Loyal Watch Review 2021 – The Best Hybrid Smartwatch there is!

Loyal Watch Review

Fitness watches or smartwatches? What do you personally prefer? Honestly, there has been a lot of debate around the topic and both are evenly matched with each of their quirkiness.

There are devices that have started becoming mainstream. Devices that are part smartwatch and part fitness tracker. Yes, they have more or less been a similar product, but these newer generation smartwatches come fully equipped with features of both types of devices.

Much like the device Loyal Watch.

What is Loyal Watch?

Loyal Watch is a fully-fledged smartwatch that gives you the capabilities to detect body temperature, check oxygen level, blood pressure, heart rate, has a pedometer and can even has specific sports modes.

Loyal Watch is a luxury wearable device that allows you do perform a variety of tasks without being burnt by either type’s limitations. This is the best thing about Loyal Watch, it takes multipurpose to a whole new level.

Loyal Watch Reviews

Loyal Watch Features

So, not only are you getting the benefits of a smartwatch, but you also get the benefits of a fitness tracker, and I mean all the benefits.

  1. Versatile and multipurpose: The device is incredibly multipurpose, possibly one of the most versatile we have seen. It packs both punches beautifully.
  2. Durable: The device is also quite durable. It takes all good parts of either and brings them together.
  3. Fitness and health tracking: It allows you to track a number of health aspects. It is precise and even keeps a record for reference.
  4. Social and smart alerts: Notification alerts are on point and you can even almost control your phone using the watch.
  5. Large display: It comes with a great big display that allows you to do anything you wanted.
  6. Find-my-phone: It comes with a find-my-phone feature that allows you to find your phone in case you misplaced it somewhere.
  7. Customizable: Since the display is quite large, they made sure to make it customizable.

Pros and Cons


  1. Multipurpose
  2. Good display
  3. Multiple features
  4. Durable
  5. Affordable


  1. Is a little bulky

Where to buy Loyal Watch and how much is it?

You can buy Loyal Watch straight from its manufacturer’s website. They offer a tonne of discounts and offers to first-time customers.

Benefits of loyal watch 1

You can get,

1 Loyal Watch for $59.85

2 Loyal Watch for $95.75

3 Loyal Watch for $119.69

5 Loyal Watch for $179.55

Final Verdict

The thing about these hybrid smartwatches is that they can be extremely expensive. Truly, really expensive. And being feature rich only makes it cost that much more. However, half of that is brand name. Loyal Watch is one of those products that offers so much at such an affordable price.

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