Photostick Review: Is It Worth $49.99?


Are you one of those people who keeps running out of space ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ on their laptop or PC due to your incredible enthusiasm for taking pictures?

Well, then we may have the best thing you should invest in, The Photostick.

This revolutionary device has taken the world by storm and is viewed as the quintessential gadget for all photographers. Even if you simply have a lot of memories in the form of pictures stored on your computer, Photostick will help you no matter what. ๐Ÿ™Œ

A lot of people have issues with limited storage for their precious photos, and we get it, we truly do. We suggest you immediately invest in a Photostick device for a convenient space for all your photos, in a single device, without any hassle at all.

What is PhotoStick?

The Photostick is a gadget that will end all your storage problems, it is capable of backing up & securing all your photos and videos instantly. If you have used up the memory on your device, or just looking to backup important photos to a single convenient space, Photostick is for you. The perfect, most secure, singular space for all your photos and videos.


The Photostick is automatic in its approach, in that, you only have to plug into your PC and give it permission to scour your files for all the photos and videos in there. It does all the work by itself and in a matter of 15-20 minutes creates a backup of all the photos and videos on your device. It also deletes duplicates along the way, saving you even more, space & time.

Fast and Automatic ๐Ÿ’จ

With its software so unique and powerful, you can just sit there while it finds all the photos & videos on your system to back up. Without it, you would have had to sit there, manually searching folders for your photos and figuring out which one to keep. With the Photostick, it is completely automatic and takes extraordinarily little time to process all your photos.

Compatible with all Media Formats ๐Ÿ“ธ

Whether it is .JPEG, or .TIF, or PNG, the Photostick will store all photos on your device, no matter their formats and extensions. Since it backs up videos as well, all video formats are also supported, .MOV, .AVI, all of them, even MP3. Its compatibility covers every aspect of images and videos, so you do not have to worry about anything at all.

One-Click Backup ๐Ÿ‘†

Since it is automated with its searching and backing up, you literally just have to press โ€œGOโ€ when you plug in the device into your system. A single click will search your files for relevant data, photos, and videos, and starts to store them in its memory almost instantaneously. Organizing and optimizing is also left for the device so that you do not bother yourself with the difficult tasks, and let the device do what its best at.

No Internet Required ๐Ÿ˜‰

The software is inbuilt into the device, therefore there is no need to install it from network sources, neither do you need an active connection to start the process of backing up your data. Unlike cloud storage, which is a whole lot of hassle to set up, you only need to plug it in and watch it do its magic.

How Does PhotoStick Work?

How Does PhotoStick Work

Though it can easily be confused with a basic flash drive or a USB drive, Photostick is so much more than that. Even though the resemblance is striking, the Photostick does not behave like a flash drive at all.

As soon as you plug it into your computer, a prompt asks you for permission to scan your PC. When you do, the Photostick, fairly quickly, searches through your computer to find any and all pictures and videos there are, ready to back them up, saving your hard disk space and keeping all your memories in a single place.

Yes itโ€™s that simple! ๐ŸคŸ

How To Use The PhotoStick?

  1. Ensure your laptop has a USB port.
  2. Plug-in the Photostick USB Stick into your laptop ๐Ÿ’ป.
  3. Run the software manually if it does not start on its own.
  4. Setup Photostick, follow instructions.
  5. Click on โ€œGOโ€ โœ” on the main screen.
  6. Let Photostick do its job, takes not more than 15-20 minutes, depending on how many photos you have stored.
  7. Wait for the โ€œFinishedโ€ prompt.
  8. And, there you go. ๐Ÿ‘ All your photos now transferred to Photostick.

Quick Guide On How To Start Photostick on Windows

  1. Insert Your Photo Stick inside any open USB slot.
  2. Find the USB inside File Explorer and open ThePhotoStick_Windows.exe.

3. When the program loads in, simply click โ€œGoโ€.

Quick Guide On How To Start Photostick on Mac

  1. Find an empty USB slot and plug ThePhotoStick in.
  2. Search for an icon on your desktop by the name of PHOTOSTICK (if by any chance the icon does not appear, you should then go to Finder and open it from the list of devices)

3. Open the file called ThePhotoStick_Mac.

4. After the program loads up simply click the button โ€œGoโ€.

PhotoStick Variations

You can choose between 8GB which can candle up 3500 photos, 64GB and 128GB which means about 56000 photos.

Photostick 128GB Variant

USB Photostick Variations

The Photostick comes in three kinds of devices. A USB device, able to plug into your computer to backup any, and all photos and videos there. The USB Photostick comes in three variations, 8GB, 64GB and 128GB, with an increasing number of photos that can be stored in each, respectively. Then there is the Photostick Plus, which looks much like an external or a portable hard disk, able to store an even higher number of photos.

Photostick Mobile ios

Lastly, is the Photostick Mobile, which conveniently plugs into your phone and saves all your memories in its memory, freeing up space and keeping all your pictures in one convenient spot.

What Image & Video Formats Does Photostick Support?

The Photostick is compatible with almost all photo and video file types. We tried to backup all the photo and video file types mentioned below and we didnโ€™t face any issue during the process.

PNGโ€“ Portable Network GraphicsMP4 โ€“ MPEG Layer 4
JPEG (or JPG)โ€“ Joint Photographic Experts GroupMPEG โ€“ Moving Picture Experts Group
GIFโ€“ Graphics Interchange FormatWMV โ€“ Windows Media Video
TIFF โ€“ Tagged Image FileFLV โ€“ Flash Video
PSD โ€“ Photoshop DocumentAVI โ€“ Audio Video Interleave
PDF โ€“ Portable Document FormatASF โ€“ Advanced Systems Format
EPS โ€“ Encapsulated PostscriptDivX โ€“ Digital Video Express (DivX-encoded Movie)
AI โ€“ Adobe Illustrator Document
INDD โ€“ Adobe Indesign Document
RAW โ€“ Raw Image Formats

How Many Photos can PhotoStick Save?

Depending on which Photostick variant you purchase, you can easily save up to around 2 million photos. Precisely though, a Photostick 8 can store around 3500 photos, while a 64 can store 30,000 and a 128 can store up to around 60,000 photos. The Photostick plus stores the most with around 2 million, making sure you have enough space for photos of a lifetime. Choose the variation that helps you keep your photos backed up and invest wisely, you do not want to run out of memory very soon.

How does Photostick Organize your Photos?

Photostick is no ordinary flash drive. It looks similar but plays a much better role in saving space as well as automatic organization. Photostick devices use a simple to use software that installs itself after your due permissions. By simply clicking the โ€˜Goโ€™ button after the installation is finished, the inbuilt software automatically scans your folders to any photos it can find and starts saving them to the devicesโ€™ memory.

How does Photostick Organize your Photos

Photostick has exceptional abilities to organize all the photos it saves. By using a simple yet effective method, the software even gets rid of duplicates for you. Totally cutting out the manual work of searching for and organizing photos yourself, Photostick does it for you, in a matter of minutes.

What is the difference between original PhotoStick and PhotoStick mobile?

photostick vs photostick mobile

Android & iPhone Version

The originalย Photostickย can be used on a Mac or a Windows PC with ease, while the Photostick mobile version must be used to backup photos directly from your cellular device. We suggest you invest in both, since you may never know when you reached the threshold of storing photos on your phone. It gives you the tremendous ability to keep all your photos and memories safe, under one wing, in a single, much convenient and safe place.

Why You Should Get a PhotoStick?

If you are constantly taking photos and your computer, mobile constantly runs out of space, the Photostick is the best product you can find on the market. It looks and feels much like a flash drive, or a hard drive, but it is so much more than that. All your storage requirements stuffed into a singular device, backing up your memories, organizing them, saving you an ample amount of space and doing all of this at a mere push of a button. The Photostick is incredibly automated, in that it requires no assistance from the user to either look for images, or during the backup process.

If you are into photography, as a professional or as an amateur, the Photostick will act as a savior when you randomly run out of space and you need a device that can help you make some more and give you the ability to organize clicked photos into a wholly convenient, singular space. Such is the power of the Photostick. It is one of the best gadgets on the market right now and specially advertised to photographers, veterans and newbies alike.

Hard disks are known to fail over time, mobile phones break and get lost, and they hardly even offer any function to organize your photos as much as the Photostick does. Using this device, you will never have to worry either about security, since its totally free from any cloud connections, or about misplacing your important memories. All your photos in a single space, where they will be safe from prying eyes and organized for your own viewing pleasures.

Benefits of Photostick

  1. Easy to use
  2. Saves and organizes your precious photographs
  3. Saves space on your devices, be it PC, Laptop or your Mobile
  4. Portable, and ability to use on the go
  5. Reasonably priced for the offerings
  6. Easy to use, automated and stable software
  7. Secure, since there is no connection to the cloud
  8. No passwords
  9. Requires no internet to work
  10. Compatible with almost all devices and image/video formats

Who is PhotoStick really for?

This device is very convenient and could come of use to most of the people who use it. But simply put, it is not actually for everyone, since if you do not click that many photos, or do not have a lot of photos saved on your device, PhotoStick would just be a useless investment. Say you have a hundred photos with you, memories you have saved for yourself, and they are what? 200MB max? It would be over-kill to get an 8GB Photostick device to store photos that take up way less space.

Photostick is really for people who are either avid photographers or people with a tonne of photos they want to be saved in a single, convenient space. I personally have over 2000 photos and Photostick helps me immensely to backup all my data to the device. It is a suitable device for people with massive chunks of data that are otherwise just taking up space on their computers.

Given your computer is running out of space due to the immense collection of photographs you have, I cannot stress enough how much Photostick is going to help you. You can not only save space on your PC, but also have a designated place for all your memories. I know some avid photographers that use the 128GB variant of the Photostick to save all their projects to not only save space but make the most of the space Photostick allows them to have.


  • Solid, Light & Portable Design
  • Convenient- All Photos In a Single Space
  • Easy to Useโ€“ One Click Operation
  • User-Friendly Software UI
  • Removes Duplicate Photos
  • Available in Different Storage Sizes


  • Losing Itโ€“ Due to its small size, it may get misplaced.
  • All Photos Means All Photosโ€“ It will backup every single photo on your device.
  • Missing 32 GB option


Ease of Use

Photostick is incredibly easy to use. Anyone who knows how to operate a simple flash drive can easily make it do exactly what they want to.

Technology Used

Unlike basic flash drives, PhotoStick offers a well-made, user-friendly technology to easily back up your photos and videos. That makes it different and a unique product to save space and have a designated spot for all your photos and memories.

Software Friendliness

The software PhotoStick comes with cannot be easier to handle and manage. It is straight-forward and does not use any additional gimmicks that might make it more difficult to use. All it takes to use the Photostick is simply plugging it in and clicking โ€œbackupโ€ on the software screen attached to the device. The software is convenient as well, scanning your drives for all photos and videos and backing them up for you. This is helpful in that, you do not need to manually select each photo in every folder, making it super convenient and time-saving as well.


Since Photostick looks and is nothing more than a simple flash drive, it is easy to carry and even easier to misplace. Make sure you keep it safe or otherwise risk losing all your precious memories.


In terms of Photostickโ€™s competition, there are not as many. Basic flash drives are an option or even an external hard disk. But they obviously do not come close to the convenience and uniqueness of Photostick. The device is one of a kind that helps you save your photos in a single space without any user interference. The software Photostick uses is quite user-friendly and can easily scan your computer for any photos that you might be hoarding.

Where to buy Photostick?

Photostickโ€™s popularity has boomed since its release, and rightfully so, therefore all its different models and variations can easily be found on the Official website.

Photostick Review- Final Verdict

The Photostick is a never seen before, a unique gadget with tremendous possibilities and uses. We highly recommend this product for all that it offers and for the reasonable price it is offered at. It is extremely easy to use, requiring no internet or any intervention from the user. It organizes photos and videos skillfully, with very well in-built software. All your memories in one place, safe, secure, and organized.

Which computers can I use ThePhotoStick on?

Photostick is compatible with both Mac and Windows PC. In terms of Operating System, you can use Photostick on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac OS X Version 10.7 and later.

What photo and video file types can PhotoStick find and save?

Being super compatible, PhotoStick will find and save JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, AVI, WMV, MOV and MPEG4 files. PhotoStick goes even further and gives you the option to save even more photo and video formats, you can tweak them in Photostick settings.

How do I start PhotoStick?

The Photostick is as useful as it is easy to use. For first timers, think about the process as simply plugging in a flash drive. Once done, go to My Computer and click on the Photostick labelled icon. A software will now ask your permission to start, once you are in the main menu, a big โ€œGoโ€ button on the right corner would have made available to you. Clicking this button starts Photostick up and it starts scanning your computer for photos that you might want to save, and, in a few minutes, you would have successfully made a back up of all the photos on your computer.

Can you use PhotoStick to provide regular backup?

Yes, if you do not want to wish to use Photostick as simply a photo saving device, you can also use its memory to store your files as well, like you would in a flash drive.

Can Photostick be used with multiple devices?

Yes, that is one of the better advantages of the Photostick. You can easily backup photos not from one, but from multiple computers if you wish. The setting up is similar for all computers, after the first-time setup on each computer, you can start using the backup feature to scan and save photos from said computers using a single Photostick device.

How many of my photos can I save on a PhotoStick?

Depending on which variant you purchase, Photostick can store a huge number of photos even with its lowest model. An 8GB Photostick stores around 3500 photos, a 64GB can store over 30,000 and the maxed out Photostick Plus 128GB can store a whopping 60,000 photos. Use a Photostick as your primary backup device for all your photos from all your systems.

How long does file backup take?

Now it all depends on how many photos you have on your device that can be saved to Photostick. The scanning and backup happens fairly quickly and does not require a lot of user interference. Depending on the number and the size of files being saved, Photostick can take anywhere from up to 5 minutes to over 20 minutes to fully and securely make the backup you requested.

Does anything need to be installed on my computer to make Photostick work?

No, not at all. The only software you require for Photostick to work comes in-built with the device. It installs once per system, after which you can easily use Photostick to backup images even from multiple computers.

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