OshenWatch Luxe Review – Best SmartWatch Under $110. Really?

OshenWatch Luxe

Latest OshenWatch Luxe Review 2020 – know specification, features, user review, feedback, benefits, price and where you can buy it.

In our busy lives’ smartphones provide plenty of convenience, yet we can get more functional than that. A smartwatch is a small, easily equipped and incredibly functional device we can use to make our daily tasks easier.

Most of us tend to either invest in a smartwatch, that gives us the benefits of reading messages, taking calls, and managing notifications, or we invest in a fitness band, that can take a bunch of health-related measurements.

We bring to you the ultimate combination of the two, the OshenWatch Luxe. A smartwatch with the abilities of a fitness band tied together at an incredibly cheap price.

What is OshenWatch Luxe?

A super-functional smartwatch that brings the benefits of a fitness band to make sure your daily goals are met with the utmost convenience, and at a relatively cheap price.

The belief that a smartwatch should be smart all-around brought about the conception of the OshenWatch. Gone are the days where you would have to purchase a smartwatch and a fitness band separately. Giving you the abilities of both at a super low price, OshenWatch Luxe is the way to go.

OshenWatch Luxe smartwatch is essentially a different variant of the uber-popular OshenWatch. Both the devices have helped consumers get the best of both worlds in a single convenient device.

OshenWatch Luxe gives you the ability to track your health, measure steps, count calories, and everything a fitness band will let you, plus it also lets you manage calls and notifications, check messages and even search for your connected smartphone in case it goes missing.

The OshenWatch Luxe is one of the best smartwatches in the market that gives you the ability to do so much more than a simple smartwatch will let you. OshenWatch Luxe is also priced extremely well and the company makes sure no extra cost is added to the product.

Lets continue our Oshen Watch Luxe review further.

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OshenWatch Luxe Technical Specifications

The smartwatch has features that only high-end products tend to boast. When it comes to technical features, the OshenWatch Luxe boasts:

Dimensions44mm X 10mm
StrapLeather strap
ChargingUSB Fast Charging
Display1.5 HD IPS, 240 * 240 Touch Screen
Bluetooth3.0, 4.0, 5.0 Support Bluetooth Calling
Battery380mAh Li-ion battery
IP RatingIP68
WaterproofIP68 water-resistant
ColorBlack, Gray, Brown
OS SupportiOS and Android

OshenWatch Luxe Features

As discussed earlier, OshenWatch Luxe smartwatch comes with a variety of different features. The functionality of this device is highly regarded and considered as one of the best in the business, unlikely to be seen in products in this price range.

Giving you the ability to track fitness as well as provide additional functionality, the OshenWatch Luxe is truly a “smart” product.

OshenWatch Luxe Review

✅ Long Battery Life: A powerful 380mAh battery provided with the device gives it the capacity to run for long periods of time while in use. On standby, the device can run for a total of 15 days.

 Fitness and Health Sensors: The availability of sensors onboard makes it easy for the device to measure everything from heart rate, calorie intake, steps are taken, and even blood pressure, oxygen concentration, and a 24/7 ECG monitor, making it one of the best fitness watches in the market.

 Notification Management: Managing notifications with the device is easy. The size of the display makes sure all the information is readily displayed.

✅ Take calls and messages: With the OshenWatch Luxe, you can easily take any calls or messages coming to your smartphone without having to take it out of your pocket.

✅ GPS: The OshenWatch Luxe also lets you start navigating using the GPS built in the device itself.

✅ Display size: A relatively big, 42mm display face makes it easy to view information on the screen.

✅ Durability: The OshenWatch Luxe comes with an upgrade with respect to the previous OshenWatch. The IP68 rated smartwatch is waterproof and dust resistant. The overall make of the watch is made to be durable even at its low price.

✅ Fashionable: OshenWatch Luxe looks incredibly fashionable. The practical and durable design is complemented with a leather strap that increases its appeal.

✅ Find my phone: If you lose your smartphone, you can use the find my phone option in the smartwatch to find out where it is. It obviously works with the phone that is connected to the smartwatch.

Why Do You Need OshenWatch Luxe?

As smartwatches go, the usual ones in the market are either not feature full, or if they are, they cost a small fortune. The technology used in smartwatches is gaining momentum and better, faster more “smart” technology is coming out yearly. The OshenWatch Luxe makes use of the best hardware and software combination to create a stunning watch that brings to you the features of a high-end product at a pocket-friendly price.

Not to mention most smartwatches today are just that, simply watches that you can connect to your smartphone which acts as their extension. OshenWatch is all that but provides more features. It adds the functionality and sensors of a fitness band to elevate your experience and get the features of some of the most high-priced smartwatches out there. Thankfully, it does that at almost half the price and does not compromise on quality.

The OshenWatch Luxe is here to make your life easier by bringing your daily tasks and goals to you in a better, more convenient way. The functions of a smartwatch seamlessly brought together with the features of a fitness band.

What Makes OshenWatch Luxe So Unique?

Most of us live in the city, and city life is grueling, to say the least. A bunch of us use a fitness tracker to keep a record of the steps we have taken, the calories we have taken, our sleep cycles, and such. All this because we lack time in the city. Getting ample physical exercise is not easy. A fitness tracker seems the best option to set achievable goals and measure their progress with ease.

The other half of the city dwellers require a true smartwatch to manage their time by helping with quick notifications, messages, easy calling, and the ability to set reminders.

A combination of both these functionalities usually costs a pretty penny. Yes, smartwatches packed with features are available, but at exorbitant prices. OshenWatch Luxe has come forth as a device that provides you ample functionality, tonnes of different features at a price you would not believe.

The fact that OshenWatch provides you with so many different features is ultra-durable and priced so low makes it a one of a kind product, far beyond the capabilities of similar products.


  1. Stylish and functional
  2. Long battery life
  3. Tonnes of sensors to measure vitals
  4. Compatible with both Android and iOS
  5. Durable
  6. Easy to use


  1. Sedentary warning might get annoying at one point

What Can OshenWatch Luxe Help With?

With so many features and uses, OshenWatch Luxe is highly suggested by us and its current users. A sturdy and durable device that can help you with a tonne of different things. OshenWatch Luxe is made for people who want a load of features in a single device.

OshenWatch Luxe helps you with-

  1. Monitoring your health: The plenty of sensors on board can measure things like heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen concentration, quality of your sleep, calorie intake and few more. Not only that, but it also provides 24/7 ECG support.
  2. Setting and reaching fitness goals: When it comes to tracking your physical exercise, OshenWatch makes things easy. You get the ability to track steps taken, measures distance travelled, calorie intake, and everything else you need to know to keep your health and fitness in check.
  3. Connecting to people with ease: Since it is a functional combination of a fitness band and a smartwatch, OshenWatch Luxe lets you connect to your peers with ease. Send and check messages, manage notifications, receive calls and so much more with this incredible device.
  4. Find my phone: In case your connected smartphone is lost, you can use your watch to find it without any difficulty at all.

What Can OshenWatch Luxe Measure?

With tonnes of sensors on board, OshenWatch Luxe can easily measure-

  1. ECG and Heart Rate
  2. Oxygen Saturation
  3. Calorie Intake (Pedometer)
  4. Sleep Tracking
  5. Blood Pressure Monitor
  6. Step Count (Pedometer)
Oshen Watch Luxe Review


OshenWatch Luxe comes fully compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices.

You can easily connect your smartwatch to your smartphone using Bluetooth and start benefiting from the tonnes of features its offers.

Benefits of OshenWatch Luxe

  1. Android and iOS Support
  2. Easy Bluetooth Connectivity
  3. Instantaneous and Accurate results
  4. A bunch of sensors on board to track everything from blood pressure to a 24/7 ECG monitor
  5. In-built applications to monitor health and wellness
  6. A combination of a fitness band and a smartwatch
  7. Fashionable and functional
  8. Durable – IP68 Rated
  9. Ample battery life
  10. Top-notch display
  11. 2-year warranty
  12. 30-day money back guarantee

Rating OshenWatch Luxe (4.9/5)

Smartwatches can be subject to a lot of criticism and if you start nit-picking, you might just find a variety of issues. For us, functionality, durability, and style is everything. We rate products based on such tangible feature points to explain further how well made a product is.

Features and Functionality

Talking about features and functions OshenWatch luxe can commit to, there are many. Easily one of the better smartwatches to grace the market, OshenWatch Luxe is 100% able to stand with some of the top models in the industry. The number of sensors onboard to measure vitality, the ability to seamlessly bound your smartphone with the device to receive notifications and calls make this device a total win.


IP68 certification means the device is waterproof and dustproof. We used the OshenWatch Luxe and it certainly proved to be an exceptionally durable product. The durability of the display is also unmatched, and the strap is of top quality.


Smartwatches with many features tend to be bulky and difficult to use. Not the OshenWatch Luxe. The device is snug on the wrist and looks brilliant when worn. It is essentially multipurpose; therefore, you can wear it formally as well as casually.  

Ease of Use

If you have no prior experience with smartwatches, it can get difficult to handle such devices. Thankfully, with a simple interface, the OshenWatch makes it easier to make use.


This is possibly the most important of it all. The price of a feature-rich smartwatch is in the thousands. But, the OshenWatch Luxe stands beyond the usual rabble. The comfortable price means you would not have to break the bank to get your hand on one of the best smartwatches in the market.


Simply put, there are tonnes of smartwatches out there that can do the same thing as the OshenWatch Luxe. But at this price? I do not think so.

Where To Buy OshenWatch Luxe & How Much Is It?

OshenWatch Luxe can be easily found on their official website. You can no doubt find it in other online stores as well, but the mark of originality comes only when you purchase from their website.

We suggest you get your very own OshenWatch Luxe from the official website.

OshenWatch Luxe retails for around $169.15, but they provide an offer price at $109.95. Good deal, right?

While purchasing, you can also choose the strap you want on your OshenWatch Luxe. The options being-

  1. Brown Leather
  2. Black Leather
  3. Black Metal
  4. Grey Metal

Final Verdict – OshenWatch Luxe Review

We used the OshenWatch Luxe quite extensively and reached the conclusion that it is easily one of the best devices in the market as of now. The highlight of this smartwatch though is the price it is offered at. With such a low price of around $100, the functions and features it offers are just too many to refuse.

We highly suggest you invest in this smartwatch as soon as possible. The battery life, style, durability, features, HD screen, and everything combined make it one of the greatest products in the market right now. Do not wait! Grab one now!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can I do with the OshenWatch Luxe?

The OshenWatch Luxe is a multipurpose smartwatch. It comes packed with features and a tonne of functionality. You can easily measure your vitals with the smartwatch, manage sleep patterns, monitor heart rate and so much more. It also comes with a 24/7 ECG monitor. This is just the fitness experience of the device. Additionally, you can also manage notifications, check messages, take phone calls, listen to music and everything a true smartwatch offers. Basically, it is the perfect amalgamation of a smartwatch and a fitness band.

Can I make a call on OshenWatch Luxe?

Yes, yes you can make a call on the OshenWatch Luxe. The only thing you need to keep with yourself is a Bluetooth headset. With that connected to your smartphone and additionally your smartwatch, you can easily make calls.

Which operating systems is the OshenWatch Luxe compatible with?

The OshenWatch Luxe is commendable in its compatibility. Easily connected to iOS and Android phones, anyone can use the device with ease. Keep in mind it is only compatible with Android v4.4 and iOS v8.0.

What smartphone models will OshenWatch connect with?

OshenWatch will easily sync with any Android or iOS phone.

How long will the battery last?

With a 380mAH Li-ion rechargeable battery, OshenWatch will provide you with an extremely efficient and long battery life. The battery is the same quality as the leading big-name brands.

I find most smartwatches very hard to read. How large is the display on OshenWatch?

OshenWatch has a big 1.3-inch display and is both crystal-clear and very easy to read. The oversized display was designed for easy touch control and reading.

What kind of tools does OshenWatch have to compliment my fitness routine?

OshenWatch has an extremely accurate ECG (electrocardiogram) monitor, sleep tracker, blood pressure and blood oxygen monitor, heart rate monitor, pedometer, and so much more.

Is there an instruction manual I can reference?

Yes there is detailed instruction manual provided. 

Can I use Oshenwatch to diagnose diseases?

No, Oshenwatch is not a medical-grade device. It cannot be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay medical treatment because of something you read on this website.

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