10 Best Ridge Wallet Alternatives

Ridge wallets are some of the best and highest rated wallets with users all over the world. The durability, design aspects, and convenience Ridge wallets offer might be difficult to an alternative for. However, there are some in the market that are not really knockoffs to the ridge wallets but can provide you with similar features and quality. You can find Ridge wallet alternatives without compromising on the features and quality it offers.

They were a Kickstarter project that managed to make tons in investments which allowed them to perfect their craft and product. If you do not know anything about Ridge Wallets, let me help you with that.

What are Ridge Wallets?

Ridge Wallets are ultra-durable wallets made from metal with RFID blocking technologies to protect your bank cards from theft. They come in a variety of colors, made from either aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber. They are slimmed down than regular wallets for an easier approach towards carrying your items. They do not bend and offer incredible protection from not only RFID theft, but also from physical damage to your cards. They offer you the option to use either a money clip or an elastic cash strap that can be switched between according to your personal needs and preferences.

They are designed to be minimalistic while limiting its potential. Ridge wallets have gotten incredibly popular in these few years and folks who use them become converts. However, Ridge wallets can be a little expensive to purchase. Add that to their growing popularity and finding a Ridge wallet alternative becomes that much harder.

There are multiple brands that have popped up trying to make something like the Ridge wallet while accounting for innovations done at their end to make it even better. That said, most of these brands could not produce and have since shut down. While some of them that have survived was due to their product being at par with Ridge, and some going even further beyond.

Loosing your wallet is quite easy too, you would want to look at tracking devices for wallets to make your life easier. If you are looking for an alternative to Ridge Wallet? Let us check what is being offered.

Top 10 Ridge Wallet Alternatives:

1. Fantom Wallet

Fantom Wallet

One of the most reasonable finds when it comes to a customizable wallet is Fantom. It is a great all-round wallet that allows you space to store your cards while being small and compact. Its functionalities really make a mark, and they are a great Ridge wallet alternative if you are looking for a cheap on. They are incredibly lightweight, cost almost half of what Ridge charges. However, the customizability also poses an issue.

The more features you add to a basic $54 Fantom, the price starts marking up until a fully-fledged Fantom costs you around $94. But it has a card fanning feature, essentially with the push of a button, all your cards will simply pop out of their case.

2. Andar Pilot Wallet

Andar Pilot

Another great product is the Andar Pilot Wallet. It is easily one of the sleekest wallets out there while still allowing you to fit up to six cards and cash into the thing. If you want a business looking sleek wallet, Andar Pilot might be just the thing you are looking for. It is quite affordable and has leather incorporated into its design which gives it an incredible texture and look. It comes with a sliding tool that allows for quick display of the cards stored.

However, users have listed one problem with this leather as it starts peeling after prolonged usage. You could opt for the Andar Pilot wallet, until you do not want to care heavily for it.

3. Trayvax Contour Wallet

Trayvax Contour

The Trayvac Contour is an incredibly special wallet. It is sleek, smart, and also one of the most expensive wallets in this design. Firstly, it looks amazing, you would be surprised. It is designed to provide maximum efficiency, strength and functionality. It is also made from a mix of metal and leather which allows it durability as well as flexibility and a certain aesthetic feel to it.

We would call it a great combination between rugged and polished. It is incredibly expensive though and can poke into you if you sit on it or something.

4. Ekster Parliament Wallet

Ekster Parliament

Ekster Parliament is one of those wallets that feel modern but are a wonderful blend of tried and tested and a modern design. The wallet features a bi-fold design which allows for maximum storage while staying compact in its approach. It is made from top grain leather for added durability and style.

Due to it being bifold, it can easily hold up to 10 cards. It also had a hard-shell slot that allows for more card storage. It is also relatively cheap, and an optional Bluetooth tracker can make this wallet “unlosable”.

5. Rossm Carbon Fiber Wallet

Rossm Carbon Fiber Wallet

Coming incredibly close to in design aspects, Rossm is a true Ridge wallet alternative. It features similar materials and is also super lightweight and compact. Since it is made from carbon fiber, its durability is out of the question. However, this also allows its price to be marked up than the rest of them. A nifty thumb notch allows you to push all the cards in the wallet out for usage. This is a little tricky and might take some work getting used to.

6. Fidelo Prestige Wallet

Fidelo Prestige

FIdelo Prestige is a carbon fiber wallet that is not only compact and lightweight but comes with 3 extra money bands for you to color coordinate your clothes with your wallet. People would pay extra money for that alone, but they are not asking you to do that. Its minimal design also allows the card to be lightweight and costs much less than its counterparts. It features a V-shaped slot at the bottom that allows you to push your cards out. Easy and straightforward.

7. Radix One Black Steel Wallet

Radix One Black Steel

One of the more minimalistic wallets on this list, Radix uses a stainless-steel plate to hold your cards down into the slot. A silicon band holds the wallet together, this allows the wallet to be sturdy while using no screws or such. It is totally expandable and can hold up to 10 different cards without any hassle. The heavy-duty steel plate allows it RFID protection, but also makes the wallet a little weightier than the rest. It does not come with a thumb notch, instead it works on two wide slots on each side that can be used to push the cards out. This does not flare the cards out, but makes for less hassle while using it.

8. Roco RFID Blocking Wallet with Money Clip

Roco RFID Blocking Money Clip

Roco is another one of those sandwich design wallets, just like the Radix. The wallet uses a sandwich design which is held together by a sturdy silicon band. The material used is aluminum instead of stainless-steel, this makes the wallet lightweight but also more prone to dents and scratches. However, Roco is easily a great Ridge wallet alternative and can hold up to 20 cards. Its minimalist design has been praised by users but getting access to your cards might prove a little bit difficult.

The cash strap also loses tension if used for an extended period. They do provide an extra in case that happens, or you lose it entirely. It is a comfortable wallet to have in your pocket and also costs really less.

9. Lookiss Carbon Fiber Wallet

Lookiss Carbon Fiber Wallet

The Lookiss is another carbon fiber wallet that is made and function very closely to the Ridge wallets. It is made from exterior plates either made from aluminum or stainless-steel. Tiny screws hold the plates in place and allow cards up to 12 in quantity to be sandwiched in between. This screw design, however, can cause a few issues. They are known to come loose, which is why Lookiss ships with a screwdriver and a package of extra screws to act as replacement.

You can choose if you want a money clip or a silicone band to hold you cash and receipts. A thumb notch allows for easy access to your cards and is the fastest way to get your cards out of their place. The wallet is available in 21 different colors.

10. Blue Hunter Wallet

Blue Hunter Wallet

Another great Ridge wallet alternative, Blue Hunter is constructed from carbon fiber and has screws to hold the plates in place. It weighs less and features an ultra-durable money clip that can hold bills under it without snapping. You can store up to 12 different cards in the wallet and its compact design does not even feel noticeable. If you wished for a Ridge wallet alternative that costs incredibly less while providing similar durability and design, Blue Hunter might be just the thing for you.


Ridge Wallets are no doubt some of the best in the business. They are a work of art and allow you to store you cards and money without the hassle of traditional wallets while boasting a minimalistic, modern design. With its tremendous success, Ridge has seen countless imitators trying to take advantage of the market. Most of them are not even worth noting, however, there are some, like the ones listed above, that try and stand out and provide a functional approach without seriously copying every Ridge design.

Finding a Ridge wallet alternative can also save you some money without compromising on quality. Ridge wallets are notoriously expensive, and an alternative can save you some serious change.

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