PawSafe Seatbelt Review – The Best in Pet Car Safety Measures

PawSafe Seatbelt

Seatbelts are essential while going for a drive. Accidents can happen without notice and without any mistakes that came from your end. When it comes to driving with dogs, you need to be twice as careful. Sometimes even when your dog is a little excitable when you are taking it out for a walk, it might cause a tiny ruckus inside the car that can momentarily take your notice and end up in a crash.

Yes, it is not that common, but personally speaking, a dog in a car can be quite active sometimes. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself and your dog while you are on the road. For that purpose, we bring to you PawSafe Seatbelt.

What is PawSafe Seatbelt?

The PawSafe seatbelt is a one of the better pet safety features you can easily attach to any seat of your car and make sure your dog is secure during the car ride. The seatbelt keeps your pooch comfortable and totally protected while ya’ll are on the way to the park.

PawSafe Seatbelt

Sudden braking, swerving and sharp turns can really through your dog for a loop. It can lead to restlessness in your pet, and in more serious cases, injury, or death. Seatbelts for pets are now a common item to own, unfortunately they are not always quality products. Well, you can rest assured your PawSafe Seatbelt will never fail to keep your dog totally safe from any harm and any jerks from driving.

Features of PawSafe Seatbelt

PawSafe offers reliable protection from any jerks your dog might feel while you guys drive to the park. We tested with a plushie dog and the results were quite promising. It can really hold down your pet in place and keep it safe from jerks.

  1. Secure your dog: The device is perfect for securing your dog to the seat while you focus solely on driving. Sometimes, a pooch can get really excitable inside the car and cause quite the ruckus. This can easily lead to a crash and therefore, injury. PawSafe ensures your dog is comfortable in its position and keeps a super active dog under wraps as well.
  2. Durable: The seatbelt itself is really durable and can last you an awfully long time. While testing, we sent it through some tests to see if it holds up, and PawSafe is made from quite the durable material, living up to its claims with ease. The belt itself is made from strong nylon fabric, the clasp is aluminium and swivels 360 degrees to prevent choking.
  3. Reliable: When the need arises, you need your seatbelt to work perfectly and help reduce any injury that could have been caused. Well, PawSafe is no different. It is one of the more reliable pet seatbelts we have reviewed.
  4. Affordable: Also, the device is really affordable as compared to others in the market. Definitely not the cheapest, but for the quality offered, you get a proper product.
  5. Tangle-Free: Seatbelts, especially smaller ones for kids and dogs can get tangled easily, well not PawSafe. PawSafe is tangle-free and incredibly easy to use.
  6. Heavy duty and shock absorbing: The device includes a heavy-duty tether and shock absorbing bungee that you can attach to the seatbelt buckle. There are quite a few features set in place to keep your dog from getting harmed in case of a crash.

How does PawSafe Seatbelt work?

The functionality though remains the same as any other seatbelt, the way you clasp it on your tiny friend might be a little different. Since the sizing is flexible, you can attach it to your not-so-tiny friend as well.

seatbelt placeholder 1

To make use of it,

  1. Attach the clash to your dog’s harness
  2. Snap the buckle into place
  3. Seat your dog on the seat in whatever manner you and your dog prefers
  4. And you are ready to be cruising

Once set, the strong clasp makes sure the belt stays in place, the nylon fabrics provides strength and comfort and the swivel can be turned as per needs or to accommodate comfort if your dogs needs to stand or lie down.

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to use
  2. Durable and tough
  3. Adjustable and tangle-free
  4. Affordable
  5. Comfortable


  1. You might have to turn the swivel each time your dog wants to change its seating position

Final Verdict

When it comes to our safety, we do not compromise even a little bit. It must be the same case with our pets. Pet owners know, understand, and strive towards keeping their baby safe. Dogs especially can be a little too excitable and prone to injury while inside a car. PawSafe Seatbelt is the perfect thing to use to make sure your dog is safe at all times during the journey.

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