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photostick mobile

So, you are running out of memory on your phone and you are an avid photographer. You visit a lot of places, take a lot of photos but have not gotten the extra cloud space, are running out of device memory and there is nothing else you can do on such short notice. You may not even be connected to the internet from where you are. Well, that is what Photostick Mobile is here for. Your one shop stop for a perfect device to store all your photos in a singular, safe and easy to carry USB like device.

If and when your mobile devices’ memory gets full, the Photostick Mobile will come to your rescue. An easy method to store all your photos in a single space. It is automated, so just plug it into your device, and it will automatically detect all your photos and make a backup in its own storage. It is exceptionally smart as well, ignoring clones and making use of software that does not miss any photos, so you do not have to worry about losing out on precious memories anymore.

What is Photostick Mobile?

The PhotoStick Mobile is a revolutionary device that easily backs up all the photos on your mobile device. Just plug it in and press back up on its official app, it is that simple. All your photos will be backed up in their own memory, skipping duplicates and clones.

On the other hand, if you manually transfer your photos, it can get a little time consuming and you run the risk of either forgetting something, losing some photos in the vastness of your devices’ memory or even accidentally deleting photos. Photostick is the best way, and the only true way to back up your photos. Especially useful for iPhone users, since they do not have any ways to extend memory, the Photostick Mobile will come incredibly handy to all mobile users, iPhone or Android.

Features of PhotoStick Mobile

Product reviews have been extraordinary for the Photostick Mobile, and for good reason. The biggest deciding factors for most people who use PhotoStick Mobile are the accessibility, portability and convenience, and ease in using the device.

To sum it up, here are the top reasons to purchase a PhotoStick Mobile:

photostick mobile

 Easy to Use the one-click Backup – Similar devices can include the basic flash drive which you can use to backup your photos, but that requires manual work. Transferring one folder at a time is time-consuming, not to mention the fact that you might forget some photos or accidentally delete a folder too. With PhotoStick Mobile, you do not have to worry about that. It is quick and with one click you can easily backup all the photos and videos on your device to the convenient space that is the PhotoStick Mobile.

 Automatic – Say goodbye to manual transferring and worrying about missing some photos. The automatic feature of the device and its significant app makes it much easier to transfer all your photos to the PhotoStick device, without any hassle.

 No Need for a Working Internet Connection – Since it acts just like a USB device, you do not need a working internet to start and end the backing up of your photos, unlike the cloud. You only need the app installed, which needs an internet connection, and after that, you are good to go. Backup photos anytime you want, with ease.

 Simple and Refined – The app that goes with the device is neither clunky nor hard to understand. People with no tech knowledge can also use it, without getting confused about the controls. It all happens at the press of a button. The device itself is visually simple looking as well. On one side it the part that plugs into your charging port of your mobile, and on the other is the USB port that plugs into your laptop, Mac or PC.

 Compatible with Devices and Common Media Formats – The ability to use the PhotoStick Mobile on any iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac is highly beneficial. On top of that, when it scans your device for photos and videos to backup, it reviews most of the common media formats photos and videos come in, making it extremely convenient to use. You can be sure the PhotoStick will not miss any of the photos, or videos on your mobile device.

 Portable – Since it is essentially a flash/USB drive, it is easy to carry around. But make sure you do not damage or lose it along the way.

How to Use PhotoStick Mobile?

Photostick Mobile is essentially a USB device with the inbuilt power to back up your photos without manually transferring them. It is easy to use a device that fits in your pocket. The app is user friendly, so anybody can use it.

I will guide you towards freely backing up your photos with the Photostick Mobile –

  1. Purchase the device from Amazon, or from their official website
  2. Download the free for all photo saver app from the App Store, for iPhone or Play Store, for Android users
  3. Insert the smaller end of the flash drive into the charging port of your device
  4. Launch the app
  5. In the main screen, press “Back Up”
  6. Give it a few seconds to scan your mobile for photos
  7. Once done, disconnect

That is all! You have now created a backup of all the photos on your device to the PhotoStick Mobile.

Video Instructions

You can now plug the PhotoStick Mobile into your laptop or PC to browse through them by just using the USB connector on the opposite end of the PhotoStick

Photo Stick for iPhone

With just a click of a button, Photo Stick for iPhone does all the time-consuming and tedious job for you in minutes. Click here to check out their user guide.

Photo Stick for Android

Compatible & Supported Android Phones: Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, and HTC phones running Android operating system 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer.

PhotoStick Mobile Compatibility

The PhotoStick Mobile is compatible with Android devices (Version 5.0 Lollipop and later) as well as iPhones (Version 11.3 and later), depending on which one you purchase. The USB feature is also straight forward and can be plugged into any laptop, Mac or PC in a conventional way. It is also compatible with all sorts of images and videos. Be it JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, AVI, MPEG4, or WMV.

Benefits of PhotoStick Mobile

  1. Easy backups of all your photos
  2. Saves and organizes your precious photographs
  3. No additional fee attached
  4. Portable, and ability to use on the go
  5. Convenient to Use
  6. No need for a working internet connection
  7. Privacy, since there is no use for a cloud
  8. Compatible with almost all devices and image/video formats

Photostick Mobile Variants

When you visit their Photostick Mobile site it only shows the 32GB model, but once you select the one you want, it then displays the upgrade window where you can choose between 64 and 128 GB model.

How Many Photos Can the PhotoStick Mobile Save?

An important piece of the puzzle is how many photos can it save until it itself runs out of memory. There are three kinds of PhotoStick Mobile in the market, offering 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64Gb storage. The 8GB PhotoStick Mobile is enough to save over 3500 pictures, while the 64GB can save up to 30,000 pictures, and the 128GB stores over 60,000 images. Depending on the frequency of your photographic endeavors, you can invest in either of these to free up that much-needed space on your mobile device.

What is the difference between original PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile?

Photostick Mobile and its original version, the Photostick are both essentially the same device, but catering to either side of the same coin. The original Photostick can only be used on a Mac, a PC or any laptop to save your photos. Whilst the Photostick Mobile works on your mobile device, as well as your computer. It comes with a smaller port that plugs into the charging port of your phone. You can easily save photos from your phone while on the road when your memory runs out.


  1. Portability: Resembling a flash drive, the device is incredibly portable.
  2. Convenience: You do not have to go around saving photos manually.
  3. Ease of Use: You only need basic knowledge of mobile and flash drives.
  4. User-Friendly Software: The software it comes with is easy to use and straight forward.
  5. Removes Identical Items: Takes identical photos and only saves one of them. Saves same and is very effective as well.
  6. Fast and Automatic: Take not more than a few minutes to scan and save all the photos on your phone.


  1. Risk of Losing the Device: Being a flash drive, you run the risk of losing it.
  2. Risk of Losing Data: Devices can get damaged, might drop in water, risking loss of data.
  3. All Photos Means All Photos: It scans and saves all the photos on your phone without any bias.
  4. Space Concerns: Your device might also run out of memory if you save too many photos. You can easily avoid this by either saving the Photostick photos to some other storage, or simply getting a bigger Photostick Mobile with more space.

Who Is This PhotoStick Mobile For?

If you are an avid photographer, who takes pictures on the go using your phone camera, the PhotoStick Mobile will prove exceptionally useful. If you are sick of paying for extra cloud space, need a safer alternative, or want the ability to view your photos in under a moment’s notice, without the use of the internet, then again, the PhotoStick Mobile is for you. The device has plenty of uses and performs outstandingly well for the job it is meant to do. A worthy investment all in all.

If you are into mobile photography, and yes it can be good too if you do it right, then you simply have to invest in the Photostick Mobile. There are countless times I have found myself running out of space during a vacation due to the hundreds of photos I took. It can be difficult to delete existing photos or move them to your cloud or something, but the Photostick Mobile will have your back in situations like these. You can even invest in different variants of the same product that offer you space according to your needs.

Rating PhotoStick Mobile (4.7/5)

Photostick Mobile is something we all should own. Since our smartphones are capable of clicking incredibly detailed photos, we hardly shy away from capturing some serene moments. This means you might run out of space sooner than you think if you are out on vacation.

Portability: The simple flash drive looking device does its job when it comes to portability. A small USB can easily be carried around without it taking any significant space in your pocket or backpack.

Ease of Use: Photostick Mobile is easy to use. You simply need some basic understanding of you mobile and that is it. You simply plug the device into your charging jack and start the application to start backing up your photos.

Software Used: Since the Photostick mobile is much more than just a flash drive, it comes with in-built software that easily scans and saves all photos on your mobile without any hassle at all. 

Competition: When it comes to competing with the Photostick Mobile, there is not any device that can 1v1 with this bad boy. An incredibly unique product, the Photostick Mobile is essentially a flash drive, but so much more than that too. The software comes with can save your photos easily and without any user interference or effort.

Where to buy Photostick Mobile?

Photostick is incredibly popular and is being used by a ton of people all around the world. It comes in different models and for different purposes. Photostick Mobile can easily be bought from its developers’ official website.

Final Verdict

After carefully examining the devices, its uses, user reviews, and its functionalities, we cannot stress enough how much you actually need this device. It is convenient, safe, uses minimal resources, is quick at its job, and a fantastic product for avid photographers and the common folk alike. Never before has backed up photos been so much easy, straight forward and convenient. We know you care about your precious memories and want a safe way to back them up on a device that does not come with a whole lot of hassle. And for that, we suggest you invest in the PhotoStick Mobile.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which smartphones are compatible with ThePhotoStick® Mobile?

Almost all major Android, iPhone, and iPad devices!
Supported Android devices:
Compatible with all Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC phones running Android OS 4.4 or newer made in the last 3 years. Phones must be OTG compatible. A FREE adapter is included that ensures compatibility with Micro-USB and USB-C devices.
Supported iOS devices:
Compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches that have a Lightning Port. Requires iOS 9.0 or later.

What photo and video file types can PhotoStick Mobile find and save?

PhotoStick Mobile can find and save JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, AVI, WMV, MOV and MPEG4 files. PhotoStick even gives you additional options to save even more photo and video formats, being able to be tweaked in Photostick Mobile settings.

Which computers can I use to transfer photos and videos off the device?

By simply plugging in ThePhotoStick® Mobile to your computer, you can easily transfer all the photos and videos off the device. It’s compatible with nearly all modern computers using Windows and Mac Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
Mac OS X Version 10.6 and later.

What photo file size is used when we say the 128GB version can store 60,000 photos?

We use an average photo file size of 2MB for our calculation. We picked this size for our calculation because it is the approximate size of an 8MP photo saved in a .JPEG format. Some file sizes are much larger, such as camera RAW files, movie files such as .MOV and .MPEG4, and photos taken with cameras that can take photos greater than 8MP, so the number of photos that can be stored on ThePhotoStick® Mobile can vary.

How does the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee work?

All products are backed by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, starting on the day of shipping.

How long does backing up photos take?

Depending on how many photos there are to be saved from your phone on to the Photostick Mobile’s memory, it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to around 20 minutes for the device to do its job.

Can I use Photostick Mobile on multiple devices?

Yes, that is one of the many advantages of Photostick Mobile. You can easily backup photos from multiple phones if you wish. You simply have to install the application onto the mobile you want to use Photostick Mobile on and that is all.

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