MemorySafeX Review 2021 – A Portable Approach Towards Secure Backups

MemorySafeX Review

Backing up data is crucial. We have all lost plenty of pictures and documents we all regret by the end. In this technology driven time, we all have digital data we want protected and saved on a device that will not go bad. But that is the issue is it not? Data corrupts, hard drives break, flash drives are lost, and the cloud is not as safe as everyone thinks it is.

Well, to help with this situation we bring to you MemorySafeX.

What is MemorySafeX?

MemorySafeX is a USB flash drive that can effectively backup and manage your data while remaining accessible and totally protected. Safety and security are a huge issue when it comes to private data. You would not want to lead important documents and personal pictures to people with malicious intent.

MemorySafeX is designed to backup files within seconds and keep them secure from prying eyes. This device has plenty of advantages. Most importantly, you can use this device on your PC as well as your mobile phone, making sure you can create backups wherever you might be.

With a storage capacity of 64 GB, MemorySafeX can store up to 64,000 photos. After clicking too many photos on your phone, simply use this device to backup some of the photos and free up space. Since you can use it with your mobile phone, if you see yourself running out of space, you can transfer some photos to MemorySafeX freeing some space up on smartphone, ready to take more pictures.


MemorySafeX Features

MemorySafeX comes equipped with a USB as well as a USB Type-C head. This makes it readily able to be used on either a computer or your smartphone, given it is a Type-C.

  1. USB and USB Type-C: MemorySafeX comes equipped with a USB and a USB Type-C head for backing up data from a computer or a mobile phone. Any phone compatible with the Type-C head can easily have its photos and documents backed up without any hassle.
  2. Plug and play: Its plug and play feature makes it super easy to use. Simply plug the flash drive into your computer or your mobile phone and use the application to scan for files, photos, or documents and have your data backed up automatically.
  3. 64 GB space: A high disk storage makes it possible for the device to store upwards of 50,000 HD photos. You can treat it as your portable and secure flash drive for work and such.
  4. Easy to use: The application it comes with makes it super easy to backup files and data. Its automatic function scans your device or computer for the extension you provided (either pictures or documents) and backs up everything it locates. This bypasses all the effort required to individually look for pictures and have them moved to a backup device.
  5. Detects duplicates: Not only does it automatically create backups but also detects and removes any duplicate items further saving space.
  6. Highly secure: Since it is not connected to any internet server and is also password protected, even if it is lost, your data will not reach malicious hands.
  7. Durable: Since it will hold private and sensitive data, the company made sure its product was highly durable.

Pros and Cons


  1. USB and USB Type-C compatibility
  2. Easy to use
  3. Super secure
  4. Detects duplicates
  5. Automatic feature
  6. Plug and play
  7. 64 GB storage capacity


  1. If you lose the device or damage it, you lose your data
  2. Not as durable as we hoped

Where to buy MemorySafeX and how much is it?

You can easily get your very own MemorySafeX directly on the merchant website. Buying from them ensures you get a legitimate product with all the benefits and offers the company provides.

MemorySafeX Review

You can get,

1 MemorySafeX for $58.93

2 MemorySafeX for $88.90

4 MemorySafeX for $128.85


Buy 2 MemorySafeX for $108.87 and get 1 free

Buy 3 MemorySafeX for $148.83 and get 2 free

Final Verdict

MemorySafeX is made for people who have private and sensitive data and need all of it backed up on a totally secure device. Since cloud services are flimsy at best, sensitive data should not and must not be stored there. MemorySafeX provides you with a way to store sensitive data without having to use the internet and worry about the dangers of storing it there. A completely disconnected device is a much better way to store and backup your private data and MemorySafeX provides you exactly that. Since you can use it with your phone as well, if you are out and about taking pictures and you see your storage get low, it can even act as a secondary storage device to make space for more of your memories.

Logan is a technical journalist at TheViralTech. He always brings useful products here and reviews all of them then shares his experience with the products in the form of unbiased opinions.

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