ProntoPaw Review – A Sure Way Towards Complete Pet Cleanliness


When it comes to dogs, grooming and taking care of them is really crucial. Otherwise, they can look shabby and even smell up your living space. Since dogs are outdoorsy and their paws can easily bring in dirt and mud inside your home.

Having a dog requires you to regularly groom your dog to maintain its hygiene and cleanliness of your home. For this purpose, we bring to you ProntoPaw.

What is ProntoPaw?

ProntoPaw is a dog foot washer that is made from soft silicone which makes cleaning your dog an easy and quick task. It is a sure shot way to make sure your dog is clean.

The device is effective at cleaning and does not harm or hurt the dog in anyway. The soft silicone spikes make sure to get every last inch of dirt and mud to maintain their health and the sanctity of your living space.


ProntoPaw Features

After your dog has had its fill playing in the yard or a nearby park, it falls onto you to make sure they are clean and do not bring in unnecessary dirt and mud into the house. Dogs also can be excitable and jump on your bed, you do not need all that dirt on your bed now do you.

  1. Quick and easy to use: The device is made to be easily used and has a quick function.
  2. Practical approach: The silicone spikes make it incredibly practical. They reach all nooks and corners effectively removing any dirt or mud on your pet’s paws.
  3. Requires no further equipment: You do not need any extra soap or towel or anything else to finish grooming your pet. Simply using it once for a few seconds will effectively clean your dog, or cat for that matter.
  4. Saves money: You can end up saving a tonne of money on cleaning appointments for your dog. If you do it yourself, you will end up saving time as well.
  5. Reusable: The silicone cups do not need to be replenished before a long time. They are easily cleaned and can be reused almost instantly.
  6. Universal: No matter the size or breed of your dog, it works on every kind without any hassle.
  7. Works on cats: Not only dogs but ProntoPaw also works seamlessly on cat paws as well.
  8. Keeps your living space clean: There is no question about how jumpy dogs can be. If they are not thoroughly cleaned and groomed, they can leave your house looking like a dump. ProntoPaw makes sure you do not get unnecessary dirt and mud into your home.

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to use
  2. Quick function
  3. Easily cleaned and reused
  4. Universal
  5. Saves time and money
  6. Works on cats as well


  1. Your dog might feel ticklish at first

Final Verdict

There is simply no escaping cleaning your dog. Pets can bring a lot of filth from the outside and if you do not clean them well, you are definitely going to have a dirty house. The problem is, there is a lot of cleaning you might have to do to make sure that does not happen. Fortunately, ProntoPaw helps you exactly with that. Making cleaning your dog a really easy and quick task. It does not require you to bring in other equipment to finish cleaning your dog. One single product that effectively reduces dirt that might show up because of your pet.

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