PureAir Max Review – All Natural Air Purifier

You know air purifiers can be incredibly expensive. The big, more effective ones are not as portable either. Yes, they are great and all, but do you want to see your electricity bills soar while you can have an all-natural alternative.

We bring to you PureAir Max.

What is PureAir Max?

PureAir Max Charcoal Bag is a pouch filled with activated charcoal that effectively filters air and keeps odour and allergens at bay. The mix is made from activate charcoal and porous bamboo charcoal. This allows PureAir to effective soak in all unnecessary moisture, allergens, and odours to provide you with a clean breathable air.

The function of the product is completely natural and is as effective as an expensive air purifier. It is also highly portable, and one can be permanently stored in your car as well.

PureAir Max Features

This deodorizing bag can be easily placed in your car, bathroom, bedroom and even in your refrigerator to help clean the air inside.

  1. Activated charcoal: PureAir boasts a mix of activated charcoal and porous bamboo charcoal to make sure your environment is allergen free and the air as pure and odourless as possible.
  2. Quick and effective: Once you set it in, the bag starts working on its surroundings, clearing out odours, allergens, and the air itself.
  3. Removes odours and allergens: It is highly effective at managing odours and allergens. You can place one by your cooking appliances to quickly soak up all the funky odours that might come off of cooking. Place it in your living space to remove allergens.
  4. Totally natural: It uses no toxic chemicals or need electricity to run. Simply keep the bag where you want it to work away and that is all.
  5. Safe to use: It is incredibly safe to use. Even if it bursts open, it contains harmless charcoal inside.
  6. Portable: The bag is lightweight and compact. You can literally carry it anywhere in the house without any hassle.

Pros and Cons


  1. Safe and natural
  2. Effective and instant
  3. Uses activated charcoal
  4. Effective against odours and allergens
  5. Removes moisture
  6. Perfect to use in a car, bathroom, kitchen, and living space


  1. Does not work once depleted
  2. Will not be as effective in big spaces

Where to buy PureAir Max and how much is it?

If you want to keep your living space odourless and allergen-free, PureAir Max is the most reasonable thing to purchase. You can find it easily on their merchant website. They offers discounts and deals so you best buy directly from them instead.

Final Verdict

This highly effective, all-natural bag filled with activated charcoal is easily one of the better alternatives to expensive, electricity-guzzling air purifiers. Yes, air purifiers can work much better in bigger spaces, however, if you want a super portable approach towards air purifying, PureAir Max is easily the best thing out there.

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