels: With its super high range and ability to use signals far away, LiveWave Antenna provides you with over 100 different channels. Local channels, news, HD channels will all be available for viewing as soon as you install this device and connect to your TV.
  2. High-definition audio and video: It is a powerful antenna that allows for HD channels to be broadcasted with ease and without losing out on quality.
  3. Easy installation: Its installation is super easy and does not require many instructions. A simple plug and play function allows for added convenience.
  4. No wires: It does not use a whole lot of wires. A single wire that connects to your TV is all you need to start watching a ton of different channels.
  5. Safe to use: It is totally safe to use and does not pose any threat to kids or pets at home.

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy and safe to use
  2. Over 100 channels become immediately available
  3. HD channels, local news, and local channels available
  4. Easy installation
  5. Free Services
  6. Sleek Design


  1. Bad weather can affect broadcasting services

Where to buy LiveWave Antenna and how much is it?

You can easily get your very own LiveWave Antenna directly on their merchant website. Buying from them ensures you get to avail all the discounts and offers the company provides.

You can get,

1 LiveWave Antenna for $73.75

2 LiveWave Antenna for $92.19

3 LiveWave Antenna for $110.63

4 LiveWave Antenna for $132.14

Final Verdict

With most folks turning to streaming services for entertainment, cable TV has since been losing users. Streaming services are undoubtedly more convenient, but their subscription models can be really expensive. Added to that are the changes you might have to make with your entertainment unit. For example, you need a smart TV to run streaming services and they are not cheap by any margin.

For folks who want more channels without having to spend a lot of money, LiveWave Antenna is the perfect device. For free you will receive a ton of different channels to choose from.

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