QuietBuds Review – Noise Reduction Earplugs

There are a lot of folks that tend to use earplugs to block loud noises, keep water out, keep dust out, and protection against strong winds. It is a niche product that people who tend to have ear related issues generally invest in. But how about we tell you there is something better than generic earplugs.

Presenting QuietBuds.

What are QuietBuds?

The best replacement to traditional earplugs, QuietBuds block unwanted noise while making sure you still hear the important parts. The device comes with three different switchable capsules that work depending on your needs.

QuietBuds come with three cores, Commute, Concert and Ocean Quiet. Essentially, the commute core is the first level and is made to be used during your daily work hours. The silicone core reduces background noise and allows you to work in peace. The concert core is the second level and can really filter loud noises in the background to prevent hearing damage. Finally, the ocean quiet core has a special fluid that blocks almost every single sound. Use it during sleep or meditation.

Quietbuds Reviews

QuietBuds Features

Unwanted noise can be really disturbing, especially while working or sleeping. QuietBuds is quite the device, allowing people of all ages to properly regulate what enters their ears and actively present hearing damage.

  1. Swappable custom cores: QuietBuds come with three different cores depending on how undisturbed you want to be. Switch to ocean quiet to completely block all incoming sounds or use the commute core at work to be undisturbed, while listening to anyone trying to converse.
  2. Three different fits: It comes with three different fits. Choose one according to your ear shape and size.
  3. Designed by audiologists: Since it is designed by audiologists, you can be sure the device is highly effective and works seamlessly to provide you with undisturbed hours of self-time.
  4. Comfortable: They are also super comfortable. Most earplugs can be a little too painful to wear all day long. However, QuietBuds does not and you can wear it all day without a care in the world.
  5. Lightweight: The device is also lightweight, and you might not even notice you are wearing them.
  6. High-grade materials: Made from aircraft-grade aluminium, QuietBuds are also really durable.
  7. Stylish: The design is also quite stylish and modern. Basically, it will not look like a generic earplug, but an expensive ear pod.
  8. Portable: They come with a carry pouch for you to keep all the parts in one place without losing them.

Pros and Cons


  1.  Three swappable cores for different environments
  2. Adjustable fit using silicone inserts
  3. Lightweight and comfortable
  4. Portable with carrying case
  5. High-grade materials
  6. Designed by professionals
  7. Comes in two stylish colours


  1. Takes time getting used to the different cores

Final Verdict

When it comes to selective hearing, you can do that using devices now. While sleeping, or meditating, or during yoga, nobody likes to be disturbed. Using the ocean quiet core can provide you enough potential to sleep off

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