QB Kraftz Review 2020 – Craft Professional Grade Ice Cubes at Home

QB Kraftz Review

How to make incredibly delicious cocktails at home you ask? Well, it is not as difficult as it seems. Yes, you might need some instructions and recipes, but I am sure with a little practice you too can start creating amazing drinks for you and your friends.

The primary issue with making pretty cocktails at home is the generic ice we end up using. Yes, all ice is the same but in cocktails a certain flair can go a long way. You can go ahead and keep using your ice tray to make cubes, but how about something better? Something that can really elevate your in-house bar experience.

Bring to your QB Kraftz.

What is QB Kraftz?

QB Kraftz is an ice cube maker that comes with a variety of different molds that let you elevate your cocktails with some fashionable ice cubes. Perfect for when you are throwing a party or simply impressing your date with your cocktail-making abilities, QB Kraftz is a must have in every household.

Even for casual drinkers, QB Kraftz is the best way to improve your cocktail skills. Take it to another level, make it your party trick and impress your friends with beautifully crafted ice cubes. Say goodbye to expensive parties at bars and pubs. Turn to QB Kraftz and make your own cocktails right at home.

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QB Kraftz Features

When it comes to cocktails, half the fun is the visual appeal of it. They can be made delicious, but you can even still elevate them by crafting your own ice cubes right at the comfort of your home.

  1. Professional quality ice: QB Kraftz makes professional quality ice without much effort at all. Ice trays get the work done but they do not make the quality of ice required for flaring up your homemade cocktail.
  2. Designed to create quality ice: QB Kraftz uses smart design features that help it create smooth, air-less solid ice cubes.
  3. Insulated material: Its insulated material allows the device to perfectly chill the ice and also allows for a slow melting process.
  4. Slow freeze: QB Kraftz believes in slow freezing. This allows no air pocket formation within the cubes and ensures a perfectly shaped, solid ice formation.
  5. Slow melting: Ice cubes can be carried within the mold without worrying about it melting. The insulated material makes sure the ice gets to keep its shape for a long period of time.
  6. Hundreds of molds to choose from: The company offers you a ton of different molds to choose from. This way you get to make different styles of ice for a wide variety of cocktails.
  7. Easy to make use of: The device is super easy to make use of and is sure to visually elevate your cocktails.
  8. Ability to use different ingredients: Yes, you can make ice cubes using QB Kraftz but you can step it up further and use some leftover coffee to make coffee cubes, or fruit cubes, or cream cubes for your next batch of ice tea, and so much more.

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to use
  2. Professional quality ice in no time
  3. Patented design to create quality ice cubes
  4. Insulated material allows for slow freezing and slow melting


  1. Cubes take time to form but for good reason

Where to buy QB Kraftz and how much is it?

QB Kraftz is easily available on their official website. The company offers a ton of different deals and discounts on the merchant website and allows for an easier purchase cycle.

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You can get,

1 QB Kraftz for $29.99

2 QB Kraftz for $59.98

3 QB Kraftz for $67.48

4 QB Kraftz for $82.47

Final Verdict

When it comes to homemade cocktails, the only thing missing is quality crafted ice. You probably make incredibly delicious cocktails on your own, but now is the time to elevate them to another level using QB Kraftz. This ice cube maker is a must have to any in-house cocktail designer. Be it for yourself, or for impressing your date and friends, QB Kraftz allows you to craft incredible ice cubes to be used for a variety of different cocktails. With hundreds of molds to choose from, you will be able to make something different each time you try out new cocktails.

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